All testimonials have been included as received, and are from legitimate party attendees (which can also be proven).  If you have attended a party and wish to submit a testimonial, please send yours to dominaparties@gmail.com or through our page at mistressreview.com


“Just a few words before I leave London, to thank Mistress Goddessleo to gave me that opportunity to attend as a “voyeur” the strap-on party last past april 6th.
It was a nice experience and a good opportunity to meet #Goddessleo who is a very sexy, attractive and pretty woman.

Thanks again for your easy and knid welcome which let me feel confortable.

Kind regards, D”



The anticipation started days before, the whole idea of a full day at The Facility at the mercy of 3 beautiful sadistic doms, was incredible. I received the address and start time the evening before which was a restless one, with nervous thoughts of what was to come the next day.

Up early to catch the train from Leeds, I arrived 5 minutes before the allocated start time at The Facility, and nervously rang the buzzer. I entered heart pounding, walked down the stairs and was greeted by the beautiful Miss Hayley Bond‘Nervous’ she asked, yes was my reply, ‘good you should be’ was her reply.

I was taken to a room and ordered to strip, with all three beautiful doms watching. I was placed into a straight jacket naked from the waist down. I was told to remember my prisoner number, hooded and marched off to cell number 3.

I waited in the cell whilst other prisoners arrived and were placed in their cells. Each time the guards approached, keys rattling, my heart rate jumped, worried I was about to be taken and beaten. After what seemed like an hour, i was ordered to stand, the cell was opened and I was roughly grabbed and taken to another room by Miss Hayley Bond and Miss Aleera. I was pushed against a wall, held tight and a relentless beating of my cock and balls started. My heart was pounding and breath was taken by kicks to my balls. I was then asked for my prisoner number and returned to my cell.

I waited for what seemed like hours, listening to more prisoners arriving, and being locked up and tortured. After what seemed like hours Miss Hayley Bond and Miss Aleera arrived, torch shone into my eyes and hooded, they demanded I stood up, took me to a room, where I was subject to tough ballbusting and cbt punishment.

I was then locked in a cage with a glass roof, and was kindly fed a sandwich and drink through the bars by the stunning Goddess Cleo. I was then moved to a settee bed handcuffed to the wall, hooded and curtain pulled so as not to see anything whilst a prisoner was marched in and caned heavily.

I was then moved to a cell near my first cell, and left. I could hear other prisoners being beaten and tortured. Eventually I was taken by all three beautiful mistresses to a room for punishment.

I was then subject to a harsh CBT and Ballbusting punishment from all three gorgeous mistresses.

I was then returned to my clothes, and let out on parole to the busy high street.

If you have ever thought of restraint and punishment then you must try the Facility with its 3 demanding and beautiful dominant guards.




“I was nervous waiting to for my time at the facility/extended bondage event. I’d decided that in my pointless job no-one would notice if I nicked off for the afternoon, so that’s what I did. I wanted to try something a little outside my comfort zone. When I got inside I was told to strip and put into a strait jacket. This was great as I was a bit chilly and the strait jacket was rather warm. I was then hooded and locked in a dark cell for a while with my thoughts. I was checked on occasionally by a mistress to see how I was doing. Eventually I needed the loo so asked to go and was returned to the cell in handcuffs. Shortly after I was moved into another room and the three mistresses set to work on me with some hefty kicks to the legs. I was then told to kneel and lick Miss Haley’s strap-on. I set to work on this and after a short while I had it right down my throat. I was gagging somewhat but keen to push myself to take as much as I could. I’ve a clear memory of Miss Haley thrusting away and giggling! I was then asked to bend over a bench and subjected to some CP. I’d never done this before and really enjoyed it. It was unfortunate that I could only take light marks. The initial pain was followed by a warm feeling which was very enjoyable. I was then led into another space where I could hear the mistresses working on the next two prisoners. I was losing the feeling in my hands as they were cuffed wide apart above my body. It entertaining listening to the mistresses doing their thing. I was then moved back to a cell for a short while before some goodbye CP which included a bit of caning and some trampling and penis slapping. I had to rush off and play football. After about 20 minutes I was a bit spent and my legs started to ache where they had been kicked by the mistresses. I had a yoga class the next day and when I walked in, I was a tad confused and almost took my clothes off. I could feel the pain with every stretch of my thighs and spent all the meditation thinking of my kinky secret. It was a great taster and I’m craving more! Thank you to all three mistresses!”

B, The Facility – April 2017



“All Goddess Cleo’s parties are safe, sane and consensual and run with your “enjoyment” and more importantly your well being as a top priority. I have “played” as a masochist/submissive for many years. I believe that any interaction with dominatrices who are uncaring (or crazy!) is risky psychologically. Goddess Cleo may may a dominatrix, but (unusually) she seems to be more of a giver than a taker.

I am amazed how few dominatrices are proficient with canes and rope. The former should be common sense, the latter is not. The knots are time consuming to learn, but the real skill lies in selecting a position that the submissive will find exquisitely uncomfortable rather than excruciatingly painful or dull.  This is Goddess Cleo’s forte.”

J, The Facility & Extended Bondage Day, April 2017



Facility review from a repeat offender.

I was lucky enough to have attended the first ever Facility event last year, and to be the first to occupy one of the then brand-new cages. So when returning for a 3rd sentence (still guilty of being a pervert!) I was slightly concerned about whether knowing the premises, procedure and 2 of the Wardens would make the experience perhaps a bit too safe and comfortable. But after I’d been immediately bound very tightly in a straitjacket, and shortly after arrival heard the inmate of a nearby cell get what sounded suspiciously like a thorough ball-busting (though with only sound as a guide you can’t be completely sure what’s happening) as a punishment for falling asleep in his cell, I thankfully realised that being too comfortable shouldn’t be one of my concerns!

One of the pleasures of these events is getting to meet some fabulous new Dommes. Goddess Cleo seems to have very good taste in selecting her fellow Wardens, and this time it was Mistress Aleera who I was fortunate to meet for the first time. Stunning and strict, I got to watch her going through my list of limits and activities, very pleased that it allowed her plenty of options for what she could do to me….and then I had the unexpected thrill of being repeatedly punched on the thighs and calves by herself and Miss Hayley Bond before being thrown down on the ground. Bliss!

The highlight was probably the session before earning my latest parole. Being surrounded by 3 gorgeous black-clad Mistresses while Goddess Cleo handed out the canes for them all to take turns in beating me was a definite thrill.The submissive headspace I was in by then, combined with the expert caning, soon had me flying with endorphins such that I could happily have been beaten all afternoon. Sadly, parole was approaching, but before then I had the honour of lying at Goddess Cleo’s feet licking her boot while she and Miss Hayley browsed the internet looking for new shackles and prison equipment for future inmates. The Facility has come on since it started, and it looks like more could be on its way. I’ll need to return!

David/Prisoner 040404″



“I attended todays Beautifully Destroyed and 5 hours after the end of the party I am still buzzing and am on a (natural) high!. Goddess Cleo along with Ms Hayley Bond and Governess Painless were strict when needed to be but also with a glint of cheeky humour. There was lots of nipple torture (very nice he he), bondage and foot worship / being spat at. Last but by no means least I had the honour of receiving 3 ‘Assgasms‘ from the beautiful Goddess Cleo :-). Dont hesitate about booking just do it you will be in the company of serving beautiful ladies who are handing out lovely sadistic punishments !

Slave Ian”



on arrival at The Facility, you nervously descend the staircase, where three stunning Mistresses await you . .

‘stunning’ is often overused when describing Mistresses, but to gaze (respectfully) upon these three gorgeous ladies is worth the admission alone . .
tall, long-legged, dressed in tightly-fitting outfits, perfect stilettos, or shiny boots . . 
. . . having ensnared their latest victim . . they smile with satisfaction . .
they prod you towards their reception cell . . they watch you strip . . now that you are naked, they order you down on your knees . .
you are now closer to those stilettos . . maybe you’ll be invited to kiss them hello . .
no such luck . . the Mistresses pull a thick hood over your head, and drag you off to your allotted cell . . they lock you in . .
you’ll be in there for an hour, slave . . or maybe two hours, depending on our mood . . and you are forbidden to remove your hood . .
so, how would you cope?
locked up, unable to see anything, there is no clock, only a powerful light above your head, just visible through the thickness of your hood, a light that changes colour every few seconds . . the red light is the strongest, it reappears every 30 seconds or so . .
that’s it! . . there is a clock . . if you count the number of times the red light appears, you know the time . . an hour has passed when the red light has reappeared 120 times,
and sure enough, after an hour, there is a quiet commotion near my cell . . as a new prisoner arrives, and is thrown into the cell next door . .
I hear the jangling of keys as his door is locked . . will they visit me too? . . but the sound of footsteps disappears . .
after five minutes I hear my neighbour dealing with the shock of his incarceration . . he is masturbating as quietly as he can . . he does not want the Mistresses to hear . . but I hear him quietly moaning . .
should i masturbate myself ? . . no, I must be a model prisoner, and save my strength for my interrogation . . should it ever happen . .
. . another hour slowly passes . .
aaah aam a hilthy herthless hluht, Histrhehth
aaah hlohv hsuckeeeng hyeuhr khock, Histrhehth
prisoner 070303, repeat your crimes to me in a clear voice ! . . you are a filthy perverted slut who loves sucking cock . . yes?
aaah aam a hilthy herthherthhed hluht, Histrhehth
aaah hlohve hsuckeeeng hyeeuhr khock, Histrhehth
prisoner 070303, just because I’m deep-throating you with my thickest dildo, that’s no excuse not to speak clearly !
ho hooohrry, Histrhehth,  aaah hlohve hseuchkeeeng hyeeuhr khock, Histrhehth
show me how much you want it, prisoner 070303 !   take it all the way down your throat !   show me what a cock-sucking little bitch you are !
aaah hwiiiiiissh hhoo hbee he hrison hbikke, Histrhehth
what !   prisoners don’t make requests!  you’re a greedy little bitch, 070303!  what do you want ?   speak clearly, 070303 !
hhoo hbee he hrison hikke, Histrhehth.  hleeeeeeeehthth,  Histrhehth,  hleeeeeeeehthth so, you want to be our prison bike ?
hlesssss, Histrheth !
Take him away !  Give him another good shagging at both ends, and lock him up for two more hours !
070303  (aka, the prison bike)”



Having read previous testimonials for The Facility, I felt this was a great opportunity to experience long term incarceration. I arrived in the morning and was met by the wardens at the bottom of the stairs. I was ordered to strip and kneel before I was put in a straitjacket, hooded and led to a cell. Over the next hour (ish), I heard other prisoners arriving and being incarcerated. The wardens would pass through regularly to rattle the keys and run their truncheons along the bars of the cells to a great intimidating effect.

After some time (I’d lost track of time completely by this point) Miss Hayley Bond entered the cell and removed my hood before a drink of water and a brief face slapping. Shortly after that I was transferred to a cage. From there I could hear the wardens abusing a prisoner with their strap-ons a few moments later, Goddess Cleo removed my hood and allowed me to suck her strap-on.
Throughout the rest of the day I was moved to different cells and abused by the wardens, the highlight of which was Mistress Aleera inflicting CBT with her boot whilst also torturing my nipples which left me in a rather dizzying state. All of the time I could hear other prisoners being dealt with which added to the feeling of fear and anticipation.
Nearing the end of my incarceration I was taken to a room where Goddess Cleo, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond treated me to boot worship, some humiliation and spanking. Exhausted after spending the full day at the warden’s pleasure I was allowed to reflect on my sentence in a straitjacket back in a cell before being released.
I would like to thank Goddess Cleo, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond for a fantastic time. I cannot recommend this event enough to anyone who has read previous testimonials and finds themselves curious to experience a long term imprisonment.
Joe (Prisoner 070301)” The Facility, London



“I arrived at the Facility for the second time to face another 5 hours at the mercy of the wardens.

Once inside, I was instructed to strip naked and kneel on the floor with my hands on my head and to wait. When the wardens were ready, they told me to stand and handcuffed my hands behind my back. I was then hooded and led to a cell, where I was left with one wrist cuffed to the bars.

After what seemed like forever, I was moved to another cell, but this time there was a fan in the cell. I was left naked and shivering, cuffed to the bars again. Eventually, one of the wardens returned, but only to lock cuffs around my ankles, which remained chained until the end of the day.

Finally, the fan was turned off and I was allowed to warm up before being led to a cage to listen to another prisoner being tortured, knowing that it would be my turn next.

The wardens made me crawl into another room and get over their bench. I was made to pleasure their strapon cocks and received a long spitroasting. It felt so humiliating to hear myself moaning and begging them to take me harder.

When the wardens were finished me, I was led back to my cage to sit out the remainder of my sentence. However, I failed to provide the wardens with an account of my incarceration as requested, and had to come for a further session as punishment.

This time, I was put straight into a tight straitjacket with an extra belt across my arms and led to another cell, where I spent what seemed like hours. Occasionally, someone came to check on me – and once to beat my bottom – but apart from that I was ignored. I sat in the dark listening to the terrible moans and gagging sounds coming from another prisoner who was being made to suck the wardens’ strapons, and wondering whether I would be made to do the same.

As I had feared, two of the wardens came to my cell, forced to my knees and told me to start sucking. I was utterly humiliated as they laughed at my attempts to suck their cocks while my own was locked away in a chastity cage. More time passed and I was eventually allowed out of the straitjacket, but this freedom didn’t last long as I was moved into a low cage, with my legs strapped together and thumbcuffs applied to my hands so that I couldn’t move from the bars of the cage.

The final stage of my punishment came when I was let out of the cage. First, the wardens changed my light hood for a very thick, padded one, so that I couldn’t see or hear anything. I was given a thorough spanking and flogging, although I couldn’t always tell what I was being hit with. I was grateful when the hood was taken off again, but one of the wardens still wanted more attention for her strapon cock and fucked my face until my eyes were watering.

Thankfully, the wardens decided that I would only have to kiss their shoes in order to earn my release. Once I had done that to their satisfaction, I was given a few more minutes in a cage and then allowed to leave.”

The Facility, London – February 2017



“I arrived at the Facility slightly late. Although I had texted ahead to apologise, I was apprehensive as I rang the bell. I was buzzed in and made my way downstairs where I was met by the wonderfully stern Goddess Cleo who reminded me that I was late. I apologised again and Goddess Cleo prodded me with a truncheon down a darkly lit corridor and into a large room. There I was met by Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond. Mistress Aleera was dressed in a catsuit and heavy boots and Miss Hayley Bond in a shortish black skirt, opaque tights and high heels. Both looked stunning.

Goddess Cleo came into the room behind me and ordered me to strip and put my clothes on a bench. I started to undress and was immediately chastised for being too slow. I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and, as instructed, stood with my hands on my head. I was given my prisoner number (070313) and told to memorise it. It was also written on my left thigh although, as I was to spend the entire time wearing a hood, it was clear I was going to have to comply with the command to remember it.

I was put into a straight-jacket and hooded. I was then led to my first cell by Miss Hayley Bond. Although I was hooded, the material was not so thick that I could not see shapes and I couldn’t help but notice Miss Hayley Bond’s stunning legs as I followed her down the corridor. Once we reach the cell, I was ordered to sit on a sofa and then left, the barred cell door being locked behind me and a curtain pulled across to block any vision I might have had of what lay behind.

There I was to stay for what seemed like hours. Throughout I was conscious of other prisoners in adjoining cells and I could hear some being taken away and punished. Each impact was audible in the distance and made me feel apprehensive about what was to come.

Subsequently, Miss Hayley Bond unlocked my cell door and asked me for my prisoner number. I was then taken to a second cell and ordered to face the wall. I was then spanked, with the blows becoming harder and harder. It was delicious to know that such a beautiful mistress was punishing me and so that it was a pleasure even though it hurt.

I was then locked away and made to sit on a small wooden chair. Opposite me was what appeared (through my hood) to be a small sofa and for the next hour I couldn’t quite get out of my mind a hope that Mistress would return, sit on the sofa and make me kneel before her and worship her heels. Even though I knew it wouldn’t happen, it was hard to put out of my mind given that I was on my own in the dark with only the yelps of other prisoners to keep me company. The experience of being locked in solitary confinement develops a deep feeling of submissiveness and every time you hear someone in the distance, you hope it is a mistress coming to collect you. Those hopes are almost invariably dashed.

At one stage, as I heard another prisoner being punished, Goddess Cleo suddenly pulled back the curtain to my cell and asked me if I could hear what “they were doing”. When I confirmed that I could, she told me that I was next with a mischievous laugh. A short time later, Goddess Cleo duly collected me and led me into a room containing a cage, a whipping bench and, most importantly, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond. My hood was removed and I could see all three beautiful mistresses. Whilst Goddess Cleo decided on what punishment I was to receive, I confessed to Mistress Aleera my foot worship fantasy and she made me kneel before her and look at her boots whilst I awaited Goddess Cleo’s decision.

Goddess Cleo decided that I was to remain in my straight-jacket. I was bent over the whipping bench and Mistress Aleera spanked me, then paddled me and then flogged me. Goddess Cleo joined in so that I was being spanked by two mistresses at the same time. Although it hurt, it was also delicious to be punished by such a beautiful Mistress whilst being watched by two more. Goddess Cleo let me look at her boots and on one occasion, Miss Hayley Bond made me sniff her foot. Bliss.

Once the punishment had finished, I was locked in a cage to reflect on my sins. I was then paroled on condition I wrote this testimonial. I will return at the first opportunity. It was a wonderful experience.

Prisoner Number 070313″ The Facility, London



“The initial tension, which starts building the night before, and reaches its climax minutes before entering the party venue, goes quickly away thanks to the inclusive atmosphere created by Goddess Cleo and her associates.

Any worries are put to rest by the display of serious and responsible attitude to safety and hygiene.

All slaves experience plenty of play, and even when waiting for their turn they are sure to enjoy female domination going on around them.

It is very fulfilling for a male submissive to be thrown into a world where by definition women are on top, and these rules are upheld throughout.

W.” Beautifully Destroyed, February 2017



“A couple of months after tunnelling my way out of The Facility (Prisoner 011209), I found myself back in the clutches of 3 mighty dominas: Goddess Cleo, Ms Hayley Bond and Mistress Aleera. Myself and some other subbies had been summoned for some beautiful destruction.

Yours truly was in girly(ish) mode, whereas the others were more minimally attired. What followed was three hours or so of activity, encompassing bondage, foot & boot worship (yummy), CBT, nipple torture (ouch!), a bit of face-slapping (more please!) some hog-tieing, imaginative usage of balloons and tickling.

As ever, the event was immaculately and professionally organised, with introductory discussions and acknowledgment of hard limits.

A good fun time was had by all, and I think we’re all eager for our next visit. Expect the unexpected!




“I have just attended my first Multi-Mistress Party and cannot recommend it highly enough. Kneeling before Goddess Cleo, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond I was excited by the prospect of submitting to these beautiful dommes and immediately put at ease. They listened to our individual likes and dislikes and careful attention was given to these throughout the party.

My own experience surpassed my hopes. With extended CBT that had me on edge throughout with attention from all three wonderful Mistresses. After being released from my straight-jacket I was hooded by Mistress Aleera who then tied my cock and balls, edged me with vibrating pegs and finished with some wonderful cock slapping. Goddess Cleo, with her mischievous smile, edged me further whilst also pegging my cock and balls. I then put in the vibrating butt plug I had taken and Miss Hayley Bond continued my blissful torment. With her tickling and facesitting I was frustrated further. A vibrating shell was then fitted to my cock and I was in heaven with the torment and on edge for what felt an eternity.

After then cooling down and thanking these three Superior Women for the wonderful experience I left happily with my blue balls.

The later release as I relived the experience from memory was my personal reward.

I hope to attend another party soon and explore further delights of BDSM.”

Paul, Beautifully Destroyed January 2017



“So… a session of extended bondage began at what might be dubbed Camp Brexit – Where there’s no Freedom of Movement. Circumstances dictated that my first visit to the lovely dommes could only last 2 hours. That said, a subsequent visit will last longer, as long as I can engineer.

I’m no newbie and it all passed muster. Everything was clean, whilst a hood and dim lighting precludes eyeball inspection, my nose was happy. The dommes were totally respectful of the red lines, health issues and delighted in carefully pushing my limits. There is an added frisson with a multi-domme experience, a first for me. At no time did I feel in any real danger, which is not to say I didn’t feel anxiety. I did, because the beautiful dommes knew how to exploit my extreme vulnerability. Whatever you allow or your wardens choose to inflict upon you, know that they will not ‘pull their punches’.

You’d not be reading this if you weren’t interested. Listen up: Just do it!

Alan.” The Facility, London.



“I attended the Interim Strap On/Forsed Bi party on the 11th Jan. It was a adventure into the unknown for me and I had a real scence of ” am I really going to do this” as I followed the simple directions to the venue. Slightly terrified as I stripped down with ten other guys for a moment I felt like heading for the door and probably would have had I not been bollock naked.

But I was soon at ease as introductions and assurances were made by Goddess Cleo.

As a newbie I was treated gently and given great help and advise regarding hygiene and etiquette . I soon found myself in a sling with the very lovely Mistress Absolute popping my strap on cherry with amazing care and consideration. She is sooo nice and by the end I think I would have let her do anything to me.

Next Mistress Aleera ( who is stunningly beautiful) again with real care fucked my ass, she wore a skin tight catsuit, what more could you ask for.

Back into the sling next with Goddess Cleo to try for one of the famous assgasms. I got really close but alas my virgin ass couldn’t get me there and as soon as I felt discomfort Goddess Cleo stopped. They’re not trying to hurt you ( unless that’s what you want).

Next Ms Tytania had me bent over and yet another cock pounded my bum. All the time you’re not being fucked there is plenty to absorb as the Mistresses insert various size cocks all around the room. The very excitable Dom Strapon camped herself in the middle of the room and was particularly vigorous. She was the only Mistress I never got fucked by although I liked the way she’d grab the guys cocks as she fucked away.

I chose to go back to my favourite Mistress Absolute for my final fuck, bend over on all fours she pinched my nipples and drew her nails on my back sensually and it was the perfect end. 

I had to leave before any forced  bi but I felt I’d got what I wanted and enjoyed immensely the experience. Must mention the helper, a guy callled Puppy who was very friendly and a cool bloke. 

Andy x”



“I was fortunate to attend one of the multi-mistress strap-on parties – something I had wanted to do for a while. The thought of seeing and hearing others experiencing the same pleasure I do has always been a turn on, with these parties also offering the opportunity to experience a number of different mistresses in short succession.

Communications and organisation was excellent – particularly the useful instructions sent out to attendees in advance. The venue was easy to find, clean and provided showering, relaxation and “action” areas – while various owned subs were on hand to deal with cleaning and administration duties so that the mistresses could concentrate on the guests.

Shortly after arrival we were all asked to strip and lined up in front of the mistresses to receive a short briefing, and in turn answer a serious of questions relating to safety, our experiences and willingness for bi play. This was by far the most nerve racking period – standing naked in a line of other men, 8 hot mistresses in front of us introducing themselves and asking questions – however it generated some good “gallows humour”. Following the briefing the action started with slaves and mistresses generally getting together over various bits of equipment.

I played with 5 of the mistresses over the evening and would estimate I spent 75% of the time being attended to, and 25% recovering and chatting to the other attendees. I didnt actually watch as much as I thought I would but there were definitely some memorable sights on view – in particular the gorgeous Mistress Kayliss educating a sub on how to be throat fucked, and the always stunning Goddess Cleo stretching out one sub with a huge strap-on. I was also far more comfortable being fucked in front of others in a large room than I thought I’d be – with your concentration largely focussed on the gorgeous lady attending to you, and the pleasure being expertly delivered to your body.

Overall I would say these parties are well worth a visit for both the expert and the relative beginner – I know i had a fantastic time and will be attending again.”

Ewen, Strap-On Party October 2016



“I attended Goddess Cleo premises last month. As an introvert I was more interested in the psychological aspects of domination and disliked the group setting. This was perfect. What makes Goddess Cleo a standout is that she is very attentive to the needs of her submissive before the session ie what the pleasure/ pain sensors are and which buttons to press and where the lines are drawn. It is not only a period of isolation, you are taken out for an appropriate punishment by two dommes. Goddess Cleo is ably supported by her other mistress. They are both non-judgemental, imaginative and get genuine pleasure out of seeing the submissive’s torment. I would recommend this experience to a newcomer wishing to explore domination.

Prisoner 181207″  The Facility, London.



“I recently attended a Beautiful Destroyed party. First if you are nervous, don’t be. It is a very friendly introduction and activities happen at a relaxed pace. The format though is as descibed. Three hours of play with at times three mean Mistresses, though there is plenty of opportunities for feedback and more playful activities.

The Mistresses were highly skilled at  keeping all involved in something nearly all the time, only towards the end of the three hours did the pace let up and every one was happy for a slow down then!

The activities though not inexhaustible covered a wide spectrum. You are very much encouraged to try new experiences or alternatively take a favourite activity to a new level.

At the party there was lots of CP to satisfy the legions of CP fans. Some lovely straitjackets. Gags and hoods a plenty, and for me the unmissabke sling for strapon fun.

If you are even the remotest interested in a multi mistress, multi slave party, then I would not hesitate in recommending this event.”




“Are you a newbie?  Then keep reading.  I found Goddess Cleo and Domina Parties probably the the same way you have.  A few google searches or maybe a late night drunken searching “femdom beautiful women”, so a few dominant ladies having a good time at you expense?  Anyway thats what i did and thankfully i booked myself into a party.  Yes i woke up the next day thinking, shit did i actually do that?  Anyway i can promise you its a good idea.  I was a complete newbie and yes it was a bit weird to start with as you walk into a new experience but i swear within the first 5 minutes (and i nearly backed out last minute) i was so happy i lived out a fantasy.

I won’t go into to details but Goddess Cleo, Mistress Sandra and Mistress Aleera were amazing.  You have 3 incredible women that are incredibly skilled and create a fun atmosphere where everyone feels involved and looked after.

Again i was a newbie and decided that Domina Parties was “jumping in at the deep end” but actually it was an amazing introduction to the scene guided by 3 incredible ladies.”

Barrie, Beautifully Destroyed – Dec 2016



“On the Sunday before Christmas, I had the opportunity to attend my second Facility event, having been imprisoned at the very first one in September but unable to make subsequent dates until now. Having given a detailed testimonial the first time (Prisoner 6903), I’ll keep this one brief for my new prison number of 181203. Just to reiterate that this is an event very different from a ‘normal’ session with a Domme(s), but one you should definitely try if you have fantasies of imprisonment and control. There will be long spells when you are left in isolation, which takes some getting used to at first. But as time goes on you become attuned to what is going on around, listening as other prisoners are dealt with in various ways, and waiting to see what will happen the next time one of the Wardens checks on you. And at some point, things will happen, depending on what limits/preferences you’ve set. This time (Goddess Cleo having first thoughtfully checked as to what I thought I could take) I had to earn my ‘parole’ with a lengthy double caning after first having had pegs attached to various parts of my anatomy. Bliss for a CP fan!

One nice thing about these events is finding yourself under the control of fine Dommes you may not have met before, giving that extra excitement of the unknown. This time it was Goddess Ariel who accompanied Goddess Cleo, and being dealt with her both on her own and in tandem with Goddess Cleo was very enjoyable. I may need another prison sentence in 2017!”

Prisoner 181203



“Whoever dreamt up The Facility deserves an Oscar for their creativity and imagination. I plucked up the courage for a 5 hour half day incarceration. I entered the premises with a mix of anticipation and nerves. Miss Hayley Bond was waiting and after confirming my identity I was taken to a room with strange floor lighting. Goddess Cleo and Lady Borgia were there with a naked hogtied hooded slave beside them struggling against his bonds on the floor. I was given a prisoner number, told to remove my clothes and then surrounded by the three goddesses. Lady Borgia began writing my prisoner number on my chest and I noticed Miss Hayley Bond holding some heavy-duty handcuffs. A smiling Goddess Cleo described what was going to happen, trying to put me at ease about my impending incarceration. They decided to put me into a straight jacket and a black hood was placed over my head. I was then taken through what seemed a maze of corridors and locked in a cell.

Later on I heard other prisoners who had arrived and been stripped locked up in nearby cells. A warden would occasionally flick back the curtain covering the cell door to check on me but otherwise little happened for some time. Miss Hayley Bond and Lady Borgia then entered the cell and told me it was feeding time.  When they removed my hood I realised what they meant as both were wearing a strap-on. During the next few minutes I endured their strap-ons forced down my throat, being spanked, humiliated and thrown around the cell all the while being helpless in the straight jacket. I heard groans from other prisoners getting the same treatment. After that I was nervous every time a warden approached the cell and heard the rattle of a key in the door for good reason. In another cell Lady Borgia burst in to abuse and tease me. Being molested by such a stunning goddess resulted in a reaction down below but with the straight jacket on there was no chance of any self relief adding to the frustration.      

The wardens finally removed the straight jacket and moved me to another room where I was made to craw into a cage. It had a transparent top where the wardens would leave and pick up their keys and other implements. Occasionally I would be hooded when a prisoner was escorted through the room to receive various punishments nearby. Later on it was my turn to be taken out of the cage and abused by Lady Borgia and Miss Hayley Bond. I thought I would then be released but instead made to crawl back to the cage with the wardens’ whips cracking on my backside ensuring a rapid progress. Finally Goddess Cleo collected me so I could be punished by all three wardens. By now I was broken and ended up a naked heap under their feet, totally spent and then released on parole.

PRISONER # 011207″



“re Strap–On Party Weds 7 Dec (evening)

This was a wonderful evening of entertaining perversion, featuring lots of strap-on, some fisting and a bit of forced-bi as a spunky (consensual) finale. I counted seven lovely Dommes, six slings (i think) and about a dozen or so bum-sluts of varying degrees of experience. And three helpful helpers keeping things clean as we went along. Special mention must go to two Dommes from out of town, making their first appearance at this Domina Parties event, the legend that is Domstrapon from the Worcester area and the lovely Mistress Tess from Milton Keynes. What an impact they made! (especially on my prostate.) This party never disappoints .. in fact it just keeps getting better and better.




“I was quite apprehensive at first . Although I’ve attended a couple Domina Parties before in the past. This was new to me so I initially came as a voyeur, Miss Cleo soon put me at ease. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.    




Tonight at the Strap On Party I took the largest cock, I have ever had up my  ass. This great brown beast of a thing was expertly,gently and very professionally handled by Lady Sara Borga. It was  the climax  to what had been a wonderful evening full of strap on play. A brilliantly large climax was just what I was looking for.

It started with a parade  before the  Domminas, introductions, questions about health, experience and expectations then down to it. first with Mistress Absolute, then quickly Goddess Cleo both showing me a good time at the end of their cocks, to lay back in a sling  as beautiful Dommes fuck me  is a wonderful thang !

Opening me up, getting me going, really in the mood now , that exquisite pleasure/pain  of cummin in my ass. Then the simply wonderful Mistress Sparkly, one of best people I have ever met on the scene, a very (in every possible way) beautiful human. Mistress fist fucked me knuckle deep, a really intense connected moment that I could of had oh so much more of. But I didn’t want to get to greedy too soon as their was still plenty more to come.

Domme Strap On,  was a fun fuck. The joy fun an expertise  my now well open up ass was filled wonderfully with with Joseph, a cock of many colours ! The the  big cock, I was in such a good place so happy confident  and comfortable ( I need to be brought out of myself, to be encouraged, a bit) that when Lady Sara offer me a big cock, I couldn’t resist, a tool I would never of believed three hours was possible was delightfully slid in.

A bit of a shame time would not  allow play with Mistress Tess or Mistress Aleera, my ass was gagging for more by the end of the night.

Then a bit of slutty fun, again this was a thing that only happened because I felt  safe and secure in the environment. I had many wonderful and unique  experiences tonight with these ladies tonight.I am genuinely impressed by both the care and professionalism all of the Ladies showed me tonight, I felt care for as an individual, safe in their expert hands. It was a fun and wonderful evening that I will repeat and heartily recommend to any Strap On ass slut.

Thank you all ( including the helpers ) for such a great event.”




“Spending time at The Facility gave me an opportunity to forget my usual life and revel in the experience of being prisoner #011205. Also known as ‘prison bike’, as I was informed my role was going to be.

I had booked myself in for the full day, and in hindsight this proved to be an excellent decision as it passed much quicker than I expected.  Waiting in my cell – sometimes naked, sometimes bound in a straightjacket – I struggled to judge the passing of time in between the wardens’ visits.  After a few mis-steps I realized that obedience was definitely going to be the best policy… the wardens had no intention of overlooking any misdemeanors, not matter how small they might be.  Unfortunately I found this out the hard way!

Once the necessary attitude adjustment had taken place, my incarceration went much more smoothly. I swiftly submitted to my place as each of the warden’s prison slut, taking their strap-ons in my mouth or ass whenever they desired it – and thanking them for the privilege.

And as the event moved towards its conclusion and I had learned to accept my position, I was finally granted parole – but sent on my way with a painful reminder to ensure future good behaviour.

Thank you wardens!

Prison bike #011205″



“Hello again to the dominas. Just a quick note to say thanx again for the exciting evening had by all at the Worcester ‘Destroyed’ party. If you haven’t already attended one of these parties, I can vouch that the beautiful ladies are real experts and welcoming and I certainly would ‘re attend (great value too). On a beginner s front, there is nothing to be nervous about as the camaraderie is good and everyone is in the same boat. A special thanx to Lady Sara Borgia for my pair of ‘achers’. (Think I’ll start saving for the next party!)”




The Facility – 1 st December 2016

I reported to The Facility for incarceration at 1pm. The waiting warders Ms Hayley Bond and Lady Sara Borgia assigned me my prisoner number 011209 which I was required to memorise, although it was also written on my chest.

My outer clothing having been confiscated, I spent the rest of my sentence in female attire – a flimsy silver dress, white bra, knickers & suspender belt, brown seamed stockings & black shoes, plus a little bit of make-up – although some way short of full “tranny mode”.

Hands handcuffed behind my back, I was then shoved into Cell #1 and left locked in there for a period of time. Not sure how long. Could hear the sounds other prisoners being dealt with somewhere else in the prison (groans of anguish, and thwacking noises) &; the warders coming and going, with me wondering if and when they would come for me, or maybe I’d just be left there in isolation.

After a while the warders indeed appeared and marched into my cell, proceeding to torture me with a variety of fiendish devices and subject me to prolonged cock-sucking, with intermittent face-slapping and blasts of spit in my face. I was wearing a chastity device, indeed had been for some days. Lady Sara took the keys away – but subsequently unlocked part of the device, which initially was surprising, but then I realised it was to afford greater ease of access for a range of CBT.

The two warders then left me alone, still handcuffed, for a further unquantifiable period of time. In due course Goddess Cleo appeared at the cell door, removed the handcuffs and transferred me to Cell #2 – the handcuffs were reattached to one hand, the other being secured to the cell bars. I was then left again to await my fate and listen to sounds echoing around me.

Later on the two warders reappeared, moved me along to Cell #3 and subjected me to more torture and torment, bent over the furniture in the cell. When the punishment finished I was ordered to remain in the same position until they returned.

Time passed again. The warders returned and moved me into a larger room where Goddess Cleo was also present. I was put into a straitjacket, hooded, then pushed down onto a seat in an isolation chamber and instructed to open my legs wide. It was time for more CBT, courtesy of a variety of devices and the sole of Ms Hayley’s boots, and finally left there alone with numerous attachments to keep me and my genitalia company. The straitjacket wasn’t too tight-fitting and I might have been able to free myself in the fullness of time, but whilst considering this course of action the warders returned to remove the attachments. As one usually finds in these situations the coming off is more of an ordeal than the putting on.

Led back outside there followed more use & abuse, then it was determined that my sentence was to be extended by a further hour. I was plonked back in Cell #3 for a further period to contemplate what might come later. What came was a final prolonged phase of humiliation, CP, NT and CBT. Some photographic evidence can be found on my page of Fetlife.com

Six hours or more had passed and I was freed on parole, battered & bruised, with a prospect of a further incarceration looming in the near future.

The Facility is a huge, labyrinthine premises. It’s very close to the station and easy to find. I wondered whether any of the people and shops on the busy street above knew of the subterranean activities which were taking place.

Prisoner 011209 Julie_sub”



Sign up now because (a) we regret the things we do not not do more than the things we do and (b) you will be punished and abused but not exploited and abused (this is not a typo, think about it). One to own sessions might be more intense but they do not integrate the BDSM you with the public you and this can mess with your head. Seeing three Dominatrices working as an authentic sisterhood is a privilege and insightful. BDSM is a journey of discovery and self discovery. Get out of your closet and into the cell! My third sentence and now suffering from Stockholm Syndrome (haha). Post session calm rather than post session downer, which says a lot. Thank you Goddess Cleo for organising

Painslut J” The Facility, London.



“I recently attended the Strap-On party on the 29th at the Pain Palace, and would like to share my experience with everyone. As a moderately nervous and not particularly experienced perve, the afternoon was amazing, and one I would recommend very much to anyone, be they complete virgins or very experienced bottoms – indeed, those of us attending ran that gamut. There was no judging of bodies or inexperience, other than to work out any particular safety concerns and what kind of anal experience would work best for you. The atmosphere in the room was extremely convivial – when not getting fucked, and even while you were, you could chat easily with the ladies and other bottoms, and you could always hear someone laughing. It wasn’t a high protocol event, so anyone nervous of breaching some etiquette or the like needn’t worry. As for the ladies, not only were they the most gorgeous and dominant ladies you could ever hope to meet, but they were friendly and cheerful, and they want you to have a good time, and have a good time having you! They can and will start with the smallest of the small cocks and make sure you’re comfortable, whilst being very happy to carefully see how far you can be stretched if that’s something you’d like! In short, these ladies are the best at what they do and they will ensure you have a great time regardless of your previous experience. I was lucky enough to actually achieve a couple of ass-gasms under the careful ministrations of Goddess Cleo and would heartily advise that everyone reading not miss a chance to experience this! For those worried about hygiene, carefully following the instructions to clean yourself out prior to the event is all you need to worry about – everything from the benches to the floor to the strapons themselves is meticulously cleaned between fuckings. All i have left to say is if you go to such an event, you will see stunning, dominant women cheerfully fucking arses, then be gently or not so gently, depending on preference, fucked yourself, and repeat until the afternoon has flown by and you’ve had the best time of your life. I’d like to thank everyone involved for the very real pleasure of their company, and hope to attend another such event soon!




“So the day had arrived for me, as a newbie to this type of party to travel from South Wales to Worcester. On the way I was very nervous with all sorts going through my head about would I get any action, what would all the other guys be like, how would I perform etc. I needn’t have worried.

I arrived at the venue a few minutes early and a few of us subs were outside and got chatting straight away. Everyone is in the same boat so with a great air or camaraderie we entered the venue at the appointed time.

Once inside we were all told to strip, I was the only guy in chastity but no one batted an eyelid. As 2pm chimed we all filed into the room and say ourselves, like naughty schoolboys, on the floor of the chambers.

Goddess Cleo welcomed us all and introduced herself and the the 4 other fabulous ladies who would be playing with us.

Rules of the house were explained and the fun started. I don’t want to go into too much detail as I would hate to ruin the surprise but I have to say I had a lot of playtime, even with 9 other guys in the room, and each lady REALLY knew what she was doing. These wonderful domina’ clearly enjoy this kind of activity and are experts in the art as the sounds around the room testified too.

The ladies will leave you in absolutely no doubt who is in charge but will make sure you are as comfortable as possible and that you are enjoying yourself.

My biggest tip to anyone considering the parties would be firstly to go for it. This is the best experience I have ever had and will certainly be returning to another party. Secondly is to make sure you pay attention to all instructions. The cleaner you are the more you will be able to relax and let go. I certainly did and I achieved a great assgasm as Goddess Cleo smiled down at me.

The helpers on the day were also brilliant and Poppy kept me laughing throughout even when I was moaning the alphabet.

The atmosphere is so laid back.

Really just go for it and get involved as you will not regret it. I for one will be back as soon as I can.

Thank you to all involved it was truly the best experience I have ever had.

Jodie Jizz”



“This was my first ever party so walking up to the dungeon i was a bag of nerves but within 30 seconds of being there i wondered why i was worried at all even though it is a group setting i did not notice anyone in the room apart from the mistress i was serving at the time and wow did i want to serve these beautiful ladies well i tried so many new things i love eg breath play as soon as the party was over i was asking when the next party was as i have the time of my life and i want more already if i was you guys reading this id book a party now you wont regret it”

Shane, Beautifully Destroyed



On Friday the 18th of November a birthday party was held for Mistress Aleera.

Six splendid mistresses were present and a small group lucky subs were given the privilege of waiting on table.

The best laid plans of mice and dommes often go awry and the chef Goddess Cleo had appointed was indisposed at the last minute, so one of the subs stepped into the breach and organised the preparation of the meal, which he did splendidly. The company was very pleasant and agreeable, so wine and conversation flowed freely. Gastronomic appetites satiated, it was time to deal with the carnal ones and so the mistresses and subs indulged in some unihibited play until late into the evening. It was in all a delightfully different fetish event,

Peter” Kinky Dinner Party, November 2016



“I recently had the honour and great pleasure to serve at the November Kinky Dinner Party organized by DominaParties. Along with three other eager gents we were tasked with looking after six dominant ladies – Goddess Cleo, Mistress Aleera, Princess Jessika, Mistress Sandra, Lady Emily and Miss Milenka.

Our duties were many and varied… setting up, preparing and serving food, ensuring glasses were topped up and generally making sure that all the ladies had everything they might require.  We did our very best to make the evening run as smoothly as possible, and I’m pleased to say that we received generally favourable feedback.  I don’t know whether that was mainly due to fear of punishment for failure, or hope of reward for good service, but the main thing is that the ladies’ were happy.

When our duties were no longer required I was lucky enough to be allowed to worship Goddess Cleo’s beautiful feet… a task that soon had me in a blissful state of subspace.

If circumstances allow, I would jump at the chance to serve again and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future dates.”




“I decided in one of those life’s too short moments to try The Facility as my first domina party. I hadn’t quite anticipated such a mind-bender of an experience once The Facility gets a hold of you.

Booking is friendly and you are emailed the venue and arrival time the evening before. This included a short questionnaire about your likes and dislikes and preferred method of incarceration. I decided to the tick the “go with the flow on the day” box which proved a big mistake.

I entered the premises and at the bottom of the stairs Goddess Anastaxia and Miss Hayley Bond were waiting. Within seconds I was made to face the wall and given a prisoner number. Goddess Anastaxia ordered me to strip and that my clothes would be confiscated. My arms were placed into a straightjacket which they rapidly buckled up and a black hood forced over my head. Miss Hayley Bond then dragged me down a corridor to the cells and locked me in. Only minutes earlier I had been walking along a street in London and now I was locked up, stripped and restrained in a straightjacket. I could just make out the cell light through the hood that added to the disorientation and shock of what had happened. It was only after the event I discovered Goddess Anastaxia had sent out a tweet showing her and Miss Hayley Bond waiting for my arrival to ” beat down prisoner 031108″. Unknown to me my fate had been sealed before I had arrived. The tweet photo is a reminder of my last view of them before I was hooded.

After a while a now smiling Miss Hayley Bond entered the cell and removed my hood to give me a drink of water. From my small sofa I could now view the cell which had three solid walls and bars at the entrance covered by a curtain blocking any outside view. You could hear the occasional chatter of wardens and the movement and hooding of other prisoners but most of the time there was just subdued silence. I heard one prisoner receive a punishment beating for some misdeed. The warden did not spare him.

After some hours the wardens gathered outside and informed me of my transfer to another cell. After being hooded Goddess Anastaxia guided me through what seemed a labyrinth of rooms and corridors, at one stage placing her hand over my eyes to make sure I could not see some of the horrors I sensed we were passing through. In my new cell Miss Hayley Bond soon appeared and removed my hood. She was a wearing a strap-on and ordered that I kneel down and suck it to test me out as her prison bitch. She shrieked with laughter throughout my humiliation and marked me out of ten for my effort. I heard other prisoners getting the same treatment and marking. It felt you were being judged on strictly come dancing, or more accurately strictly suck strap-on!

In my new cell I heard close by the sound of spanking, whipping, intermingled with cries of pain from prisoners and laughter from the wardens. It became obvious this was the punishment holding area. Ever so often the wardens came for another prisoner and soon after the whipping, screaming and laughter would start all over again.  Everything then went quiet until Miss Hayley Bond appeared and ordered me out of the cell for some exercise.  In another room she released my straightjacket, gave me a brief spanking and tickle. She told me to wait against the wall and left the room. I looked behind and on a table were an assortment of unmentionable toys so I knew what was coming. All three wardens then entered the room and it was the first time Goddess Cleo spoke to me in her friendly Aussie, but I’m still going to beat the crap out of you style. They gave me a good seeing to, although probably tame by their standards and I was released on parole. Even then a shock greeted me in the room I was dressing which could have come from the film Caligula. After brief pleasantries I was off back to freedom.

Prisoner  0311008  The Facility”



“I attended the InteRim Strap-On Party on 10 November. The InteRim parties are a smaller version of the Strap-On Parties, so they are particularly good for newbies like me.

There were 5 Dominas present: Goddess Cleo; Goddess Anastaxia; Miss Hayley Bond; Mistress Sandra, and; Princess Jessika. It’s difficult to find words to describe these incredible Dominant Goddesses: they are all stunningly beautiful, genuinely Dominant, and genuinely great fun; I was particularly struck by the way in which all of the Dominas were able to switch from being extremely Dominant to checking that you were OK and that you were  enjoying yourself. It made for a great experience: a combination of a great party attended by amazing Dominant women, and very friendly, like-minded sub guys, with the best play I have ever had thrown in. I felt totally Dominated, but also totally safe and relaxed. The Goddesses clearly enjoyed playing with us all, but it was also clear that they genuinely cared about our welfare, too.

I’m a sissy, so I wanted to dress up for the party. I contacted Goddess Cleo in advance, and she could not have been more helpful and accommodating. Goddess Cleo ensured that I had plenty of time to get ready, so that I didn’t miss any of the action.

The other subs at the party were all like-minded, fun guys. Some people might be nervous about going to an event where other subs are in attendance, but there’s really no need to be. Everyone was there to have fun, and everyone shared the common ground of being a submissive and a strap-on enthusiast. I was perfectly at ease with all of the other subs, because Goddess Cleo set the tone for a friendly, inclusive party and all of the guys were very easy to get along with; you form a bit of a bond with people once they’ve watched you getting fucked! We were a mixed bunch: first timers and experienced party-goers; people who had loads of experience of strap-on play, and those with none at all; all the guys there were cool. If further proof were needed, not one of them seemed remotely phased by the fact that I was dressed as a girl. It was a great atmosphere: fun, inclusive, and welcoming.

Goddess Cleo introduced everyone, and then the fun began. I was fortunate enough to be fucked by four of the five Dominant Goddesses. It’s worth reflecting on that for a moment: for a tribute of only £160 I was fucked by four stunning Dominant Goddesses for well over two hours. To do that on a one-to-one session basis, you would probably have to remortgage your house. Domina Parties are a fabulous way of experiencing the very best of multi-Domme play in an affordable way.

During the party I had no less that five – yes, five – assgasms. I’d never had one before, and I had no idea that my body was capable of making me feel that way. The Dominas were all extraordinarily talented, and used their strap-ons to make me feel amazing sensations I have never even dreamt of before. If you’ve never had an assgasm, then you need to experience one: I can’t describe the feeling, but I am addicted.

Safe, sane and consensual were the rules, and nobody did anything unless they wanted to. Some guys wanted to do forced bi, and some didn’t; and that was absolutely fine. You don’t have to worry about hygiene, either: everything, particularly the dildos, was kept scrupulously clean by the very lovely Puppy. It could not have been safer.

Domina Parties are fun, friendly events that enable you to submit to a number of incredible Dominas without breaking the bank. If you are reading this, then you should go to one. If you are hesitating for some reason, then you really shouldn’t: you’ll be in great hands, you’ll have an amazing time, and it’s bloody good fun. You’ll probably have some irrational doubts beforehand – I certainly did – but as soon as the party starts all of those doubts disappear.

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing”.

Natasha x”



“Having enjoyed the recent Beautifully Destroyed party, I thought I would try the CFNM party arranged by Goddess Cleo, as a prelude to the Strapon party that would take place later that week (another review to follow).

Booking was once again straight forward with money transfer and then receiving clear attendance instructions. Met by Goddess Cleo’s helper for the party “Puppy” who showed the guests where to get naked and throughout the party did a great job making sure everything stayed hygenic. The guests came into the room and knelt before the Mistresses, Goddess Cleo, Goddess Anastaxia and Princess Jessica. Goddess Cleo gave introductions and then invited the guests to introduce themselves including their “kink” experience, likes and dislikes and any medical issues. Whilst I am new to these types of parties, this level of guest care is something that I am really impressed by and makes the whole experience feel safe and reassuring. Unlike the free-format of the Beautifully Destroyed party, the CFNM party gave shorter multiple experiences for the guests, through a structured (but random) game play with the Mistresses.

The short “games” were  really good fun and I certainly expanded my experiences of submission through FemDom, including Goddess Cleo spanking me and using her strapon on me in the swing (loosening me up in preparation for Thursday’s Strapon party). Princess Jessica put me under pink collar and leash and finding a very obedient (and in her words, “cute”) puppy and a sturdy foot stool and then bum massager (“Objectification activity”). Goddess Anastaxia demonstrated her keenness on things physical by mercilessly instructing me in “Forced exercise” whilst another slave was giving her foot worship. I’m sure Goddess would make an awesome PT, but I only wished the roles with the foot worshipping guest were reversed as he was the one keen on Forced exercise! There were lots of other play scenarios that myself and the other guests went through, and ahead of the final 15 minutes, we all discussed what we had experienced, before electing to choose one of our personal preferences. I was undecided between Nipple Torture and CBT and chose the latter because I’ve experienced that less frequently. Princess Jessica began the process, tying my cock n balls up and playing with a hairbrush to paddle the balls, before Goddess Anastaxia joined in with a cock flogger and then her rather pointy high heel!  

I found it a really enjoyable format and will be keen to experience another CFNM party soon!




I went to the CFNM party and had an amazing three hours.

Although I have some experience, I had not been to a party like this before and was a bit nervous about dom play in a party setting with other guys around. But it worked out really well, and lets you experience a big variety of types of play. Lots of laughs and good interaction between the ladies and the guys.

Domina Parties have a great system of finding out what turns on each of the guys, coupled with what the ladies like doing. So everyone got what they wanted as well as some things they did not know they wanted. Limits were respected (even if you were pushed to that limit). And there were some great sights – a guy crawling round on a leash, another with a bum glowing to the limit he agreed, strap on play for those who liked it and some innovative toys – I could go on, but best to find out for yourself

So, if you are unsure or nervous about going to a party, I would just say go for it. Life’s too short not to enjoy yourself.

Thanks to the ladies and I will certainly be back to another of their events

Mike – CFNM Party



“I recently spent 5 hours as a prisoner at The Facility and would thoroughly recommend the experience.

Booking was quick and simple, with clear instructions. I was asked to complete a questionnaire with my limits and preferred activities before I arrived (although the Goddesses discussed these with other prisoners who had not been able to return the form in time).

As soon as I arrived and walked down the passageway, I was met by a welcoming Goddess, who told me to strip naked. A light hood was placed over my head and I was placed in a cage to wait for whatever might come next. I don’t know how long I spent in the cage, but I heard new people arriving and being stripped, and heard the moans of other prisoners being abused. From time to time, one of the Goddesses would walk past my cage, but I was usually ignored as another naked, hooded prisoner was moved through the room.

Eventually, a Goddess opened my cage and asked me to crawl out. I wondered if it was my turn to be played with, but she simply forced me into a straitjacket and back into the cage. I had never worn a straitjacket before, but it was not done up very tightly, and I eventually managed to get the crotch straps undone before slowly working my way out of it altogether. After some more time in the cage, I was taken out and the straitjacket was done up again more tightly. I was moved into another room, spanked, and then left alone, sitting on a sofa, hooded and naked from the waist down, unable to use my arms.

I spent a while alone on the sofa, until a Goddess allowed me to use the toilet. After that, I was put in another cage and left to consider my fate. The cage had a transparent top, and I could see sets of handcuffs placed on top of it. Occasionally, one of the Goddesses would pick up a set of handcuffs, but I was always ignored. It felt like I had spent hours in the second cage, listening to the rattling chains of unseen prisoners (and one who was masturbating when there were no Goddesses there), when the cage was unlocked and I was transferred to another room and handcuffed to the radiator.

After a little while trying to get comfortable in my new room, one of the Goddesses appeared wearing a large strapon and told me to show her my skills. I did my best, sucking and gagging on her cock, but I was only given 5/10 and was then made to sit there listening to other prisoners doing the same.

Finally, I was released from that room and was hood was, at last, taken off. All three Goddesses spanked and flogged me, and tortured my nipples, and then I was allowed to get dressed and leave, with a very bruised bottom.

The entire event was very well organised and I will definitely be returning for a longer session in the future.

Prisoner 031105, The Facility



I recently attended my second Incarceration/Extended bondage event. (I was allowed to split 5 hours between both.) Goddess Cleo was extraordinarily generous with her time. If you’re shy but adventurous, either event would be ideal for broadening your experience. I am slowly learning you can find more wit and warmth from Goddess Cleo and Co than many vanilla ladies. Don’t worry, they’ll still have you begging for Mercy! However submissive or masochistic you are (or think you are), you risk psychological damage mixing with Dominas who don’t care. But you are in safe hands here.

I received a professional, accurate, measured caning- nice neat, symmetrical, horizontal, wheals. (Many other Dominas with years of experience still can’t handle the tools of their trade: rope and canes).

The bondage was skillfully executed with appropriate rope and knots.

Everything was safe, sane and consensual. Read the web descriptions but don’t read into them!

Painslut J” – The Facility, London



“This was my first time attending a Domina party or really any formal “Femdom” activity, but I can safely say that I had a great time, was treated very well (“beautifully (as opposed to harshly”) destroyed”) and will be back soon to continue to explore my boundaries. I am sexually submissive and love to please and have experimented with NT, CBT, Strapon play mainly in the bedroom.

Having summoned the courage to want to attend (I regularly attend swinger parties so am comfortable in a group setting), I sent an email to request attendance and quickly got a reply with payment instructions. This was straightforward and once received, I received a clear email with instructions of where to go and contact details.

Arriving on time, I was greeted by Charlie who was assisting with the party organisation. The 5 guests changed in a corridor with our clothes and belongings safe (note, if you want a shower after playtime, it seems best to bring your own towel). 2 of the guests had been to Domina parties before / served Mistresses in the past, and myself and the other two guests seemed to be quite new to the scene. Another tip that the previous guests knew about, was the courtesy of bringing gifts to the party!

At the appointed time, Goddess Cleo opened the door to the main room and invited her playthings into the room and to sit naked on the floor before the Mistresses. Goddess Cleo then introduced the beautiful Mistresses before us, and we were lucky to be treated to Goddess Anastaxia, Miss Hailey Bond and Mistress Sandra. They were all stunning and had wicked glints in their eyes as they sized up their prey. Goddess Cleo explained the format of the Beautifully Destroyed parties (safe, consensual and free-format playtime for the Mistresses, taking account of each of the playthings limits). We were then invited to introduce ourselves, our experience, likes and limits (eg no marks, no hardsports, no castration   :O, etc). I found it interesting that each of the guests had quite different preferences, and the Mistresses really focused on that for each of their sessions with the slaves! As they say, “variety is the spice of life” and I guess I was at the softer end of the sub space whilst a much more experienced guest enjoyed CP and some whip created artwork on his back and butt! It was also impressive that no one was ever left out during the 3hrs of the party as a slave would tend to be put in bondage or have his bottom spanked whilst waiting to serve a Mistress.

For me, I was introduced to paddling by Goddess Cleo which I enjoyed and took the sting well; next up, I was introduced to foot worship with Miss Hailey who then discovered my weakness to NT and took great please in watching my facial expressions as she twisted, clamped and vacuum pumped my pronounced and aroused nipples! She was great to chat with as well whilst I was in the positions she wanted me in. Next up, I got to serve Mistress Sandra who introduced me to OTK spanking and then face sitting, which initially I disappointed her with but improved to a minute by the end. 

Finally I got to serve the gorgeous Goddess Anastaxia and she led me to the swing where she would have her wicked way with me. Whilst I’ve had a few strapon sessions, they were with a tame purple vibrating strapon from Anne Summers, and definitely not of the size or girth of Goddess’s favourite chocolate strapon! However, she took pity on my tight ass and we went for the smallest one! She lubed me up and we chatted so I could relax and she used a vibrating toy first to open me up before giving me a good seeing to with Her smallest strapon, but I was pleased that I could take the whole thing and I definitely aspire to being stretched to take bigger and experience the seemingly amazing ass-gasms that Goddess Cleo dishes out to lucky slaves! It was a great way to end the party. It is also interactive porn watching how the other guests are used by the Mistresses and that gives ideas around what would be fun to try next time! Many thanks to Goddess Cleo and her friends (including Charlie who kept us watered and everything clean and tidy) for such an enjoyable experience and I look forward to my limits being pushed further next time.”




“As someone who got into the BDSM scene through a love of bondage, this party seemed right up my street and I signed up almost immediately upon finding out about it.  The fact there was also the possibility of the company of three beautiful Dominas for some of my incarceration time was almost nothing to do with my decision. 😉

Booking and confirming my place took less than 24 hours and was dealt with in a friendly and professional way.  I was given clear instructions of where to go and when the evening before.  I arrived outside the venue (very safe area) and had that familiar but welcome feeling of ‘first time nerves’ as I pressed the buzzer…

Upon descending the stairs I was greeted and asked to wait.  I could hear footsteps.  The nerves increased and mixed with excitement.  Out of the dimly lit passageway Goddess Ariel appeared and we confirmed my identity and handed over the tribute.  A black hood was placed over my head and I was led into a room.  The hood was removed and I was given my prisoner number which was to be used for the duration of my sentence, then asked to fill out a form indicating my likes and dislikes, and any expectations for my incarceration.

Goddess Anastaxia appeared and ordered me to strip and place my clothes in my bag, then to kneel.  The hood was placed over my head again and I was forcibly handcuffed (behind my back of course) then lead into another room and ordered to lie on the floor.  Once I did this I felt it go even darker and heard the door close.  I lay there on the floor trying to get comfortable with only my thoughts to keep me company.  Occasionally I could hear muffled protests from other prisoners suffering at the fate of the three Dominas no duty.  I have no idea how long I was in there, naked, handcuffed and lying on the floor…  Occasionally the door would open and then close again as my wardens checked on me, but otherwise there was no interaction.

Sometime later I heard the door open and I was ordered to stand.  Goddess Cleo removed my hood and smiled a very wicked smile then put the hood back on and led my by nipples (being a total nipple slut this was fantastic!!!) into another holding area behind some curtains.  I was placed into a straight jacket and told to sit.  I could hear other prisoners being subjected to various ‘abuse’ and at some point I became erect as a result.  I was hoping this would go unnoticed, but no such luck!  I heard the curtain go and a mocking laugh of Goddess Cleo.  ‘Ooooh we have a pervert in here!’ she mocked, then closed the curtains again.  I was left there listening to various activities for no idea how long.  I loved it.

After sometime Goddess Cleo came back and changed the straight jacket for another one which was slightly smaller.  It was much tighter fitting and felt AMAZING.  She checked on me again a few times with a wonderfully mocking tone, ‘Are you OK in there wanker?’  It made me hard again immediately and hoped she didn’t see.  I have no idea if she did or not but that was part of the experience.

Sometime later I was led from the holding area and placed into a cell with a sofa.  The feeling of being locked in, whilst still in a straight jacket was incredible, accentuated by the footsteps on the ground above me, I felt thoroughly imprisoned.  Fantastic.  Sometime during this I was fed water by Goddess Anastaxia before being placed back into my cell with only my thoughts and the footseps above for company.

Finally I was let out by Goddess Cleo who led me to where Goddess Ariel and Goddess Anastaxia were waiting, with their strap ons…  I won’t go into any more detail here but after various punishments and humiliating acts I was done.  I had served my time and survived.  I was asked to dress and after a brief friendly and informal chat I was released back into the freedom of the real world.  Almost immediately I longed to be back at their feet and hearing their mocking tones…

The entire experience was a fantastic half day of bondage and anticipation, going far beyond my imagination and something I hope to be able to do again sometime.

Thank you to the three Goddesses and I hope to see you all again soon.


Prisoner 031009″ The Facility, London.



“As this was my first time i attended Domina Parties, I was feeling really nervous when I arrived; not knowing the area, the Mistresses and what the atmosphere of the party was going to be like. When I arrived there were four other slaves for the session and all were very friendly and chilled out people (couple of them being regulars).

All the Mistresses were very professional and put me at ease when i arrived. I was explained with the activities that will be held and was introduced the other Mistresses. The session was fun (CFNM) and highly recommendable even for first timers, all the Mistresses are beautiful and stunning; they all look out for you by asking for your limit and makes sure you’re enjoying yourself as they take turns in Violate. I also had the opportunity to entertain the Mistress on the SBOS.

I hope to be able to attend one of your next parties to see all the lovely Mistresses again.

Y X”



“I arrived at the Strap-On Party feeling very nervous but also very excited. The nerves soon disappeared as we stripped and stood before the Mistresses for introductions.

There were 10 Mistresses, all beautiful and looking as if they meant business, which is good  because that is why I was there.  There were a team of helpers, all friendly and efficient who kept everything clean.

Then the fun began. Goddess Anastaxia pointed to me and told me to jump on a sling. After checking the size of her strap-on and applying lots of lube she was soon giving me a damn good seeing to. Normally when being fucked by a Mistress she has my undivided attention, but there was so much going on around us I kept looking at the others. Everyone was having so much fun, lots of moaning, groaning and laughing too.

The afternoon continued in a similar vein being pointed at by one of these stunning Ladies for her to use me as she saw fit. All the Mistresses were considerate in checking how gig a cock to try before having their wicked way with me.  I had the most amazing afternoon of being fucked strap-on cocks and  sucking strap-on cocks.  I also had the joy of being fisted by one of the Ladies.

Having been once I can say for sure that I will be back for more and more. I am so disappointed that I cannot make the next date but I am hoping you will have another before Christmas.

Thank you Goddess Cleo, Mistresses and Helpers. You were all fabulous.”




“My first party so I didn`t know what to expect. It was full on, 3 hours of non stop action and far exceeded my expectations  If you enjoy being penetrated by beautiful, dominant females you will definitely enjoy it. Looking forward to my next one

P” Strapon Party, October 2016



October’s Strap On party was every bit as much fun as the first back in July, the usual Mistresses were in attendance; Goddesses Cleo & Anastaxia, Mistresses Absolute & Aleera, Divine Domino, Princess Jessica, Governess Painless and Lady Sara Borgia as well as two new attendees in Mistresses Kayles and Bettie Von Sadel. This time there were fewer subs present meaning the ratio was almost one to one. Not wanting to be a wall flower, I took full advantage of this and was immediately ordered into a sling by Mistress Absolute for my initial fucking. 

Over the next 3 hours I was able to enjoy the pleasure of nearly all the other Mistress’s strap-ons, with the exception of Goddess Cleo because time just ran out and that was with me barely taking a breather, so it was a full on afternoon. I found myself being spit-roasted on four separate occasions, with different combinations of Mistresses each time, I was given the honour of breaking in Princess Jessica’s new multi-coloured cock and had the most amazing experience when Mistress Aleera had me kneel across a whipping bench and proceeded to thrust so hard that she, I and the whole bench were moving from one side of the room to the other!

The afternoon drew to a close when Mistress Absolute demanded some forced-bi action and I soon found myself lounging across a sofa bed doing my best porn pose, with a cock in my mouth and mine in that of another and an audience of cheering Dominants – what better way to spend an autumn afternoon. 

Thank you again

Best wishes

slave al



“I was fortunate enough to attend the afternoon Strap On party on 5th October. All I can say is if you are even contemplating going to one you should take the plunge and go for it; you won’t regret it.

I am a relative newbie to strap-on play and for any of those who are looking to try it for the first time I cannot recommend this group of great ladies enough. Any nerves you might have will be very quickly put to rest right from the beginning. For those who are more experienced, from what I saw you will also not be left disappointed.

Sadly I didn’t get a chance to play with all of these gorgeous ladies but seeing them in action with the others present makes me look forward to doing so in the future.

As others have said previously, the helpers are a great group who really do help keep everything going smoothly and everything extremely clean. For all of your efforts, it cannot be said enough, thank you.

I won’t go into detail of what occurred over the course of those three hours but by the end of the afternoon I felt like such a slut. I was just looking at each fake cock and wanting it in my mouth or ass.

One of the party guests said that these parties are a little addictive. I now know exactly what he meant; I will most definitely be back.

Thank you ladies for an unforgettable experience.




I attended a recent “Incarceration” event. It was well organised, safe, sane and consensual. The three Dominas knew their profession and put me through my paces with plenty of pleasant/unpleasant surprises! The organising Goddess shows an attention to detail and professional and personal integrity. The description of the event on the web site is accurate (so read it carefully). The event is good value and offers a unique experience. So if, before reading this testimonial, you are undecided why not give it a go? 

Painslut J” Prisoner 031004 at The Facility



“I strongly recommend a long sentence at The Facility. After I arrived and said that my least favourite activity would be time in a cage, I was blindfolded and made to crawl into a cage for an hour – very cruel! After that I was put in a cell and cuffed to the door, moved to another cell, taken from that cell to be fitted with a tight black straightjacket then put back in the cell to await spanking and cock sucking. All at the hands of three gorgeous goddesses. My five hours seemed to be over quickly, except for the long periods of staring at the walls of my cell planning the escape that was never allowed to happen. And all the time you can hear (but not see) the treatment being served up to other inmates which sharpens the anticipation until your time arrives… Prisoner 031010″



“A fun afternoon in the dungeon with a delectable group of mistresses! I was the only one not opting for anal penetration, but enjoyed some fantastic strap-on sucking which eventually sent me into subspace. Thoroughly recommended.

HIGHER FLYER” (StrapOn / Forced Bi Party)



“Two testimonials from the same person is probably over doing it, so I will merely add a postscript to my previous.

Having watched and been very impressed with Goddess Cleo using the strap on last time, I decided to give it a whirl. Well pegging is believing, she popped my cherry and converted me to the dark side. The other two mistresses at the event Goddess Anastaxia and Ms Hayley Bond were also quite marvelous. I had a memorable time,

Peter” (Beautifully Destroyed Birthday Special)



“I recently visited The Facility. It was my first time, but I’ll definitely be coming back. On arrival I was met by Goddess Cleo and taken down to a room where I was made to strip completely naked in front of her and the two other ladies, Goddess Ariel and Goddess Anastaxia who were all amused by my embarrassment. I was then locked naked in a small cage in the middle of the room, and the ladies went about their business. Over the course of the next couple of hours I was hooded and moved to various other places of confinement. Then it was time for my punishment. I was taken to a big room and made to bend across a bench. Each of the ladies then took turns to beat me, while the others watched and laughed. They began by slapping my bare bottom and then they moved on to a range of straps, crops and paddles. Once I had been properly spanked I was made to stand in front of them and wank for their amusement – though they made me stop before I could come. Finally, I was roughly buckled into a canvas straitjacket and taken out into a corridor to wait for my parole. As I waited, Goddess Anastaxia walked by and asked me how my bottom felt. Then she slapped my face twice. Finally, I was released into the outside world. An amazing experience.”

Prisoner 031005



“My attendance at The Facility on 3rd Oct was utterly mind blowing:

Upon arrival I was made to strip and then hooded. Goddess Anastaxia instructed me to keep on my plastic punishment pants to further my humiliation in front of the wardens. It was quite scary, but at the same time so exciting. An experience that I have not had since childhood. What were these strict female wardens going to do with me?  I was moved from a holding cell, to a cage and then straightjacketed and left in a small room..

Whilst I was detained in another cell, I could hear , but not see, other inmates being moved around and punished. This further aroused my sense of both fear and excitement. Particularly when I heard the command ” hands behind your back” and then heard the familiar sound of clicking handcuffs. Wow. This evoked powerfull images. which ultimately got me into trouble: I was caught with my hands ‘wandering’. Goddess Cleo punished me by making me stand with my back to my cell door and, then cuffed my hands behind my back to the door. No more wandering hands for me!

My incaseration was extended by an hour at my request, I was having such a great time. Eventually, I was parolled and released. But my humiliation continued. Goddess Anastaxia would not allow me to take off my humiliating plastic punishment pants, which by now were sticky and uncomfortable. I had to leave The Facility wearing them and make my way home. So  my punishment continued into the night. I loved it.

The interaction between the three wardens was brilliant, talk about good cop bad cop, you just didn’t know what was comming next. It wasn’t just physical punishment, but also psycological mind torture.  I can only thank the three ladies for making the day so special. I will attend The Facility again when I am able to. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who enjoys being at the complete mercy of three powerful, dominant females.  Thank you.”

Prisoner 031007



The Facility experience is powerful and intense, good value and worthwhile for all the content involved. It is seemingly unique and ingenious in some ways, and a multi layered experience. The Dominant Women running The Facility put admirable, ongoing and effective effort and talents into the proceedings. I went for a 10 hour full day stint in The Facility (3rd October 2016) and a day or so later am still experiencing aspects and reactions and effects of the interesting, educational and multi-layered experience.

Various senses of the experience  came to me, some deeper in meaning, some educational and growth orientated, eroticised domination  and control, variously insightful ,emotional, butterflies in stomach type senses sometimes, also some humorous moments even, good teaching to a submissive about discipline, obedience, and  what  some kinds of imposed restriction under Female Control can be .

I was at some points experiencing a psychological progression in the day. Some of my limitations were revealed at times.  Also of note were how one reacts to the different ways of the dominant female : sometimes the soft but emotionally appealing and caring, sometimes the erotically powerful, the direct and in your face also or emotionally incisive, different types of commanding, good cop bad cop type techniques, and the various wiles deployed , and how all these appeal to one to submit whether direct or subtle, and  many different styles  used to address and influence and control one as a submissive. Wondering also at times if one was interpreting an order adequately and how might one be judged by those with power over one.

The experience showed examples of what it can be like with oneself and others kept under a focussed  and lock down type system of power  from female dominants for a  period of time, whether at times under Their direct presence and  company or often  in some kind of  ordered seclusion and restriction, or other  forms of control. as one can become more and more influenced by the restrictions and power and interactions one has, when they occur, as time goes on in such a  place as The Facility.

Testimonial from Andy asouth”



“I would just like to say thank you for the wonderful time I spent at The Facility on 3rd October. It was the first time I had been to a Dominas Party event, and I will definitely be booking to go back for more. The venue is amazing, and very easy to get to. Even though I came up from the Kent Coast, I had no problem finding the place, and the joining instructions were very clear.

I will not go into a long description of what happened, as I do not want to spoil it for anyone else who may go along in the future, the excitement, after all of such an event, is not knowing what is going to happen to you!

The beautiful Dommes that were “on duty” on the day were all absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to try a CFNM, and a Tootsie party. 

Thanks again!




“I attended the event on 28th September 2016  and it was a great event. It was well run, with intelligence and sensitivity where needed, and beautiful assertiveness and direct exploration,  and everything the webpage ad for it said and more.It was good to attend and a day after I am still realising I got a lot from it. Thanks for a great time.Good for the person newish to all this or for someone looking to add to further dimensions of their experience and develop as a submissive in relation to the female lead, dominant woman, and Goddess experiences.Yes!!!

from Andy asouth” (Beautifully Destroyed Double Birthday event)



“For anyone who cherishes the beauty of female feet the party is an absolutely must have experience. The four astonishing Ladies made every men to melt down and compete for their good grace without even lifting a finger. Their mere presence make you aware how inferior you are. Their breathtaking natural beauty and confident dominate style left you no choice but to kneel and worship.

The ladies were fair and firm. Each slave had the honor of being used as doormat, massager and foot worshiper or what ever particular services each Lady commanded. The Ladies kindly considered the limits of each slave and communicated with them very friendly. Needless to say they never gave an impression of an eye to eye conversation. There is natural order of things: men shall serve women. And the party was a tribute to that. I’d be definitely back again and again :)”

sub p (Tootsies Foot Worship Party)



“I was one of the first to “the Facility“. On arrival I was met by Goddess Cleo and told to strip and that my clothes would be kept safe. I was taken to a cell with bars, which had a comfortable seat and the cell door was padlocked shut and I was therefore left to contemplate my position and situation. I heard several other “prisoners” arrive and duly locked into nearby cells. After about 1/2 an hour I was  hooded and taken out, where I met Miss Haley Bond and Goddess Ariel. A straight jacket was put on me, with my arms securely enclosed around me adding to a sensation of upper body bondage. Naked below the waist I was taken back to the cell and left for further contemplation, effectively with the upper body enclosed and totally exposed below.

After quite a while I was taken to another area, where I was bound horizontal and left for some time enduring electrics and CBT from time to time. I could hear but not see other inmates being put through various paces.

I could only stay for 4 hours, which for this sort of thing is rather too short a stay, however in all a good afternoon of detention and it was what was described on the tin!”

Prisoner D.



“Is there such a thing as a Violate moment in a whole hour of depravity? Well I must admit I probably did get a bit loud, even in a room of equally violated sluts, but then somewhere after that first assgasm, wantonly licking and sucking Mistress Tytania’s cock like a good little pornstar while Miss Amy Hunter cheered me on, Mistresses Absolute laughing as she administered the deep, hard body-trembling seeing to I was so very very eager for (Her mirrored shades showing me in reflection just what a dirty bitch these Godesses had made me), it all came together in a glorious shameless wave of slutty abandon. My own slutty cock tried in vane to rival Theirs, but there was no mistaking  that I was truly, utterly, relentlessly owned by this wonderfully evil A-list tag-team. They *really* know what They’re doing and you’re guaranteed a truly unique experience! 

Thank You so much to Mistresses Absolute, Goddess Cleo, Miss Mighty, Mistress Tytania and Miss Amy Hunter for sending this slut back to work with a very very special secret smile!”




“I had the privilege of attending the inaugural VIOLATE party on the 24th August. Dreamed up by the wonderful Goddess Cleo and my amazing owner Mistresses Absolute, VIOLATE is a strap-on party on steroids! Upon arrival after a brief chat with the assembled Mistresses and Goddesses, Mistresses Absolute locked my collar and cuffs onto me and promptly chained me to a sling where I remained for the next hours debauchery!

How to sum up the debauchery? Strap-on, bigger strap-on, fisting, huge strap-on, more fisting and so on…When one Mistress got tired another tagged in…The name of the party perfectly sums up the night, I felt utterly VIOLATEd!

A huge Thank You to Goddess Cleo, Mistresses Absolute, Miss Amy Hunter, Miss Mighty and Ms Tytania for an amazing night of fun!




“I have just served a spellbinding and humbling sentence at the Facility. Having served at several detention parties in the past I thought I knew what I was in for, but the wardens at the Facility turned out to be more teasing, strict and demanding than even I was expecting.

I arrived a little late so Goddess Cleo wasted no time in taking control of her prisoner, informing me that I was henceforth to be known only as Prisoner 6904, and demanding I hand over the key to my chastity cage. Pushing me into a cell she took great delight in passing the key to her beautiful accomplice, Miss Haley Bond, who took equal pleasure in hanging them around her neck. Miss Haley is absolutely beautiful, but clearly she was not in the mood to allow me any privileges as she hooded me, cuffed my hands behind me, and locked the cell door with an evil laugh. And so the punishment started, and continued for five hours with a steadily increasing intensity. At one point when I asked for the cuffs to be loosened, Miss Haley gladly obliged, only to clip the cuff to the cell door so I could not get comfortable again. Then the cuffs were removed and I was placed in a straight jacket, then I was hooded and moved to a small cage to continue my sentence. The cage was within earshot of other prisoners receiving their punishment, but the covers in the room made it impossible to see what was happening. Eventually, I was informed that my release was dependent on good behaviour, regardless of the level of punishment, and that I would be tested in this regard. What followed was a brilliantly humiliating period of teasing, tickling and torture. I won’t go into too much detail, but it was just the right level for me, and I soon found myself begging to be ticked less and punished more, and my tormentors were happy to oblige. Finally, lace knickers trailing round ankles and still trapped in the straight jacket, I was led back to the cell to tidy myself up and await parole.

I’m very happy to report that my release was granted after five hours. No conditions were placed on my freedom, but I think it is inevitable that I will find myself back in the Facility very soon.

Prisoner 6904″ – September 2016



“I visited the Facility for the first time. I can only say it was a total ‘mind fuck’. Five hours flew by in a cell a cage and several hours in a straight jacket. The highlights were 36 strokes of the cane from Goddess Cleo and sucking Ms Bond‘s zebra dildo. I always felt  sae and cared for. The place was easy to find and very accessible. A wonderful way to escape the stress of modern life and get away from it in quiet contemplation. Thoroughly recommended.”

Prisoner M – September 2016



“Just wanted to say how wonderful The Facility prison-play party was and thanks to Goddess Cleo, Miss Haley Bond and Goddess Ariel for organsing it.

I was lucky enough to spend nearly the entire time in a canvas straitjacket that made it impossible to move my hands or arms but was comfortable enough to wear without discomfort – once we had found the right size straitjacket!

The ladies made sure to never let me forget my predicament, teasing through the cell bars or dragging me around hooded and helpless. The underground cells are very nice and perfect for this sort of play, in a discreet location with good directions.

All in all, a very enjoyable day.

best regards, 6906″ – September 2016



“After spending 5 hours as a willing prisoner of three wonderful dominant ladies at the Facility event, I want to thank all concerned for their hard work and attention to detail. For anyone thinking of attending in future, I won’t provide a step-by-step account, as I think it’s more exciting not to know exactly what happens on arrival. But I will say that the organisation for the event was excellent, with initial queries answered promptly, and very clear directions and instructions for a discreet and easy to reach venue. Once there, prisoners were under the control of three very attractive ladies: Goddess Cleo, Miss Haley Bond and Goddess Ariel. Goddess Cleo was very clearly in charge, and can be effortlessly intimidating when she chooses to be, but my main Warder was the stunning Miss Haley. You were of course their prisoner from the start, and fully under their control. While it took a bit of getting used to the fact that you could hear other prisoners being moved around and dealt with, sometimes very close in the next-door cell, the activities were carefully planned so that you never actually saw your fellow prisoners, being kept separate and moved around hooded or blindfolded. The ladies took time to ask your likes and limits, and so having said that I was fond of CP, I ended up getting a sound and very enjoyable caning from Miss Haley, alternating some biting strokes with the wonderful touch of her hand. She also seemed very much to be enjoying her work throughout the afternoon: it’s always a bonus if the lady dominating and beating you seems to be having fun too! There were also long periods of contemplation in your cell inbetween being moved or played with, so that it was easy to completely lose track of time and have no idea how much of your ‘sentence’ was left. For anyone interested in this kind of a prison fantasy, I’d recommend booking a long enough sentence so that you can truly get into the feeling of being held at the pleasure of your Warders. A lot of trouble has clearly been taken to set up the Facility, with new cages and straitjackets among the equipment available, so if being held under the control of a set of dominant women is your thing, get in touch with Domina Parties and  you won’t be disappointed.

Prisoner D6903″ – September 2016



“I would just like to send a big thankyou to all the dominas who attended the interim strap on party on 31/8/16. 1 in particular- who can teach you a lot! The ladies really are talented, but most of all, they were very welcoming, fun and helpful. so, if you’re nervous ( like I was, ) they really will put you at ease ( but you will still get it!)Thanx very much again, a great time was had by everyone I think, especially 1! (No names mentioned) if you like beautiful, Strong women, this is the place, I for 1 would definitely re-attend ,good value +camaraderie too. Rgds Bugsy”



“As my first time attending a fetish party as well as my first time to take a strap-on, needless to say I was very nervous beforehand. However I was not alone as there were a range of experience levels among the subs in attendance including others, like myself, totally new to strap-on play.

We were instructed to strip down before being invited to join the Ladies who were seated in the next room. Goddess Cleo welcomed us all, putting us at ease as she explained how the afternoons fun would unfold. She then introduced the Mistresses and the slaves and then the playtime got underway.
The Ladies were mindful of the ability of each sub while also encouraging us to challenge ourselves as subs. I wont go into the detail on play to avoid spoiling fun for the newbies just to say that in my own case I ended up balls deep on one of Goddess Cleo‘s favourite strap-ons which was far bigger than anything I had ever believed could fit in my ass!
There were 10 subs and 5 Ladies at the event which was just right as it allowed you recover before being used by the next Lady. Particular credit must go to the Ladies for keeping on swinging those strap-ons on such a warm afternoon! They were also aided along the way by the excellent Charlie and Poppy who kept the play area immaculately clean and ensured everyone remained well hydrated.

To those of you unsure of whether to attend a party I can only say this – I had never contemplated attending a party before this – but thought to myself you only live once so decided to give it a go – and I am so delighted I did. The atmosphere was fun and friendly, while it is also a great opportunity to enjoy the company of some stunning ladies who really seemed to enjoy themselves too.

A big thank you to Goddess Cleo, Miss Penelope Dreadful, Mistress Kayliss Mercury, Lady Sara Borgia & Miss Haley Bond for a wonderful afternoon.
Can’t wait to attend my next party

Sub e”



“These legendary soirées aren’t new to me but I have been away from the BDSM scene for a bit and attending a strap-on party reminded me of what I’ve missed. And you’re unlikely to regret making the same choice if submitting to awesomely dominant ladies is your lot in life. You won’t find a greater level of passion and professionalism which Goddess Cleo invests in her the preparation of Domina Parties and her understanding of your level of experience. The participating dommes; Goddess Cleo, Lady Borgia, Miss Haley Ms Kayliss and Miss Penelope are formidable but you are in safe hands if you are just taking the plunge. But be warned it will take little time for weak submissives to become helpless in their hands and likely to be reporting back very soon.




“I was extremely nervous about attending the CFNM multi mistress party with three georgous Dominas but am truly glad that I went through with it! I was well out of my comfort zone being relatively inexperienced with Domination in general, but with three great Dominatrices in attendance all i really had to do was submit to their lead and enjoy!

The party was great opportunity for me to experience a wide range of play, most of which i had never experienced. I was spanked (or maybe its correctly called bum drumed to quote Miss Penelope Dreadful!), cained (still difficult sitting 24 hrs later) and flogged (beautifully teased with hard whips and soft brushes by Mistress Bettie Von Sade) as well as introduced to the Goddess Cleo‘s wonderful strapon.

The whole event was friendly and fun. There was plenty of opportunity to discuss, and respect was given for, likes and limits. The mistresses did not need to prove they were dominante through theatrics but simply took the lead like true Dominas.

My head is still spinning with delight. I really enjoyed the party and can highly recommend.




“I hadn’t been able to attend the last couple of Domina Parties famous strapon events, so I was delighted to be in London at just the right time for the biggest one I’ve been to yet!  There were an assortment of other good natured, kinky and slutty guys at the party – and although the men may have had the numerical superiority, the ten amazing dominant ladies had all the phallic firepower in the room.

After a quick round of introductions and some important health, hygene and safety instructions we were ready to go.  And from the first thrust to the last, I hardly saw the Dommes stop fucking, fingering, fisting or conducting any other debauchery they put their minds to.  Their helpers were incredibly efficient at keeping everything tidy and perfectly clean, allowing the ladies to concentrate on the main task at hand.  In fact, it was only the guys who needed to take time out now and again to get their breathe back, before rejoining the fray and offering up their posteriors to be plundered yet again.

It turned out that a few of us had booked ourselves in for both the afternoon and evening parties, and over the course of the two events I was lucky enough to be taken by all but one of the ladies present. It was a delightfully kinky way to spend a day out in London, and one that I’ll remember for a long time.

Mausu xx”



“I was nervous, I expect that most of us were. But just go feet first and it will all be ok. It’s a much more relaxed and friendly environment than I was expecting, sure all the Mistresses are Mistresses, but there’s little formality. The most often command was “Next”. We had a little intro moment to hear everyone’s experience and so on. You relax very quickly once you realise your not the only virgin there. The party was almost like any normal party you’ve been to. You chat and make friends, catch a beautiful Dommes eye, have a wonderful time together then take a break and chat some more. Till your ready to go again. It’s as gentle and relaxing or hard and pounding as you like, can take, or can be safely pushed too.

Heartily recommend this. Go on why not, nothing ventured nothing gained.

SlaveLHT very satisfied and sore. In the best ways.”



Foot fetish parties are pretty rare so I was excited to discover that Goddess Cleo was hosting an event, with four stunning Mistresses focused entirely on activities below the ankle. The location was easy to find, clean and spacious. My fellow foot worshipers were a very pleasant group of regular guys, who just happen to love female feet.

I had intended to only stay for an hour or two, however I was having so much fun that the three hours just flew past. As well as spending ample time worshipping the Goddesses feet, I was fortunate enough to have two fantastic extended trample sessions with Ms HaleyBond and Mistress Kalyss Mercury.

I thought in my many years of trampling I had tried everything, however both Mistresses brought their own individual styles and sent me into my happy place beneath their feet and heels. Ms Haley particularly loved pumping the air out of my lungs as she jumped up and down on my chest. Mistress Kalyss used me as her yoga mat as  she practised her poses, demonstrating her incredible strength and balance as she stood on top of me. I could only look up and admire the fantastic view.

I really hope Goddess Cleo makes these foot parties a regular event and I will be first in line for the next one.

Thanks again



“Hello to all the lovely Mistresses

This was my 1st foot party and very first time meeting any mistresses, happy to say this party exceeded my expectations!

Four great mistresses & feet
Good ratio / length of party
Good fixed price
BIG BIG thanks to all the splendid mistresses for making this an unforgettable evening!
Eddie xxxx”



“There is an old German saying “Aller gute Dinge sind drei”. all good things come in threes.

Well at the Destroyed party on 30th August they came in the shape of Goddess Cleo, Mistress Kalyss Mercury and Miss Penelope. Fortunately, unlike Paris, we were not asked to judge who was the fairest. One Trojan war is enough and it would have been an impossible call.

The venue was modern, spotlessly clean and easy to reach. The ratio of 2 subs per domme was ideal, allowing enough recovery time between encounters without leaving anyone feeling neglected and allowing some voyeur time on what was happening to fellow subs. The mistresses were thorough in making sure that the subs were able to articulate their limits, likes and dislikes and finding out if anybody had any medical issues. They were ably assisted by Charlie who ensured that good hygene practice was meticulously observed and who incidentally makes a very good cup of tea.

whole range of kinks and fetishes were indulged in ranging from foot worship, flagellation, face sitting, cbt, corporal punishment, nipple torture, strap on and golden showers. All expertly administered. Goddess Cleo‘s expertise with the strap on deserves special mention and even though this correspondent did not indulge, it was obvious that those who did were not faking their orgasms.

I would certainly like to come again as the Bishop said to the actress,




“As a comparatively inexperienced “slut” attending my first multi-mistress event, I was given the privilege of attended the final session of the VIOLATE event on 24 Aug in the company of the other willing slaves to receive the administrations of Goddess Cleo and Her Divinely Wicked Mistress friends.

For me it started with the honour of providing a foot massage to Mistress Tytania in preparation for the main event. Once Mistress was sufficiently satisfied with my performance She directed myself to disrobe and mount my allocated sling and prepare to be violated. Throughout the session Goddess and Her fellow Mistresses took into account my comparative experience and tailored the delivery of Their use of me accordingly.

 Thank you Goddess Cleo, Mistresses Absolute, Tytania, Mighty and Amy Hunter for the privilege of being allowed to be violated by Yourselves.

 Slave T”



“I write this testimonial somewhat belatedly following my return to Australia. But the elation of that fabulous afternoon and evening is still as exciting and fresh in my mind as on the day itself.

My name is punycunt (people just call me ‘cunt’ for short) and I was lucky enough to travel from Australia to find myself in London on 25 July 2016. I was even luckier to be permitted to join the fabulous Goddess Cleo and Her equally fabulous Sister Dommes, Governess Painless, Princess Jessika, Lady Sara Borgia, Zara Du Rose, Princess Almighty, Divine Domino, Mistress Aleera, Goddess Anastaxia and Mistress Absolute. I can give you the tip – if ever you want to know what it’s like to die and go to Heaven – it’s not a patch on being in the presence of these absolutely gorgeous stunningly attractive wonderful young Ladies.

I have also to speak extremely highly of the sub helpers who did an outstanding job ensuring hygiene and cleanliness attended each individual play scene that took place … if you can imagine 25 subs per session and 10 Mistresses … well there was a whole lot of arsefucking that day!

Goddess Cleo set the scene by welcoming the male participants, checking them off the list and setting them at ease with friendly conversation Then it was time for the males to strip and introduce themselves to the Mistresses whom Goddess Cleo had introduced to us bois. I got a special reception because I had come from Australia especially for the event 😉

Then it was time for our arses to be plundered. And boy were those arses plundered! The room echoed to the happy laughter of the Dommes as They heartily thrust Their cocks of different sizes, colours and textures up very willing arseholes … and the grunts and groans of us bois. Governess Painless started me off with a moderate sized cock … which settled my nerves and got my arsehole primed. From then on it was a succession of ever increasingly sized cocks up my arse while I was perched in the slings or over the benches. In the end (pun intended) I happily took Mistress Absolute’s reasonably sized cock up to the hilt on two separate occasions. 

My only regret is that I could not take Divine Domino’s big black cock or Goddess Cleo’s larger cock. I also regret that I was a bit weak when I came to take my pounding from Goddess Cleo … my only defence was that it was towards the conclusion of the night and I had had 10 poundings prior to that. No excuse I know, but all I’ve got. As She knew I love CBT, Goddess Cleo did make up for me being a weak arsed cunt by giving my cock and balls a solid work out, including quite a few very delightful heavy duty kicks flush on my balls.

Talking of CBT, the fabulous Goddess Anastaxia, Lady Sara Borgia, Mistress Absolute and Divine Domino, knowing of my predilection for it, happily tortured the fuck out of my poor cock and balls with Their petite but oh so strong hands as I was being fucked in the sling by Them. Divine Domino was also very sweet to give me quite a few heavy duty kicks to my balls too.

My highlight … bending over a couch while I was made by Divine Domino to suck Her great big black cock, whilst simultaneously Mistress Absolute reamed my arse with Her medium hand held dildo while another slave sucked my cock. An overload to the senses … but what a lucky cunt I am. 

As I had travelled from Australia, I attended both events on the day. If you can afford do that, I recommend it – you get to know the Mistresses better and you really get a good bang for your buck, to coin a phrase.

The climax of my evening (pun intended again) was when lots of us bois (including me) lined up around a very willing cum slut and, with the active encouragement of the Mistresses, we performed a bukkake by jerking off and cumming over his highly delighted face and mouth.

What a fantastic day!

My trip from Australia was so worth it to attend this double event. The Mistresses are gorgeous. They are talented. They are highly professional. They are just wonderful young Ladies — – They make us bois so comfortable and are so kind and caring in their treatment. If you would like soft and tender – They will give you soft and tender. If you want a real pounding – they will fuck the living shit out of you so you walk funny for a week. If you want to know what it is like to be a ventriloquist’s dummy – They will fist you so deep that They tickle your tonsils.

In short, Goddess Cleo and Her Sister Dommes are super talented world class young Lady Dommes. They are excellent at what They do. The events are well prepared and well run. Believe you me, you will not be disappointed if you attend one of Their fabulous events. In the words of a well know personality from these shores, do yourself a favour and get along to a Domina Party UK event.

It would be most remiss of me if I did not pay an extra tribute and extend my very great appreciation and thanks to two of the young Ladies I had the huge honour of meeting that day who I met later in the week at Club Pedestal. I speak of Governess Painless and Divine Domino. Never having been to Club Pedestal, I didn’t know anyone. These two magnificent young Ladies, recognised me from the Strapon Party, and went out of Their way to ensure my trip to Club Pedestal was intensely memorable and hugely satisfying. Let’s just say that by a combination of their sweet little hands, feet and toys, I left Club Pedestal with a huge smile on my face … and very heavily swollen, very purple bruised cock and balls! Thank You so very much, Ladies.

cunt, August 2016″



“This wasn’t my first multi-Mistress Domina Party; I’d attended one before albeit about four years ago but this one was much bigger – a true strap-on spectacular! Last time it was five Dommes and about 8 subs, this time it was 10 (yes TEN!) Dominatrices, 20 subs and more monster silicone cocks than you could shake a slave at with the entire 3 hours dedicated to strap-on play.

The venue was a basement under a pub, it was clean, air conditioned (a godsend on a hot summer afternoon) and kitted out with a selection of slings and spanking benches meaning each Mistress had her own station in which to wield her fearsome phallus. I was fortunate enough to be attending with my Mistress (the Magnificent Mistress Absolute) of 11 years standing but the others had a vast range of ages and experience, a couple were not only anal but complete BDSM virgins, others were old hands with very accommodating asses!

After we were all ordered to strip naked, the Mistresses introduced themselves and then we did likewise; the exceedingly hospitable Goddess Cleo explained the ground rules and then we were off. The whole afternoon was conducted in a fun and friendly manner, the more confidant subs were able to approach the Mistresses and politely request the pleasure of their cocks while the shyer subs in the group were sort out by the Mistresses themselves and gently led into a sling. A few of us that expressed the wish, had the initials FB written on our upper arms so it was clear who was willing to indulge in Forced-Bi play if requested to: there was no pressure on any one else to do so as all limits were rigorously respected.

I began my afternoon in the very capable hands of stunning flame haired Zara Du Rose and the delightful Princess Jessica. Before the party started I had assumed I’d be able to experience the cocks of all the Mistresses present and due to the being twice the number of Dommes to Subs would spend half the time hanging around but neither turned out to be remotely true. The afternoon absolutely flew by and I only had the pleasure of half the Dommes present and the time in-between was less hanging about and more much needed rest and recovery!

Next up was Governess Painless, who was really embracing summer in her demin shorts and white latext bra look, she wasted no time in ordering me to my knees and demanding I worship her magnificent cock. I greedily sucked, kissed and licked for all I was worth before she bent me over the bench and fucked me senseless. Soon enough I found myself at the mercy of the lethal lupine Mistress Aleera who commented that our respective heights meant she fitted me like a glove and sure enough I was soon bucking, writhing and rearing up and the most contorted of positions as she worked her strap-on magic.

My Mistress Absloute then sort me out and demanded I indulge in some forced-bi play for her amusement and soon enough I had a mouth full of sub male cock that I worked desperately to get hard (and thankfully succeeded- Phew!). However, unfortunately, it seems there weren’t that many subs present in to FB and thus a shortage of cocks for sucking meaning reluctantly, my Mistress agreed to release me from my chastity cage so a sub could have a cock of his own to suck. Before I knew it I was involved in the most incredible scene – the slave sucking my cock was having his own cock sucked as Mistress Absolute looked on in amusement. The Mistress Aleera joined the fun and thrust her cock deep down my throat so I was now sucking and being sucked – she demanded I suck her deeper and deeper and for the first time in my life I was able to deep throat a cock right up to the hilt, tears streaming and fighting off the gag reflex!

I was almost exhausted from the effort when I was told to wank and cum over a subs face as he lay on floor in front of me as Mistresses Cleo, Abslotule, Aleera looked on, the pressure was immense and for a moment I thought I would fail my Mistress but fortunately I was able to orgasm and deliver the expected load right on target and received a round of applause from the Dominant audience! By now I was pretty much spent with legs like jelly but there was just time for one more go in the sling with Goddess Cleo how took immense pleasure in providing the final assgasms of a fabulous fun afternoon.

I can’t wait for October!





“Another fantastic Dominaparties strap-on event, this time bigger than ever! An amazing TEN gorgeous dommes wielding strap-ons of various sizes, met every slutty desire of around twenty naked subs, from anal virgins to bucket-arsed ultra-sluts. In nearly three hours of full-on play, i experienced more debauchery than on any previous occasion. You might think a 2:1 ratio of subs to dommes would mean some subs hanging around waiting much of the time, but this was not how it was – the dommes were all so active and willing that more often it was a case of dommes calling out “who’s next?” or “who wants some of this?” while subs took a breather! Around thirty participants, plus some obliging helpers/cleaner-uppers, made for a very lively party indeed in a superb spacious dungeon with at least six slings – strap-on heaven! Strongly recommended.



“Strap on party July 25

Like many of the others at this party I was a first timer and extremely nervous, but the first thing that came over whilst being  greeted by Goddess Cleo was the warm welcome and the feeling that we were in the hands of experienced Mistresses to whom we could be sure that we build be looked after.

When everybody was assembled and given a brief explanation of their experience the party started with us all being told to strip. The party then commenced with various mistresses interacting with the partygoers, other people have described this in some detail so I won’t go into any lengthy explanations.

I had the great pleasure of interacting with Goddess Cleo, Princess Jessica, Lady Sarah Borgia, Divine Domino, Mistress Anastaxia. All of whom bought something different to the experience and without wishing to diminish in any way the wonderful time I had with all of these wonderful mistresses I have to mention one thing in particular.

Goddess Cleo took me in hand and introduced me to the experience of an Assgasm, and yes there were multiple ones. The physical feelings that are engendered by this are quite extraordinary and if somebody has never experienced this I would strongly suggest that their life is lacking something that is quite unique. The point however that I needed to make here is that whilst going through this you look into the eyes of your mistress who seems to be peering into the deepest recesses of your soul and not only is this a physical connection but the psychological connection involved with this elevates this experience to something which is quite unforgettable.

I also have to mention the 4 assistants without whom the party would not have gone with such ease and good humour. May I thank them for their input on the day as well.

Is this something which is addictive?, absolutely I cannot wait for the next event to be announced looking as soon as I am aware of it.

Thank you to all of who were present for making this such an unforgettable experience.




“I attended the afternoon strapon party on the 25thJuly and I am so glad I did, I had fantasised about this for some time until I finally plucked up the courage to go ahead and make a firm booking.

I was very nervous in the run up to the event, but as it turned out I needn’t have been. When I arrived, Goddess Cleo was checking on the guests and made everyone feel at ease.  All of us “boys” were waiting at the bottom of the stairs and I could see some of the ladies chatting and looking stunning. After a short while Goddess Cleo gave us the order “Ok boys, strip”!!

We were then given a few words of advice and ground rules and the action began. At first, myself and a few others just watched as the spectacle unfolded before us, I was mesmerised by Mistress Absolute fucking a slave with a rather large one, and when she’d had her fun she shouted “Next”!

I nervously put my hand in the air, thinking it’s now or never and she offered me my place in the sling. Mistress Absolute is a very sexy and fierce woman, who I must admit I find quite scary (in a good way!). However, she asked how much previous experience I had and as I told her I was almost an anal virgin she very kindly offered to downsize her huge appendage to my relief.

For the next ten minutes or so she expertly broke me in, gently at first then gaining momentum, all the while reading my responses, this lady is a real pro, still scary but with a gentle side!!

After a short break I found myself in a different sling being given my first two gentle assgasms by the stunning Goddess Cleo. She was also very attentive and understanding and in full control.

As the afternoon wore on I was fucked and fingered by lots of other beautiful Goddesses and Mistresses until the aptly named and truly Divine Domino announced that she was looking for someone to take her big cock.

As I was feeling brave and felt as though I had been well and truly “broken in”, I volunteered. After being fucked with the big one she swapped it for a smooth one that was slightly smaller so she could “Really go for it” as she put it, and go for it she did! I was bucking and squealing until I had my first powerful assgasm during which I also ejaculated a bit. After a rest and wipe up, Domino then pulled a hand held dildo out of the top of her thigh boot and said ” I’m not finished with you yet, I’m going to milk you” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!! But milk me she did, I could barely stand afterwards.

After three days I still can’t stop thinking about the activities of that afternoon and I am so looking forward to the next.

Thank you to all the Mistresses and Goddesses who attended, some of whom I didn’t have the pleasure of making acquaintances with, hopefully I will next time.

And a special thanks to Goddess Cleo for organising these events, and Divine Domino for making me come in that “special way”! Also to Mistress Absolute for being so deliciously scary!!

Kind regards RH”





Can I just say how much I enjoyed Monday evenings strap on party. I’ve never done anything quite like that before so it was a bit of a step into the dark side for me, but I have no regrets and will certainly do it again. All the ladies were fantastic, and looked stunning especially when they had their appendages attached. I didn’t get to being shafted by all of them simply because of the time, so something is saved up for next time.

I had another first: I’d never had an assgasms before, Goddess Cleo who seems to be the expert managed to give me two in very quick succession, which was an experience I wont  forget in a hurry.

There was a great atmosphere in the party, a crowd of mostly naked guys, most of whom had never met each other before she, but everyone was very respectful.

The Dominas and the hard working helpers all worked hard to keep everything as clean and hygienic as they could, with copious amounts of wipes, sprays etc.

All in all it was a fantastic evening, when’s the next one?





This was my first time dipping my toe into the scene and I was feeling very nervous. When I arrived I felt even more nervous seeing all the lovely women there (who by the way are outstandingly beautiful). Goddess Cleo took my anal virginity and it was incredible, she took it gently at first and eased into it with a small sized dildo. It was amazing, lying in the sling looking up at her as she fucked me, with her lovely breasts bouncing slightly really got me going.

There was a mix of all levels from newbies to seasoned ass sluts, some guys taking dildos that I’m not afraid to say made me shudder (but they clearly lovers it)

Special mention to Goddess Cleo who is stunning and very sensual. Princess Almighty is a little sexy ball of energy who seemed very genuine, the kind of girl you could have a great night out with, she was the second lady to fuck me that evening and it was also amazing.

Unfortunately I didn’t quite pluck up the courage to have a session with Mistress Aleera whom I’ve had a bit of a Twitter crush on for a while. Maybe next time.

I know I’ve picked out a few girls specifically however I must say they were all lovely.

All in all an excellent evening and well worth the money! Will defiantly go again. Also there was a broad age range, I’m 26 but there were all sorts of ages there so if you’ve been thinking about it for a while but never quite committed now is you chance.





“I attended the strapon/forced-bi 25/7/16 party with a bevy of goddesses. Goddess Cleo being the high priestess. All of the mistresses were nurturing and attentive, with the guests courteous and respectful of one another.

I would definitely recommend it to others, be you virgins or seasoned professionals. Just don’t be bashful! If you are, you can always watch.

E xxx



“The CFMN parties are a good place to start for newbies or those of limited experience – as you will have opportunities to try many different types of BDSM related activities. I’m sure there are many of you who are very curious, but have not plucked up the courage to attended. All I can say is there is no reason to be apprehensive, and I would like to reassure you that your boundaries and limits are respected by the Ladies.

On a personal note, I got to experience a number of things for the first time: Sensory Deprivation, Face Sitting and (mild) CBT.  Rest reassured the gorgeous Domina’s know what they’re doing!!! 

The culmination of the afternoons play for me was the CBT. The resulting crescendo of endorphins released unexpectedly sent me into a delightful state of consciousness called “sub-space”. Totally ‘drunk’ on pleasure.

When I left the party I was a little unsteady on my feet, but smiling broadly. On the train home, I couldn’t help but notice that all my senses were heightened. This giddy feeling lasted for a good couple days. 

WHO KNEW?!!  😉

– Marcus MG.”



“Goddess Cleo”s strap on domina parties are a must try for anyone into anal play,
I attended the party this may 5th 2016, it was my first party that I had attended and am some what of an anal virgin.

Firstly I had all sorts of fears  as you can imagine, which were instantly put at ease by the brilliant, hard working  gorgeous goddess cleo and her fab team of mistresses and cleaning maids who all made the party lighthearted and fun.

After formal introductions and a brief description about what our likes and dislikes were the party started. It was my honour to be picked by goddess Cleo who talked me through the best size strap on to start with, I was then taken to a swing chair and gentle introduced with a warm smile and constant reassurance to a darker side of anal play.

The best for me was to have my first assgasm which I never knew existed, My legs still go week at the thought of it now. A complete body shaking experience which was repeated as soon as I had finished my first.

I continued to play with several of the other mistresses after this in all sorts of positions and with different sized strap on’s and can only sum up the whole event as a life changing experience.

Thank you ladies. Can’t wait for the next one!

Keith xx”



“Another superb strap-on party by DominaParties, this time at a well known and spacious South London dungeon playspace, at the beginning of May. I was very impressed to see that there were four slings (my favourite piece of equipment) set up in the dungeon for subs to dangle in, while the Dominas ploughed their cocks (and sometimes fists) into them. No less than 8 Dominas were in action, making almost a 1:1 ratio of Dominas to subs – fantastic. Newbie subs were gently introduced to the delights of lady-cock, while more experienced sluts were allowed to enjoy some seriously deep penetration from larger toys and some spectacular fisting. All carried out with maximum friendliness by a lovely group of strap-on Dominas supported by three helpful dungeon slaves who ensured hygiene and cleanliness were maintained – I don’t think I have ever seen so many condoms and wipes laid out in advance at a party of this kind. The next party is on 25th July and I am definitely booking my place for this event – you simply cannot do better if you enjoy this kind of fun.




“I had never been to a party or anything like this before and was quite nervous. The dominas did a superb job of making everyone feel very at ease, welcome and comfortable (well, comfortable until the big strap ons came out at least).

The dominas lined us all up naked and one by one we were led away to a sling or a bench. Mistress Aleera walked over to me and waved two different sizes of strap on in front of me, before bending me over and expertly breaking me in with the smaller of the two strap ons. It was not long before I graduated to the larger one which she introduced me to very gently.

After that Goddess Cleo helped me to experience my first 5 “assgasms” – which left me trembling and quivering all over for some time.

There were many other highlights such as being spit-roasted by Lady Borgia and Miss Kitty Bliss.

My final encounter of the evening was with Divine Domino who finished off the evening perfectly with yet more “assgasms”, leaving me barely able to stand.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first party and it will certainly not be my last. Enormous thanks to all of the dominas for all their time and hard work.”

Slave R



“I’m not sure where to start about the last SOFB party. It was just completely mind-blowing. From the apprehensive waiting in the corridor like naughty schoolboys, through my ten (yes ten!?!) arsegasms (my first ever was at the SOFB party I went to about a year ago and I promised myself I’d go back to another party and here I am!). The mistresses/goddesses/princesses were all amazing: beautiful, dominant, mesmerising, but friendly and approachable and highly appendage proficient.. What can I say! Will I be back? Definitely. Loved very minute”

Slave A





“For one reason and another I had missed the last few strap-on/forced-bi parties.  “Missed” is the operative word: I had an absolutely fantastic time on Thursday again.  All the beautiful ladies judged the evening to perfection and if one asks nicely there’s no end to the fun to be had.  The ladies all looked sensational and is there anything hornier (physically and mentally) than being pegged or fisted by a strong, dominant woman who takes complete control?  Getting all excited already for the next party.

Yours, The CumSlut, P”



“This is just such a consistently brilliant party! I have been to most of the StrapOn/Forced Bi parties which Domina Parties have put on, going back to the summer of 2013 I think, and they are always great fun, and this recent one (March 2016) was no exception. Five lovely friendly Dommes (two of whom I was encountering for the first time) gave their full attention to five lucky strap-on subs, three (myself included) being seasoned sluts and two being slightly nervous newbies. Clear and careful reassurance was given by the Dommes to the inexperienced – hygiene and consensual practices are guaranteed – and they were gently guided towards whatever degree of penetration they felt comfortable with. Soon they were consenting to having their boundaries stretched, and loving the results. Meanwhile the sluttier subs were being shafted (and sometimes fisted) by the ladies to their arses’ contentment. Two helpful submissive assistants were on duty as usual to clear up the occasional spillage and to serve refreshments; they did a great job. After about 3 hours the evening climaxed, literally, with a greedy cum-slut  being “forced” to take a couple of mouthfuls from all-too-willing male cocks. Every sub went home very pleasantly tired and used, and looking forward to doing it all again soon, hopefully in May.




“After a fair amount of procrastination, I finally decided to take the plunge and attend the Strap On/ Forced Bi party and am so glad I did.

Being a newbie with a fair degree of nerves which I did my best to hide, I was struck immediately by friendliness of the other (some more experienced) attendees, and even more so, by the really approachable attitude of the dominas, each of who was really quite stunning and very welcoming. A special shout out especially to the lovely Princess Jessika and Sara Borgia who both did a wonderful job of gently “breaking me in” to the sub club.

After that, with inhibitions now lost, it was one kink after another, leading to a downright horny climax.

The ladies are all thoroughly professional, with hygiene taken very seriously. And they took my rather naive “newbie” questions in good humour, given I am so new to the scene. Thanks for putting up with a that 🙂

For anyone looking to push their sexual boundaries in a sane and safe environment, there really is no better place to do it.

Thanks ladies. I’m now on the dark side :-0 !

slave jay”



“An enchanting collection of elegant,beautiful ladies loaded with strap-ons to suit every possible sized bum hole! In an entertaining amusing and relaxedly erotic ambiance. Perfection for anyone interested in sexy anal play in a safe and consensual environment.




“My first strap-on party was above and beyond expectations. Endorphins were fizzing for three hours straight and the morning after, I’m still on a high I don’t want to come down from. Few things are truly worth every penny but this was one of them.

The six of us there were all of different levels of experience but our indomitable host, Goddess Cleo made a point of the girls getting to know the guys and putting us at ease first. Other than being very considerate for newbies and those new to multi-play, it allowed our Dominas to figure out how best to fuck us, maximising pleasure for both parties. Having to wait at first also really built the anticipation for what was to come! By the time the girls had strapped on their cocks, no enticement was needed from our end.

Each Domina had many cocks of their own, all different shapes sizes, girths and materials, and I know I’ll be back for more, as there were so many I wanted to try. Learning which ones I liked and didn’t like, what was too big or too small for my holes was a fascinating experience and it’s something I’ll have a better sense of next time. It takes time for the Dominas to strap in and out of these things, so you can’t just ask them to change willy nilly. By the end of the night I’d learned that reading the room and the different dongs is a key part of getting the most out of it, and the Dominas also respect confidence in asking for what you want, so long as you’re kind polite and eager to please, always reminding them that you know your rightful place.

In three hours I was fucked by all of the Dominas in a variety of positions (9 times in all with plenty of cock sucking in-between) and yet somehow, still didn’t use all the furniture or toys I wanted! The time flew by, and though I was desperate to stay for the next party, while the bum was willing, my legs weren’t, owing to a disability,though I was thrilled that this was no issue whatsoever.

My pleasure was only heightened by the fact that our mistresses clearly took just as much pleasure in owning our asses. Godess Cleo is every bit as good as her online reputation suggests. You can tell she has the capacity to be very cruel, but still, she radiates kindness from the joy she takes in pushing her slaves’ boundaries and making it mutually enjoyable. That she can be so energetic, enthused and simultaneously aware of everyone around her (butt boys and her fellow Dominas alike) is a truly remarkable feat and watching her work was sometimes pleasure enough.

Goddess Cleo had me last of all the boys, putting me in a leather hammock where she promptly proved her expertise, giving me my first second sphincteral orgasm (I’d never heard of it until her justified boasts) that had me rapturously writhing and howling, my whole body shuddering with delight. It’s the equivalent of a 10,000 volt orgasm, for which you need at least 7-8 inches being thrust up inside you from a downward angle, and I’m certain Goddess Cleo can get ANY man to the same place — so if that’s not worth going for alone, I don’t know what is.

All the Dominas were as lovely to talk to as they were beautiful, my personal favourite being Goddess Anastaxia, who just had the wickedest of grins on her face the entire afternoon, so I was thrilled when Goddess Cleo being done with me, suggest that Goddess Anastaxia try to get her first sphincteral orgasm out of me. Watching Goddess Anastaxia take instruction with me as the test subject was so hot, and She did EVERYTHING right, most of all the speed of her short, sharp thrusts, which left me breathless. It was so incredible I asked for it again and Goddess Anastaxia obliged me, not twice but three times, laughing delightedly as she ponded me. I’m sure many a dominatrix demands to be called Goddess doesn’t even need to try, just looking into her eyes as she’s taking you lets you know that she’s heaven and hell wrapped up in one.

For the cock hungry, you can’t ask for more than what this party provides, and most importantly, health and hygiene are taken very seriously with a first rate clean-up crew.

I thank Goddess Cleo and her gang for help me take my first step into a larger world. Next party is in May and already I can’t wait! Not just a great experience, but quite possibly a life-altering one.

Bucking Butt Bronco



“The Strapon on party I attended yesterday afternoon was, to put it simply, an AMAZING experience.

On arrival prior to the event there was a mix of veteran and novice attendees in varying degrees and the nervousness was palpable. But very quickly, any feelings of trepidation or apprehension soon melted away by Goddess Cleo’s strong, welcoming, calming and very confident demeanour.

After being led into the ‘playroom’ and being presented to the most beautiful panel of hosts it has been my honour to spend time with, the fun began and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Having 6 strong, charismatic and frankly breathtaking Mistresses wandering around and pleasuring us all with their Strapon appendages is an experience not to be missed and definitely not one to be forgotten easily.

After being in the tender care of Mistress Cleo and having 4 Arse-gasms at her experienced hands, it was not only a physically orgasmic experience but a borderline spiritually orgasmic one too. I didn’t know what a full body orgasm truly was until yesterday and I hasten to add, you’ve never had and proper orgasm until you’ve had an arse-gasm.

Regretfully all things must come to an end and when the time to leave came, I could only gush with praise and appreciation.

Many thanks to the whole team including the amazing support staff who served and cleaned effortlessly and with grace, for making my afternoon absolutely fantastic.

Saffer Ja”



“Thank You for the most fantastic Tuesday afternoon Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and Princess Jessika. After the fun of my first CFNM party, it’s been quite a job to adjust to Wednesday afternoon back in the office. Any nerves and trepidation were soon forgotten as I took my place on the floor beside four similarly naked slaves. The stunning Mistresses exuded such confidence as they sat comfortably on the sofa, drinking champagne. Goddess Cleo broke the ice magnificently by encouraging introductions and discussing limits and physical limitations we might have. The way the party was structured allowed each slave to experience a full range of activities. The Mistresses beamed with laughter as they put us through our paces, expertly reinforcing our place in the great scheme of things. I would recommend the experience whole heartedly to anyone looking to explore this side of themselves and take with me glowing memories of time knelt obediently at the heel of three imaginative, superior Ladies. Thanks again for this most precious time spent in service, I hope very much to come to another party soon, perhaps one day graduating to the Circle of O and delving deeper into this wonderful world of submission. 

slave d”



“Another nervous newbie, but certainly needn’t have been. I had a fantastic time, and and awesome experience at the Multi-Mistress CFNM party. Goddess Cleo, Miss Scorpio and Miss Kitty Bliss all made me welcome, and the other guys were great company as well. Everyone got on really well and contributed to a brilliant couple of hours. I really enjoyed experiencing new ideas and plays’ within a chilled out, comfortable environment. My favourite was being tied up expertly and teased to the brink by Miss Kitty Bliss. I also enjoyed leg and foot worshipping Miss Scorpio, and thanks for the opportunity to do so. The party couldn’t have been managed any better, and the communication in the lead up to the event was clear and easy to follow. Thanks so much for making me so welcome, and I look forward to coming back soon.




“I have just returned from a delightful afternoon in the company of Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and debutant Mistress Scorpio.?

After pacing up and down the station for a few minutes before finally walking off my nerves, I made it to the apartment and was met by the very friendly Charlie who assured me I would have a great time..and he was right.

All of us were nervous (so don’t think you will be the only one) but once things get underway the nerves were soon forgotten.

The atmosphere is very friendly and non-judgmental as we were all there for the same thing..to have a great time.

We were all of different levels of experience but the ladies seemed to know exactly what each of us needed and they were very skilled in administering any activity to your liking.

Miss Kitty Bliss skillfully inflicted a lot of pain (at my request) on my person and nearly pushed me over the edge but always seemed to know exactly when enough was enough.

I also had the privilege of having Mistress Scorpio practice her faceslapping on me under the tutorage of Goddess Cleo who had suitably warmed my face up previously.

All in all it was an amazing afternoon, I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to go and so will you be.

slave s”



“The strap-on party I attended was an amazing experience that will not be easily forgotten.

Firstly, if you are curious about this type of activity and thinking you might enjoy an event like this, I recommend just trying it – go for it. The reason I say this is 1. The ladies are very friendly and just excellent fun to be around, and 2. Hygiene is taken extremely seriously! Condoms and surgical grade wipes are always used and there was even three assistants on hand to ensure everything was always super clean. This just immediately put me at ease – to see the organisers of this party taking such an important subject so seriously. Having said that why was I surprised, these ladies are professionals!

I won’t go into the finer details of the day but let’s just say the party was down right kinky and very naughty – so much fun!

This just leaves me to say a huge thank you to the Mistresses and Goddesses in attendance. You genuinely seemed to really enjoy the event. I will be back for more.

Yours sincerely,

Sissy Miranda x”



“Just to say upfront, I was a newbie. A very nervous newbie, and I know that showed. I’d never been to a party before but I’d had a few sessions with other mistresses over the last few years, but not many and I have to say I was paranoid about the whole party scenario, with others watching, who would be there, would I be pushed to do things I didn’t want… it felt like I was jumping right in at the deep end and I wasn’t sure if I was better seeing individual mistresses. I did enjoy going through the website. The concept was great for fantasies at home in the run up to the event but then was terrifying as the event approached and the reality of it came closer.

In the end my nervousness and worries were completely unfounded as the party was incredible. After initial introductions the ice was broken, and the males were all gradually ‘taken’ by the mistresses.. The mistresses were wonderful. I was clearly a newbie and things started more slowly for me but my limits were pushed, and pushed, and then pushed a little bit more. They are very skilled at what they do and knew when to go harder, when to be more careful, but also what might work for someone. The whole afternoon felt like an out of body experience with what was happening to me and what was happening to others. And even more so when I ended up having my first ever anal-orgasm, (or arsegasm as Goddess Cleo called it), which was quite indescribable. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. It was incredibly intense and I’m not sure I still know what happened several days later.

I would highly recommend going to one of the parties. If you are new into the scene then there will be people there that surprise you and are into a far more stranger world than you are, but make you realise that it’s okay to push the boundaries a bit.

Thanks for a great afternoon

slave a”



“Another very enjoyable strap-on party this October just gone, back at the excellent south London dungeon venue, where there is lots of equipment for the Dominas to suspend, spreadeagle or bend over their willing anal victims. There was a 1:1 ratio of Dominas to subs/sluts at this party, so an abundance of lady-cock to choose from … (not that there is ever a shortage, at these parties). Nervous newbies were gently introduced to the delights of strap-on play, with plenty of reassurance about stopping if or when the sub needs the action to stop (just say so, the Dominas want to know how you’re feeling). Experienced anal sluts were put through their paces with supreme skill, with some massive appendages being wielded into the slacker holes. An evening of almost non-stop fun and laughter on all sides, femdom anal indulgence at its very best, this party cannot be recommended highly enough!

x dc “



“What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon…with both Miss April & Goddess Cleo leaving their marks on my behind and Miss Kitty Bliss deciding when I should be allowed to breathe.

The best birthday party I’ve been to in years!

Happy Birthday Goddess.




“A new location for the July SO/FB party, but no change in the amount of fun to be had – I don’t think I saw anyone leave without a big smile on their face.

The more spacious venue worked well and was definitely needed to accommodate the larger number of dommes and subs present. The previous place was great too, but we just wouldn’t have all fitted in!

As always, it was a delight to be reacquainted with the lovely Domina Party ladies and their array of pleasure giving tools. I had the opportunity to meet Mistress Evilyne, Governess Ely & Princess Jessica for the first time, and there was a very memorable introduction to a big yellow dildo called Buttercup.

It was uncanny how quickly the time flew by, and of course it was the subs rather than the dommes flagging towards the end of the night.

Thank you to all the organisers and attendees for another set of magical memories.

Miss Cassie”




Thank you for the party last night. Enjoyed myself albeit was a little under the weather I must admit and thus wasn’t quite the slut I normally am!

Take care.





“London Lock Up is a fantastic, totally different experience which I would encourage anybody to try. I would recommend that anybody going there books at least 4 hours ( I did the half day 6 hour session), as it is a real ‘slow burner’, in which the atmosphere, tension, and sense of anticipation builds to a crescendo.

Upon arrival I was taken down to an extremely atmospheric basement dungeon and ordered to strip. I was then handcuffed and left alone for a while ( one very quickly loses sense of time in the Lockup) to ponder what was to come. The tension is heightened by being able to hear Miss Kitty and Goddess Cleo moving around outside, dealing with the other slaves, and planning what they are going to do to you.

After a period of time (difficult to tell exactly how long) the Ladies came back and moved me through two other areas of confinement; a small cupboard, and a cage that I would guess was a an old fireplace, complete with floor to ceiling metal bars, all the time whilst being handcuffed.

The teasing and punishment gradually built up throughout the afternoon, reaching a climax back in the original room where I had been imprisoned. Here I was caged, tied up, caned , flogged , spat on, and tickled in a glorious climax to the day.

The Lockup is a superb experience, and throughout the entire 6 hours I felt completely safe and secure. Miss Kitty and Goddess Cleo ask many questions at the outset about any medical conditions, phobias, etc that one may have, and take great care of you throughout the entire day (apart from thoroughly abusing you of course !). Great care is taken by the Ladies to ensure that one never has contact with the other slaves, and one is even allowed a 20 minute leg-stretch and refreshments.

All in all, a really fantastic experience, which I would say “Go for” to anyone!




“Most importantly the safety issues have been thought through. The Dominatrices are professional, honest hard working and as human as you can expect Goddesses to be! You will get what the website promises and a little more, but don’t read anything extra into the descriptions. I attended for 6 hours which was over after what felt like 4. Feelings ranged from elation, excitement, arousal, helplessness, frustration, self pity and yearning for Goddess Cleo to return. You will be asked for your limits, but I suggest writing them down prior to the event and handing them to the goddesses. They can only read your mind up to a point. My concerns prior to the event were losing feeling through over tight bondage or being able to escape through slack bondage. The mistresses were careful about both. You won’t see other subs but you will hear a lot of coming and going which is unnerving in an OK sort of way. What to expect is described elsewhere in the testimonials. My normal thing is one to one BDSM and CP sessions. London Lock Down overlaps with this but is different. If you think it’s for you it will be. If you think it’s not for you it won’t be. I have already begged to attend another one!

Nipple Slut”



“Thank you to all involved in the recent Strap-on & Forced-bi party. This was my second of these wonderful evenings and being less nervous than the first, I probably had an even better time. The subs were generally more experienced than at the last event, but just as friendly, and the party is organised in such a way that you’ll have fun no matter how much you can take. And it’s clearly not just the subs that are having fun!

With Nikky on hand to keep things clean, tidy & hygienic we were soon at the mercy of an awe-inspiring collection of ever-hard cocks. A few paragraphs can’t do justice to what happened over several fun filled hours, but some of the parts that “stuck out” for me were:

– Mistress Ava’s very kind advice beforehand on appropriate attire, which most definitely contributed to my enjoyment.

– Miss Kitty’s new toy who’s length fools you into thinking it’s for beginners, until it’s width soon persuades you that it isn’t 🙂

– The fleeting moments of eye contact when Goddess Avianna had me in the sling for the first time (there should be a warning, it feels as dangerous as staring into the sun).

– And of course, the pleasure of Goddess Cleo reacquainting me with CockZilla, the big rubber penis with its own personality.

What a night… I’ve already put my name down for the next one!

Miss Cassie”



“This was my first visit to a multi Domina party and in the week prior to the party date the build up inside of me just grew and grew until finally the day came and before hand I was a quivering wreck, racked with nerves and anticipation.

I need not have worried, the party atmosphere was so welcoming and friendly and both Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss were both warm and friendly. I soon relaxed and threw myself into the afternoons proceedings allowing the flow to rush over my entire being. The afternoon just flew by.

If you are comfortable in a group situation or even if you are wishing to give one of these parties a go but feel to nervous or inhibited I would say throw off your shackles (excuse the pun) and go for it.

One word about cleanliness. Everything is scrupulously clean and equipment used is immediately sterilised and ready for use once again.

A special word and thanks need to go to Tyler who on this particular day was responsible for such duties so that the party was not unduly interrupted.

And of course a big thank you to Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss for a fantastic afternoon.




A very welcome return to this well-established event! As usual when Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss host a strap-on party, an active group of half a dozen experienced Dominas put an eager gathering of strap-on subbies to good use. Cautious newbies were gently introduced to the delights of bum fun and by the end of the evening some of them showed distinct signs of getting hungry for more and bigger lady-cocks inside them – who can blame them? Meanwhile seasoned sluts simply lapped up the opportunity to be shafted in as many diverse positions as possible. Especially notable was the addition of a sling to the equipment available – allowing a sub to enjoy facing his Domina as She violated him. There was also plenty of encouragement for subs to learn, or practice, their cock-sucking and deep-throating techniques, on the Ladies’ appendages. It was a warm evening and the activity did not flag and there was a helpful team of assistants to pour out refreshments and to wipe up the consequences of all the penetration that was going on. So whether you are well used to strap-on activity or just curious to try, and you don’t mind a busy party (rest assured it’s all very hygenic and consensual), then this event is the perfect one for you.




“wow once again a truly fabulous Strapon Party last Thursday, thank You all so much, the action was relentless, how hard the lovely Dominas all went at us subs, it was wonderful! i lost count of the number of entrances made into me by various sizes of anal weaponry, but some of the biggest and best were unforgettable! it’s quite amazing the positions a slutty sub can get into when guided by such expert dominant practitioners! the swing/sling thing in the dungeon was a special bonus … hope to do it all again sometime soon .. thanks again XXX




“Thank you everyone for a fantastic night. The mistresses are hot and great fun. It’s all done very well and with a brilliant atmosphere. I loved exploring my deviant side and took a lot of strapon including Cockzilla which I won’t forget in a hurry. Nice guests and I must thank some of them for the oral work when I was put in the cupboard with the glory hole. If you think it might be your thing you should definetely do it.

Tall Paul”



“Dear Miss Kitty & Goddess Cleo,

Thank you very much for organising Thursday’s CFNM Multi Mistress party. It’s still a little hard to believe how lucky I’ve been to attend 3 parties with you in such a short space of time. Prior to the first DominaParty I hadn’t had 3 sessions in a year, let alone just over a month.

Knowing there is such a safe, non-judgemental environment in which to challenge ourselves and explore BDSM made coming back a very easy decision to make. But without doubt, the main reason to return is that the parties are so much fun!

Just prior to arriving I actually had a mini panic attack completely of my own making – I got to the venue dead on time only to discover zero credit on my phone meant I couldn’t follow the arrival instructions. After desperately trying and failing to top up, it was only my Jason Bourne-like skills and Sarah Jane recognising me at the door that got me in safe & sound. So as a tip to others, make sure you have a working phone so you can follow the (very clear) instructions correctly.

My problems were forgotten within moments of the subs taking their proper position, naked at the feet of yourselves, Mistress Ava and Lady Deadly Nightshade. The activities that then took place over several hours of play really highlighted how DominaParties cater to all levels of experience. The complete newcomer had his fantasies realised with tact and care, while the two with more experience did things I could only dream of enduring. Personally, I got to try a perfect mix of old favourites and new experiences – including one that outside of a BDSM setting I’d purposely managed to avoid for the last 30 years. If only I’d thought to put forced-dancing on my hard limits list!

With everyone enjoying themselves, all thoughts of the outside world were dismissed and the afternoon just seemed to fly by for me. When it was unfortunately time to finish up I was reminded of a feeling remembered from childhood – when my folks used to take me to the movies I’d get so lost in the film that when it finished I’d be surprised it was still light outside. That’s exactly how I felt again when I left to head home on Thursday afternoon, slightly dazed but most blissfully out of touch with life “outside”.

Thank you again. I’m already looking forward to June.


Miss Cassie

p.s. Very best wishes to Mistress Ava & Lady Deadly Nightshade for the DominaNorfolk / Order Of the Divine events. I’m sure they’ll be a great success too.”



“I arrived full of nerves and very unsure what to expect. Although I’ve had many one-to-one sessions, I was uncertain about how it would feel being in a group. What would the others be like, what would they and the mistresses think of me and what exactly was going to happen? Well I had a great time – a lot of fun and a chance to try out some different things as well as my own favourites. Over the years I’ve done more and more medical play and have forgotten how I enjoy other elements of BDSM. It was a memorable afternoon – both relaxed and sometimes challenging but boundaries were well respected. The mistresses seemed to enjoy themselves too, which is very important to me. I definitely want to do it again and maybe try Circle of O or a lock-up too.

Slave Con”



“1st May 2014, CFNM Domina Party organised by http://www.dominaparties.co.uk

Firstly, I would like to thank Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss, Mistress Ava Von Medisin and the guest Mistress for an amazing afternoon party and to the lovely lady at venue who has well-presented and provided the guidance on direction and prepared a delicious food.

With it being my 1st party I have ever been too, and I was very nervous & sent multiple emails about the venue, so confused about being naked in front of others, about the events, lots of concerns on safety, tempted not to turn-up until the morning. Somehow managed to make up my mind and arrived on time at the venue, upon arrival I was made to feel very welcome and comfort.

The party place was well organized and the place is very clean. They took great care in keeping everything absolute clean and with highest standard (between the sessions, the used items were cleaned with medical grade wipes, which is very good, and safety first). Special thanks to Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss for their extra care in treating me with a great sense of humor, absolutely stunned with their professional approach towards a newbie, very welcoming.

Totally enjoyed my first sub session and highly recommend this to anyone who wants to give it a try on the kinky fantasies. There are plenty of Mistresses who would charge a fortune for a particular service that might suit for an experienced subs. But for a newbie, this is more affordable and great opportunity to taste bit of everything, they strictly stick to your wish-list and nothing is forced, they wouldn’t continue anything if you aren’t comfortable with it. This is a place where all the fantasies come to reality with an extra care. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and looking forward to the next session.

Happy days!




“I’m writing this on the train home from my second DominaParties event in the space of a few weeks. My body is weak-kneed, just the right amount of sore in various places and is sending signals that all is well with the world. My mind hasn’t checked back in yet, but I think it’s experiencing a mixture of exhilaration with a slight disconnect from the mundanities of real life. And at some point in the evening I appear to have forgotten how escalators work, which made the Northern Line a little more interesting than usual.

Just a few hours earlier I joined Twinkle, Dan, Bruiser, Toad & S.M. sat naked at the feet of three wonderful ladies, enjoying a glass of champagne as they put us at ease about the evening’s upcoming activities (that’s the bubbly French kind rather than the other, in case of confusion).

The nature of the CFNM / Multi Mistress party is that subs can try a variety of activities over the course of the night, potentially doing some new things but without any undue pressure to go further than they want to. Despite a wide mixture of experience, including one person’s first ever session of any sort, everyone appeared completely comfortable and open minded – I think that’s a great testament to the trusting and friendly atmosphere that the dominas created from the outset.

I can’t think of a way the party could have been better organised. The ladies had two servants with them to ensure everything ran smoothly (thank you both), the directions to get there were very straightforward, and the location itself was ideal for the relatively informal style of play.

The undoubted stars of the show are of course, the ladies themselves. Now I may not be the most experienced kinkster out there, but surely DominaParties must be blessed with the finest dominas around – tonight, Miss Kitty Bliss and the Goddesses Avianna & Cleo had everyone eating out of the palms of their hands.

I wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow. Thoughts of commonplace things will start to interfere with the memories of tonight and I’d like to hold on to them for as long as I possibly can.

Miss Cassie”



“Yesterday was my first ever party and I enjoyed it sooo much! The ambiance was really relaxed and it made me feel very well. The mistresses offered a nice selection of activities that helped me break into the fetsih world. All was done very nicely, with no attitude apart from great fun. The ladies are amazing! I was a bit nervous at first but Goddess Cleo, Goddess Aviana and Miss Kitty are so good. I had the best evening and I will be back for more. If you are fetish virgin, then these parties are just for you: your limit will be respected, your wishes will become true, and you will feel amazing after. The evening goes very fast and is lots of fun. The atmosphere very relaxed, it is a perfect introduction. so don’t hesitate. I know I didn’t, and I don’t regret a second of it.




“Dear Goddess Cleo, Miss kitty Bliss and Mistress Aviana,

May I take the opportunity to thank you all for a wonderful evening. This was the first CFNM party I’ve ever attended, and having only limited experience I was extremely nervous and apprehensive. Well, I had nothing to worry about, as soon as I arrived I was made to feel welcome by all. It was so lovely to be in the company of like mined people, a real feeling of liberation. I was really impressed by the professionalism shown by the Mistresses in attendance, I felt I was you good safe hands throughout the whole evening, you all had a wonderfully delightful wicked sense of humour. I can only say that if anyone is thinking about going to a multi mistress party, then this is the one to go to! Thank you again for letting me experience things that I thought I would never have had the chance to experience. I hope to join you all again soon for another evening of devilish delights.

Steve ( Bruiser)”



“Firstly I would like to send my sincere thanks to Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss, Lady Sara Borgia and Mistress Von Medisin for an amazing Strap-on/Forced-bi party last night. Words can’t really do justice to how remarkable you all are, and the experience far exceeded anything that I had expected.

Thanks to the other subs present too. Like me, most were newcomers to DominaParties but everyone was friendly and behaved appropriately, with no shrinking violets or competitive behaviour. And finally, thank you to the ladies’ maid who took care of all the bits & pieces that needed doing during the evening.

For anyone considering whether to attend a future party, do yourself a really big favour and book one straight away. Last night’s centered around strap-on action with some (optional) forced-bi. All levels of experience were catered for, with two or three strap-on virginities being taken and bigger toys available for those who wanted to try them.

I shan’t go into specific detail but the following is an attempt to summarise how much I enjoyed the evening…

Before last night I could count on one hand the number of times I’d been taken with a strap-on. Even so, the memory of those few encounters does tend to fade over time. However, each and every one of the DominaParties ladies have left me with some unique memories that I doubt I’ll ever forget.

I certainly hope that I can go back again (and soon!).

Miss Cassie”



“The strapon party was amazing, even for an strapon newbie. I genuinely had a fantastic time exploring and pushing my boundaries. All the other sluts there with me were great laid back people and the mistresses were obviously stunning, which made for a great atmosphere.

I even managed to see the famous cock-zilla, thats something you can’t miss.




“Just like to say a big thanks to an amazing day spent at the Multi Mistress Party. With it being my 1st party I have been too I was very nervous and was tempted to not show up for it. So pleased I made the decision to go, as up on arrival I was made to feel very welcome. The venue was really nice and clean and had a good selection off nibbles and drinks. The party was very well organised and I was given a safe word if I needed it. The mistresses at the party were incredibly beautiful and with there experience on the scene certainly knew how to look after a newbie like me. Special mention has to go to Goddess Cleo who showed me a variety of activities that had me experiencing mind blowing sensations that will always be in my memory. She also recommended me to try out bondassage which sounds like something I would be interested in. Totally enjoyed my first trampling experience from Miss Kitty Bliss which I would love to experience again. Can’t wait to attend another party and would highly recommend the event.

Thank you Carlos”



“thanks for another fantastic SOFB party last Wednesday, everything was wonderful … thanks very much for allowing a greedy anal slut such as myself to have such a self-indulgent time. i could not have asked for (or taken!) any more! i hope You all have a lovely festive season and i look forward to seeing You for more and deeper depravity in 2014 😉






What can I say. Firstly apologies for the tardiness of recording my very many thanks for the strap-on and forced bi party on 3rd October.

As for the event it was truly excellent. All of the Mistresses were so welcoming yet beautifully in control and yet also full of humour. The other guests were all delightful and the venue was as good as any in London. The poppers administration and fisting from Miss Bliss was sensational, the time on the cross with TS Amelia memorable and special mention must go to the mystical powers of Madame Asha whose ability to connect and control was simply incredible. I am an experienced slut but have never experienced anything like the way Madame was able to coax an orgasm from me without actually touching me. I will be back, Mistresses permitting!




“Attended my first Domina Parties – Strapon Party, and had a truly great time. Thanks to Goddess Cleo for her great organising. It was amazing to have such a great bunch of Mistresses and men meet for a fun and exciting evening. The atomosphere was wonderfully laid back and easy going. I was expecting to be a little nervous with such an event, but everyone was so friendly it made it very easy indeed to relax and enjoy. It was a wonderful event to experience things I had not experience before, with many different people. My abiding memory is really just how friendly everyone was. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and will certainly come again in the future. Thank you to Goddess Cleo and all of the wonderful Mistresses!




“(Belated) thanks for a truly amazing party last Thursday, virtually non-stop homy strap-on and bi action all night in a superb venue with a very convenient bar and smoking area for occasional rest and recuperation! This was for me the best strap-on event Domina Parties have held so far and there have been some seriously good ones already! Great to see so many Mistresses new to DP as well as our regular favourites! Please keep it up (and keep putting it in!) …this is a fantastic event for the slutty community ;–)

DC London XXX”



“I attended the Domina Parties Strap-On/Forced Bi party on 3 October 2013. It was my third strap-on party and my fifth Domina Parties event during the last 12 months. The party was held in SE London. Some of the other subs were new to strap-on parties but the mistresses met with them individually at the start of the party to welcome them and put them at ease. From my side, there was a good balance of mistresses I had met at previous Domina Parties events and some new ones I met for the first time. So, something for everyone. As always, the mistresses ensured that mood was kept light and fun. I had a good time and will go to another Domina Parties Strap-On/Forced Bi party soon.




“Although I’ve sessioned on a few occasions with another regular Mistress – each wonderful experiences – I had no real idea what to expect from Domina Parties. Reports from others I’d spoken to were very positive, and I had every confidence in making my reservation – itself an easy process – for a CFNM/Multi-Mistress Play Party.

Having attended Club Pedestal in the past and having seen Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss from afar, I knew that I would be in safe hands. Both are stunningly beautiful, highly experienced and dedicated to their craft. Joining them on this occasion was the equally delightful and alluring Goddess Aviana.

The emphasis of the party is most definitely on enabling submissives to explore areas of play that interest and intrigue them, and – importantly – at a level that each individual submissive is comfortable with. For example, I experienced my first ever, glorious yet relatively mild, caning. She built up slowly, but at one point, Goddess Aviana delivered a blow which was right at my pain threshold. I used the safeword and She immediately reduced the intensity of her strokes. By contrast, I later witnessed another, more experienced, submissive receive a much more severe double caning.

If pain is not your thing then there are plenty of other gentle alternatives on offer, many of which I was also able to enjoy. There’s no obligation to play, but given the calibre of Mistresses in attendance, you’d be crazy not to avail yourself of their skill, knowledge and expertise. The experience is different to a one-on-one session and, for me, it’s quite a bit less intense. It’s also a good networking opportunity, with plenty of time to socialise and get to know the Mistresses, submissives and service slaves.

I left the party having made some friends and ultimately feeling more empowered, more self aware and desperate for more!

Thanks for a wonderful time,




“Prior to arriving, a whole range of feelings went through me, nervousness, apprehension, fright, unknowing, etc etc. This stayed with me until I spoke to Mark,(the evening slave), who immediately put me at ease, and reminded me that if I felt anxious at any time to just say the “safeword”? Not once in the entire evening did I even think of saying it!! It was an amazing evening because the 3 ladies in control, Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and Goddess Aviana were just supreme in everything they did and said. I’ve never met three different ladies, not only beautiful and intelligent, but funny, considerate and approachable at all times, a truly amazing team, that by the end of the evening I had complete trust in. The games that were played ,showed me, as a complete novice, what was available, and I have to say, some of the things I never knew existed! Anyway, without going into detail, as this would spoil the fun for any future “newbies”, an evening with these talented ladies is not to be ignored, it was great. I was nervous with each activity, but the ladies understood my situation, and never was I subjected to anything I didn’t want to be involved with, it was just a great introduction to all that goes on in a four hour period that whizzed by, that I wish could have continued? On top of all of this, the other slaves in attendance were courteous, kind, and made me feel a part of the evening, I really didn’t expect this, so thanks to all of you!

In summary, if you are a complete novice like me, but have always “wondered” what went on, but were too scared to do anything about it, grab the opportunity and attend one of the parties, it’s an experience that will stay with you forever, and for me, who was seconds from turning round at the door, I’ll be back for sure!!

By the way Goddess Aviana your legs still amaze me!!!

Goddess Cleo and Missy Kitty, a group of chickens is a brood , and a group of camels is a caravan or train, possibly a herd????

Thanks to you all for a fantastic evening XX




“This is a review of my experience at the London Lock-up. First and foremost, if you’re reading about it and it sounds interesting, then I definitely recommend doing it. Within minutes of arrival I was taken down into the cellar, told to strip naked and stood in front of two dominant ladies. Then into a series of different cells of varying sizes. I was behind bars, tied in a small dark room and blindfolded / chained over a padded bench. By far the best was the ‘glory hole’ – a shallow cupboard with some eye holes and a small hole through which one’s cock is displayed.

I opted for the half day experience and the six hours just flew by. You can go for less time if you wish, but, honestly, I think you’d be missing out. It’s a mixture of being left alone to contemplate your thoughts and listening for the feet coming down the stairs. It sounds as if it might be boring, but it most certainly is not. I don’t think the interrogation role play at the end is compulsory, but again you’ll miss out if you don’t do that as well.

On a practical note, the venue is easy to find and maybe 15 minutes from the tube; no more than half an hour out of central London. Booking in is a doddle and it’s all very clean. Both Miss Kitty and Goddess Cleo clearly know what they are doing and made me feel safe and looked after me. Limits were discussed upfront and totally respected. However, within reason, I’m sure they’d both be as severe as you could wish. There’s no interaction with other slaves if that sort of thing bothers you.

I’m definitely going to come back when I can.

Go for it.

Regards, R”



“Yesterday I attended my first London Lock-Up, hosted by Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss, and it was an amazing day. I had opted to spend the whole day and arrived in the morning nervous of what lay ahead.

Within minutes of walking in I was stripped naked and locked in a holding cell. After some time (it really is very hard to tell how long) the Mistresses returned. After they checked I was OK I assumed they would free me for a while, but instead they turned out the light and left me locked up in darkness.

The second time they returned they did free me, but only so they could both abuse while I knelt on the floor between them. Miss Kitty Bliss flogged my back and pulled my ears while Goddess Cleo pulled my chest hair, teased my nipples and slapped my face. These Ladies really know how to work together.

The rest of the day was a mixture of more confinement, more abuse and even more confinement. Every moment I was either securely confined or firmly under the control of both Ladies as they abused me. I was locked in a cage, tied on top of a cage, handcuffed to the wall, tied to a chair and locked in the holding cell chained to the wall. At times I was left with the lights on and other times I was in darkness. Often I could hear the cries of other poor souls as the Ladies abused them. I was flogged, canned, slapped and hit remarkably hard with a wooden spoon. My nipples were tormented, I was mercilessly tickled and Miss Kitty Bliss got far more of her hand up my arse than I thought possible.

At one point I made the mistake of escaping from the rope bondage Goddess Cleo had put me in. She was not happy. As punishment I spent a long time sitting on a cold, hard floor chained to a toilet and I had to wear steel handcuffs for the next 8 hours.

A full day is very hard work, I was exhausted by the end, but it was worth every minute. I can’t wait for the next time I will be the prisoner of these 2 amazing Ladies.

Slave andy”



“Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss are both arrestingly good-looking and good-humoured (if that’s what you want – I could hear them being rather more brutal in an adjacent room). They are also peerless at delivering precisely what you desire in the guise of what you dread. Their ridicule of my modest, ahem, endowment was just delicious

L x”



“Another great strap-on party last night, thanks to the gorgeous Mistresses for a hot and horny time, all the usual bum-penetration fun plus a few sexy surprises! Looking forward to the next party already, it promises to be a bum-buster! or block-buster .. or both!




“A delightful evening in a comfortable, discreet location at the mercy of three wonderful mistresses with various levels of experience. I returned home happy and contented having experienced some favourite ways of showing my servitude and having tried a few new ones. I would thoroughly recommend these events to anyone who is tempted to explore this side of their nature as well as more experienced players. For serious players these events would provide a very stimulating and rewarding “treat” as a top up between regular sessions with their own mistress. I will return soon if it pleases the Mistresses!

Respectfully yours, Colin”



“I’d booked 10 days before the event which gave me time to savour. On thr day I was less nervous than I expected but I started out very reserved. The evening was structured to leave us feeling inhibitions had dropped and we did as much as we could take.

A ton of praise, it filled the gap, many thanks to the Mistresses.




“I had a really great time at the party that I recently attended, the venue is very smart and is really easy to get to, having excellent transport links.

Upon arrival we were ordered to strip by Goddess Cleo and we remained naked throughout the party, so we certainly new our place !

I was nervous beforehand, but my experience is that this is really unfounded and I would just say, trust the mistress’s as they really do respect everyone’s limits and the afternoon was really great fun.

I got to experience several “toys” during the afternoon and the party ended for me with a Double Domme “Tie & Tease” , which was sensational.

I am certainly looking forward to my next party !

Kind regards




“I arrived at the CFNM Domina Party to be welcomed by two very eager slaves who have the pleasure of serving Goddess Cleo. They made myself and the other subs attending the event feel at ease by offering refreshments and introducing one another.

We sat comfortably waiting for the mistresses to arrive. The spectacular Goddess Aviana then entered the room in her ever energetic way shortly followed by Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and another stunning mistress. The mistresses introduced themselves and obviously got the undivided attention of all the subs immediately. Following brief introductions over a very pleasant glass of fizz the fun and games commenced.

The mistresses have a great way of finding out what subs want from the party and then adding their own little mix of fun. There is an excellent ratio of mistresses to subs and the domestic setting offers a relaxed atmosphere. There is a wide range of toys and equipment on display demonstrating that anything is possible. There is also a nice selection of nibbles on offer. The party enables you to play along at the things you enjoy and at the same time takes you out of your comfort zone by trying new things at the hands of experienced mistresses.

The party was well received by everyone attending and it’s nice seeing the mistresses having fun with their subs. The party was attended by a good mix of newbies and experienced subs. I would highly recommend the event and I’m so looking forward to my next party.

Thank you Mistress, Slutty”



“Just writing to thank you all for the wonderful experience I had yesterday and to recommend Domina Parties to anyone reading this. The atmosphere was really fun, elaxed and welcoming. There is such a broad range of activities taking place that whatever you’re into, or thought of trying,it’s likely catered for. I also found it a very good environment to branch out and explore new things. . In the same night I saw the hardest caning I’d ever seen being administered and an hour later, the best performance of the ‘Gangnam-Style’ dance I’d ever witnessed; it was like watching Mikhail Baryshnikov! (if he did ‘Gangnam’) It’s that mixture of excitement, adventure, pain, pleasure and humour which I don’t think you would find anywhere else. There was a mixture of eriences levels from the subs attending the party but I felt we all got on really well. What surprised me was how inexpensive the whole thing was. I think that where they’ve chosen to use a domestic rather than dungeon setting, they’ve passed the savings onto us. Not that there wasn’t plenty of equipment there to be used. I was extremely nervous before going in but when I arrived the two house-slaves really helped to relax me and put my mind at ease. If you’re reading this then it’s because you’re into this kind of stuff and if you’re into this kind of stuff than I’d say absolutely 100% go for it. You won’t regret it.





“Hello Ladies

Just to thank you for today’s party, it was a first for me after many years of attending sessions. I have to admit that I had second thoughts when outside and considered doing a runner, but as I had been persuaded by a mixture of charm and guile by Goddess Cleo to give it a go I overcome my initial nerve’s.

It was very relaxed and I was soon at my ease. It had a genuine party feel but with some rather interesting takes on party games. I both experienced and witnessed a variety of BDSM play some I was very familiar with and others that were completely new. All delivered with lots of laughter! I was impressed with the great consideration placed on people’s limits but at the same time the ability to lead us into completely new and exciting experiences.The balance of Dom’s and slaves was just right allowing us all plenty of action with all the Ladies present

For me I now want to experience some of these new thrills in a more intense way in a one on one session, it has reinvigorated my desire for more BDSM.

slave len”




Wha a wonderful time I had yesterday in your London Lock-up! I am used to playing on the fringes of the BDSM scene, but this was the first time I had entered into the sensual world of confinement and restraint and I did so with some trepidation. How would I react to the new sensation of protracted close confinement?

Three delightful and attractive young ladies took firm charge of me on my arrival and relieved me of all my possessions, except only my suntan and a few shreds of my dignity, and locked them securely away. They then proceeded to do exactly the same with me, locking me away for unknown periods of time in solitary confinement in a narrow dark cupboard with a tiny spyhole, bent up in a metal cage and tied up in a small cell. All the time, I could hear the sounds of other prisoners receiving similar treatment though quite unseen by me, interspersed with the happy sounds of the ladies as they gossiped, giggled and lunched elsewhere while resting from their arduous duties of dealing with troublesome prisoners.

Of course, the fun really began when I managed to release myself from my tethers and was able to grab the jailer lady when she came to check on me in my cell. I decided against locking her in the cell in my place and escaping because I only had my suntan to wear, but much more importantly, because such a trick could have got me barred from playing in their lock-up ever again – a fate worse than death. I again escaped from fresh tethers and ended up with a sound, well deserved and very enjoyable beating for my tricks. What more could you want from a kinky afternoon’s play?

I had originally booked two hours but bought another shortly after I arrived and was then surprised how quickly three hours passed. Ladies, I hope you enjoyed mistreating me as much as I enjoyed being mistreated because I’m going to be back. Confinement and torture laced with a generous flogging from three dominant but very nice ladies is very moreish indeed.

Many thanks




“I just want to thank you so much for the London lockup event yesterday. Everything I had hoped and feared would happen did so yesterday as each one of you took turns to take control of my fate. Goddess Cleo was wonderfully kind yet so dreadfully cruel at the same time. Madame Asha instinctively knew what made me tick and administered punishments with such skill. And you, Miss Kitty, were so wonderfully authoritative in deciding where I would be incarcerated until you deemed me worthy of your attention again. I honestly can say I completely lost track of time and had no idea whether I would earn my freedom or have to suffer in isolation for even longer. It’s a testament to your collective skills that I never felt unsafe, yet you always seemed to know when to increase the torment to a more delicious level. By the end I was completely under your control and prepared to do virtually anything to secure my release, so it is perhaps fortunate for me that you allowed me my freedom before I gave in completely.

I’m so glad I decided to commit to the full half day and I felt quite sorry for the poor slaves who were release after two hours. I returned home in an amazingly positive state of mind and am already dreaming of returning. Now that you know how to push my buttons I’m sure you will find even more ways of exerting your will over mine. Maybe I will now have the courage to apply to the circle of O (goodness knows I spent an eternity staring at those words on the wall), or to return for a double session to see how far my limits can be pushed. I really do believe you could find a way to make me do anything!

Once again, thanks to all three of you for giving me an experience I will never forget.

slave chris”



“I would like to thank Miss Kitty Bliss, Goddess Cleo and Madam Asha for the most amazing session of restraint and confinement and surpassed all of my expectations. It was my first visit to the London Lock-Up so I booked a 3 hour session, feeling nervous about being a prisoner of three Mistresses for the first time. The time spent in each cell of confinement, which got smaller each time, gave me different sensations and thoughts I will remember clearly for some time.

After an introductory chat I was led to the first cell where, wrists spread and tied at head level, I lost all track of time as wrists and shoulders ached and my body felt sticky due to the warmth of the air in the cell. The second cell was an open cell with bars, unrestrained, I just had room to sit on the vinyl floor. With lights quite dim I tried hard not to get bored, thinking of laughter heard from elsewhere and I kept moving as I could to prevent any stiffness in muscles. I was so glad I did not have to suffer the humiliation of needing to pee in the pot provided in the cell. On release I was led to a large well fitted dungeon where I thought I would be tied up, to my surprise a black door was opened to reveal the narrowest of cells possible. Told to step in with just room to stand with back to rear wall the door was shut and I was left in darkness except for some very small holes in the door. I then had to suffer the ignominy of being made to place my small cock through a hole in the door. Whilst standing there in the dark only able to move my feet i could not help thinking what the view was like from the other side of the door. When finally being let out into the brightness of the dungeon it was strange feeling as my eyes adjusted and I was in a dream as I tried to look at Goddess Cleo. We finished with my wrists spread wide apart, tied and I was facing a full length mirror having to watch the 3 Mistresses flog and tease me. There were times during the session that I could hear at least one other prisoner being dealt with close by and it made me wonder what he was going through without actually seeing him which adds to the nerves and tension of the unknown. The whole atmosphere of the session was so well controlled and organised and it was obvious that the 3 Mistresses had great respect and care for the boys involved in the Lock-Up.

On my journey home I was glad that I had a large bottle of water with me as I was very dry and thirsty. I am looking forward to my next visit to the Lock-Up and again being a prisoner of these 3 gorgeous Mistresses, but of course wondering what they will have in store for me now that they have some idea what I can take.

slave john”



“I had a wonderful time at the last party I attended, the mix between Dommes and Subs seemed to work really well, I wasn’t nervous about attending, the refreshments were ideal as were the activities. I was able to experience some scenarios I had never tried before and I had the impression that the other subs there enjoyed the party as much as me. I want to book another one as soon as possible.




“Prior to arriving at the party I was very nervous and a little fearful of what was in store for me. As soon as I was greeted, the divine ladies made me feel welcome and settled my nerves with a glass of pink fizz. As we were settled with the introductions, the first notable thing was the standard to which the house was kept. The only word I can use is immaculate. It was instantly obvious that a lot of work had been placed into the preparation. Upon the commencement of the games, cards where drawn to give the activities and all the subs where gently eased into the appropriate frame of mind. My first experience was one of the most delightful floggings I have ever had the privilege to receive with many thanks to Miss Kitty Bliss. As the games continued fun was had by all until, to my horror, I drew the card C.B.T. I was given the option of another task but, under the persuasion of Goddess Cleo, I decided to stick with it and place my Jewels in Her hands so to speak. The power of benevolent divinity was obvious as She sensed my nerves and expertly gave Her not-so-worst and left me wanting more, which is a tribute to the Goddess’ true talents to deliver one’s not so favoured activity in a settling and compassionate manor. The power of a Goddess can truly change a man. Another of the highlights was a school days scenario. Upon drawing this card I knew I was about to be quizzed. I was hoping for science or mathematics for an easy ride. Not so luckily, the appropriately named Mistress Evilyne focused instantly on a week spot: spelling. The first word I fluked; discombobulated. I was rewarded with a pat on the head. Not so lucky with the next word “D… E… F… F… Owww!” as my ear was pulled. Well, now I know it’s not “FF”. This continued until my ear was sore and my bottom stripy from all my mistakes, but at last I will always be able to spell D E F I N I T E L Y. This experience left me feeling like the naughty little school boy I truly am. And as a final reward as we where leaving, the Divinity Herself ordered me to my knees as She let one rip in my face with a fragrance that can only be cultivated inside a true deity. What a wonderful experience!

Yours submissively poopsy “



“belated thanks for another fantastic strap-on/forced bi party at Stunners, these events of Yours just get better and better, we sluts were luckier than ever at this June event with an almost one-to-one ratio of Dominas to subs, meaning that the subs’ turn to be impaled came round quicker than ever, i think i was given a seeing-to twice in the first twenty minutes! it was indeed Strap-On heaven! once again the music was excellent, the play space very well laid out, and the service persons helpfully provided wipes, lube etc … above all the glorious Dominas were fantastic fun, what a brilliant night it was, some unforgettable scenes unfolded, look forward to the next one, very many thanks again!




“I’ve had my first adventure into the world of BDSM at a Domina Party. I arrived nervous, unsure of what I would like or dislike, but ready to explore. The whole atmosphere of the party really helped to put me at ease. The mistresses were fabulous, finding just the right balance between helping me to feel safe and pushing my comfort zone. They definitely know what they’re doing! They were approachable, helpful, classy and fun, as well of all the other things you’d expect of a dominatrix. For anyone wishing the explore their kinky side but not sure where to start, I think this would be very hard to beat.

slave s”



“Today I attended the bondage day in Kent hosted by Goddess Demonic, Goddess Cleo, Miss KittyBliss and Miss Atrum Dea. The environment the Mistresses created was perfect. It was at times strict, fun, relaxed and intense. I have so much respect for the Mistresses for how much effort they put into making the environment right for not only the whole group but each individual sub as well. These are very special Ladies and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to serve them. Respect to you all.

slave k1″



“Last night I attended the CFNM Party, in my experience it is difficult to find specific CFNM themed parties, so I was looking forward to this for some time.

All I can say is that the Party and the beautiful Dominas (and they are very beautiful) didn’t disappoint my expectations, in fact my expectations were exceeded by a long way.

All the Dominas compliment each other in their personality. They had lots of surprises for the CFNM subs and had planned lots of games which they acted out with humour, intellect and variety. There were unexpected surprises along the way which meant that the subs were kept on their toes.

All of this meant lots of laughs on the Dominas’ part and a feeling of ‘safe’ vulnerability and humiliation on the subs’ part, a perfect cocktail for CFNM.

Overall the Party had a great vibe, it felt like a real party!

I will definitely be attending again! If I am lucky enough to get an invitation.

Thank you Dominas x

Silver Fox”


“It sounds counterintuitive, that being left alone by someone is a form of intimacy. It works though! Their smile, their departure, their wave from the far doorway, these images fill your mind as you stand in the tiny cupboard peeking through the tiny holes at an empty room. They’re close, you’re in their house, you can hear them upstairs having fun. And they’ve chosen to keep you. They’ve put you in a safe place in their house. They’ve let you know they care about you. Standing with your nose to the door, hands on your head, there’s nothing to do but think of them, admire them, wait for them, and feel connected with them. An exhilerating experience.

These women are experts at mental bondage – I was writhing in tickle-torture, yelping and crying and fliching from pain, but with my hands on my head:- they were locked utterly immovable there by Miss Kitty’s words.

I thought I had dozed off in the cell, finding a comfortable position on the padded floor, even with my hands bound behind me. I woke up and all was quiet in the house. Had the event finished and I was left in the cell? There were some noises upstairs but no way of knowing who. Had I been left to stay overnight – had one of them been left to release me in the morning after they couldn’t wake me up? I peered through the keyhole and the door edges. Did it matter? I’m in a cell locked by 3 beautiful women!

The bedroom cell is just beautiful, OWK-style. You are put in this “ex-fireplace” tall enough to stand but not wide enough to lay down in, with real metal bars and real locks. On the other side is someone’s bed, and it really gives you a sense of being the submissive half in a relationship, with this bed out of reach, and her cupboards out of reach, and you in the cage. Slump down, appreciate the mood-lighting, and wait for her to return.

I had stayed for hours, and always felt safe, protected, and well taken care of during the London Lockup. Madame Asha insisted on massaging a hand with pins and needles until it was better. I was brought water, held to my lips while tied. And best of all there was a break, comprising a paper plate with the most glorious feast of deicious food that no gang leader could dream of. I couldn’t leave the room, yet felt so well cared-for…

slave e xxx”


“dear Dominas

thank You all for another fabulous party last night, it was an evening full of fun, laughter and superb cocks (the dominas’ various strap-ons, of course) No willing subbie hole was left unfilled and there were some unexpected and imaginative variations on the usual domme-on-sub theme! 😉

You are a group of gorgeously wicked women and i can hardly wait for the next party!

see You Thursday and Happy Birthday!



“As promised the following is slaves testimonial of Sundays wonderful party!

slaves advice to newbies and seasoned players is apply to attend with an open mind. Be respectful , courteous and obedient and hopefully you will be lucky enough to be granted an invitation to attend one of the Superior Dominant Ladies parties.

slave recommends these parties and you will go home like slave after the party with a smile from ear to ear and wishing the party lasted longer! slave can’t wait to re-apply!

The parties are about a gentle introduction into the world of BDSM, it’s fetishes and kinks and you are playing with very experienced Superior Dominant Dominatrices who will look after you and your health!

slave can’t recommend these parties highly enough! It’s about FUN, FUN, FUN and enjoyment for all who are playing!

Thank you very much to all the Superior Dominant Dominatrices for taking the time and trouble to read this email.

slave boy toy”


“Dear Mistresses,

I wished to drop a note of thanks re the party I attended on 12th April. This was the first such event I have attended and thus was somewhat apprehensive prior to attending. I was soon at ease however and proceeded to have a most wonderful night. The Mistresses were as beautiful, as kind and as cruel as could be wished, and as enthusiastic as they were inventive. I greatly enjoyed all the events of the evening and am looking forward to the opportunity to hopefully attend another party.

Yours in deepest thanks.



“The Domina Party was great fun and very well organised. We had four dommes and five slaves which provided all the slaves with a chance to try out an extended list of fantasies during the evening. For the slaves that were more experienced they could push their boundaries; for those newer to the scene they were able to get involved to the degree that they felt comfortable. Every-one felt at home right from the start.



“I would just like to say this was my first time ever going to any BDSM party. I was def very nervous to begin with but i think thats part of the thrill – the unknown, the adrenaline rush and anticipation.

The Mistresses were fantastic – you could see they had a real chemistry and were very approachable. They really are top notch.

The strapon fun was made so easy and even for someone like me whom it was first time – no pain and the Mistresses just knew exactly how to make it pleasurable.

I was pleased there was an opportunity to be social and for a first timer – I highly recommend this party as you are able to really talk to the mistresses and others about your experiences, questions and even experience a phenomenal time.

I must extend my thanks to all the Mistresses and Goddess Cleo who I now feel very close to for making my virginal experience so powerful.

Sam xxx”


“hi Dominas

thanks for the fantastic strap-on forced-bi event at Stunners on Tuesday, the best I have ever been to, everything about it was right up my slutty street ..

-an abundance of beautiful and enthusiastic Dominas, who ensured that no willing arse (or mouth) went unfilled for long ..

– an excellent variety of cocks of all shapes and sizes, from good-for-the-newbie to implausible/impossible ..

– well behaved subs, or at least subs kept in good order by the authority of the Dominas ..

-a great sociable atmosphere, lots of good humour and laughter

-nice music (thanks dj) to fuck and suck to … dancing even broke out on occasion …

– a sexy big screen projection, although the horny action taking place on the main floor outshone the porn …

-it was great to be able to repair to the well-stocked bar for rest and refreshment and yet not be far from the ongoing fun

– there was plenty of room to get changed in the back room area and a good storage solution for subs’ possessions .. Stunners as a venue was perfect for this party ..

– thanks also to a superb team of helpful assistants who performed so well in the various cleaning-up duties and some of whom even became very playful later in the evening ..

A fabulous event in every way, thanks, hope it’s not too long til the next one!




“My first Domina Party (March 12th 2013 strap-on/ forced bi) – a wonderful experience.

If you are interested enough to be reading this then you should definitely go.

It was a genuine party experience – socialising and music. I was glad there was also alcohol for sale and a smoking area.

The atmosphere is informal, beginning with the relaxed 7 for 7.30 start. This gives everyone a chance to gather and get ready and for the subs to wonder what’s going to happen next! There is a neat system for storing your street clothes/ valuables and the subs ended up in underwear, fetish gear or crossdressed.

Be aware that the actual address is given out late in the day. However, I was assured that my concern, when I did not know the venue until the evening before, was unnecessary.

The Mistresses were all wonderful and looked great in their costumes sporting a variety of strap-ons.

There were abundant supplies of condoms and lube and, if required, poppers. The impression was of professionals who take hygiene seriously as a matter of course.

Consensuality was also handled very well. The subs had a range of experience and the Mistresses made a point of involving everyone at a level they were comfortable with. No wallflowers here – excellent job.

All in all, a positive, supportive event – I had a great time, hope you do too,

I would like to thank everyone at the party very much,




“Thank you for a fantastic evening! I attended the evening with limited experience and was nervous at the start. I was put at ease quite quickly as it really did have a fun, all inclusive party atmosphere. The mistresses are clearly experts at their field and very enthusiastic about domination (my bottom will agree!). It was the perfect environment to try new things and push my boundaries to a level I was comfortable with.

I’m already looking at the dates to try and find another time I can make the trip to London!




“Dear Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty and Miss Mimosa

Wow, thank You all for such a great evening last night. Despite having been visiting Pro-Dommes for almost 20 years i have never attended a party before or sessioned with other subs so it is fair to say i was rather nervous in the run up. It quickly became clear that this was my mistake – everyone had a great time.

Despite initially thinking i would feel more comfortable wearing a hood/mask for privacy, as soon as i walked through the door to the charming flat i bumped into three other smiling subs/slaves. We all quickly settled down, on the floor, in the sitting room and introduce ourselves to the beaming, laughing, Mistresses. We briefly explaining our levels of experience and personal likes/dislikes/limits. The Mistresses were very encouraging and made all of us feel very comfortable. There was a relaxed, genuine party feel, albeit with plenty of excitement at what was going to happen over the next three or so hours. Seeing the selection of BDSM toys neatly arrange on and under a table helped fire the imagination.

Without going into detail i can honestly say i had a fantastic evening and met some wonderful, open minded, fun loving kinksters! Everyone’s boundaries were respected and i personally pushed a few of mine trying a couple of activities out that i had never done before. i certainly will be repeating them.

i very much hope to be able to attend another party soon.

Once again thank You.

slave charles aka colt”



“I went along to one of the domina parties on 6/3/13. And quite simply had a brilliant night.

There were 3 dommes in attendance. All of which were stunning. They were Goddess Cleo, MissKittyBliss and one of the newest Mistresses on the block. Miss Mimosa.

There were all sorts of subs in attendance ranging from a complete newbie to a complete slut like myself. And everyone was taken care of.

It was a very relaxed atmosphere with everyone given chance to speak of any wishes. Concerns. Or anything else on their mind. And because the Mistresses are very experienced they were able to tailor make each individuals evening with ease.

During the evening we played games. With some brilliant ideas and lots of surprises. I can fully recommend one of these events if you are a virgin into the femdom world or experienced player. And it is also excellent value.

Marks out of 10. A undoubtable 10.




“I attended the latest party on the 22nd February and although an experienced sub/slave for over a number of years this was indeed my first domina party that I had attended. The mixture of excitement and nervous anticipation added to what was a fantastic evening of fun and games, and without going into details(don’t want to spoil the suprise) I found the mistresses Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and Lady Alexia to be wonderful hosts demonstrating their expertise and making everyone at the party feel relaxed and part of things.

I would certainly recommend these parties to people new to the scene as they are a wonderful setting to explore your submissive side, and I can guarantee no particular kink or fetish will shock the Dominant ladies present!

Just James”



“hi lovely Dominas, just a note to say thank You for yesterday’s party, i really enjoyed it, i loved the relaxed and amusing atmosphere, had a good laugh and some excellent new experiences … thank You for welcoming my sluttiness, one highlight for me was the demand to hear more noise while i was being fucked, brilliant!! .. and there were many more .. look forward to seeing You again soon, have pencilled in the Feb. Toppers. i must update my fetlife friends list so will be messaging You on there soon,

thanx again!

Slut (dave) :-)”



“I went to my first domina party and loved every minute of it. I am a newbie to the BDSM scene and was really nervous about attending a party but within minutes of being greeted by the beautiful trio of Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and Lady Alexia, i felt my.nerves disappear as there was such a good atmosphere at the party. After everyone had introduced themselves and got to eaxh other a little better the party started and I got to try some new things as well as things i had already experienced. Everyone there seemed to have a really good time and the time just flew by. I would definitley attend again and would encourage anyone who is nervous to give it a go as you will be made to feel very welcome and you will have a great time.




i atteneded another party yesterday, and it was such fun, everyone else seemed to enjoy the party as well. i tried things i had not experienced before. i asked to try them, on attending a party you are not forced in anyway. may the domina parties continue!




“hi, well i attended my first domina party on sunday 16 dec and had such a good time i just had to let all readers know. Well i arrived at address and was greeted by a service slave to the mistresses. He welcomed me and help me put an nerves at ease. I then met the mistresses who all were very polite and looked stunning in there outfits. I then met the other people like myself and to my surprise what a great group of people we chatted and was like old friends in minuites. We then had a welcome drink and some nibbles for a short while. We then went into the dugeon where there is a fantastic array of pretty much all you think of or wish for in the bdsm scene. We then had lots of play with all of the mistresses and you didnt know where to look next as so much going on. WOW. Well i certainly had lots of play and enjoyed every second i was at the party. After a few hours we left the dungeon for more drink and food. I was so well looked after and will be booking for the next party asap. Id highly recomend this to anybody new or experienced. THANKYOU MISTRESSES FOR A FABULOUS TIME SEE YOU SOON. . FOXY.”



“As a female sub I thought I may be nervous to attend my first Domina party but I was calm and comfortable amongst the presence of Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and Lady Alexia. There was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The first hour was a more social time but the games soon began.

To my delight I was engaged in fetishes I loved and some I had never tried before. All were done consensually, with care and communication. As I like to push myself I was drawn into a personal boundary I’m very pleased to say I overcame. It was a great learning experience and may have just made me more resilient in my own personal journey.

As a female I came away feeling as part of a group and safe amongst the other guests. This credit is of course due to the Mistresses and to the mannered nature of the participants. I was happy to see a mixture of guests from newbie’s to the more experienced all having a fun, kinky time. I’m sure I will venture down this path again as I gained so much from the whole experience. Also kudos to the slave that helped set up and helped facilitate the smooth running of the event.




“Hello all

I visited one of your parties on the 16th of November it was a wonderful experience. I was made to felt at easy with like minded people. I had a great time and would look forward to another party in the near future.




“Although a relatively experienced submissive, never before have i been given an opportunity to attend a multi play party.

Therefore it was with considerable apprehension that i approached Goddess Cleo’s delightful apartment for what i hoped would be an evening of great intensity and of course great fun. I was not to be disappointed nor did i need to feel apprehensive, the evening turned out to be absolutely thrilling……a quite perfect mix of intense play and absorbing bdsm conversation.

There were so many wonderful highs throughout the evening and without wanting to go into to much detail it is fair to say i will never forget the blisteringly warm glow that stunning Mistress Kitty Bliss administered to my slave derriere or the awesome honour and privilege of licking spotlessly clean the gorgeous leather boots of sublime beautiful Goddess Cleo…..just sensational !

I drove home after the party so pleased that i had driven the long journey to attend it and so very eager to do it all again if permitted of course.

Thank you Goddess for allowing me to be in your presence.

Grateful slave Sparkle.”



“I attended the latest DominaParty in a very accessible and discreet flat with Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and Lady Venom. As a newbie I was obviously nervous, despite the excellent reputation of these Ladies. I assure you: as soon as you kneel in front of them, you’ll leave that nervousness behind – they are not simply welcoming and friendly, but also very experienced and on top of the situation at all times. Their assistant was also a legend, tending to everyone’s needs non-stop for 4 hours.

Overall I had a great interaction with all three Ladies, though I think Goddess Cleo undertook a personal quest of giving me a smooth and unforgettable introduction to the scene. Her comments while Miss Kitty Bliss was doing horrible, horrible things to some lucky slaves were priceless.

If you’re thinking of attending, you should note that the atmosphere is very informal. This should not dissuade experienced players – I am sure these Ladies can break you in seconds (if you ask nicely). If on the other hand you’re a beginner, I doubt you will find Mistresses that eager to help you explore your fetishes. They are eager to the extent that you might just get a spanking if you can’t choose what you want to try next.

So I would say look no further; joining one of these parties will feel better than visiting Disneyland as a child. Much better.

slave randy”



“i have recently attended two parties and they are getting better, the Dommes are very professional in what they do, however they have a caring ethos. i have been able to indulge in my long standing likes and try (and enjoy) some new activities.




“I attended the Domina Parties Dungeon Party on 21 October 2012, which was the first Domina Parties event that I have attended. I cannot go into details about what happened during the event, but I can say that the atmosphere was warm and friendly, and everyone was chatty. An event like this is suitable for both novices and more experienced subs. However, irrespective of your level of previous experience with dommes or private parties, before attending a Domina Parties event, it is worth reflecting on your BDSM likes and dislikes. In conclusion, I went along with an open mind, met some nice people, and had a good time – and I plan to go to another Domina Parties event soon.




“This was the second Multi-Mistress party that I had attended, and I can honestly that it was even better than the first, which is no mean feat! The party was held in a lovely,relaxing and clean residence. This immediately puts an attendee at ease. The food and drink was of a high standard.

Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and Lady Alexia were not just stunning ladies but also highly professional in everything that they did. From welcoming you and making you feel relaxed during the introductory session of the party to being able to experience the many forms of female domination. Throughout the party your limits were respected and the almosphere was non-judgemental. The dominatrices were very friendly but you always knew your place, that is being sat on the floor while they were seated. This is of course exercising the natural order of female superiority over the male gender.

The party was also informative in many ways including, how to play safe, what certain devices do and how to use them, and how to address mistresses. The party also helps you to familiarise yourself in the company of mistresses. This will help you to feel more comfortable in the presence of such superior people and also improve your communication with them.

Probably the most important point was that the part was fun! There was lots of banter and laughter.

In summary the party was relaxing, informative and highly pleasureable, and as I said in my previous testimonial, I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone to attend such a party. Finally, for anyone who would like to attend such a party but is hesitant to do so, there is really no reason at all to be hesitant. These parties are here to be informative and to be fun but ultimately to help you fullfil your experience as a submissive.




“Another month, another Domina Party. This time the much vaunted Special Event, the luxury dungeon party. I just had to save my pennies and attend this one. A spectacular collection of Mistresses drawn from 3 continents were the attraction for the usual eclectic mix of slaves, another off the wall bunch.The party regulars Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss were joined by Mistress Absolute and Miss Amy Hunter from London and guest of honour Miss Darcy from the USA. The setting was a purpose built and well equipped dungeon suite. Once again the food. drink and service were excellent…thanks here to Gary and also to Smedley the butler. Poor Smedley in particular was given something of a torrid time being as he was at the beck and call of 5 Dominas, but of course he was loving it!

As before it was proved that in this world experience means very little as again the ladies managed to find a couple of things to try that were completely new to me. Wow! I need to register my total admiration for the wonderful Goddess Cleo who as party co-ordinator certainly had her work cut out this time. Naturally the slaves were like putty in her hands, but the visiting Dommes, being the creatures of whim and unpredictability that they are (that’s why we love them!) ensured an element of spontaneity that continued all evening. Dommes out of control? Why, yes!

It’s this quality of unscriptedness that I love about these parties. It ensures that each one provides a completely new and different experience every time. For me this surely was a Special Event and I loved every minute. When’s the next one? Oh, it’s this weekend!




“Wow, what an afternoon. I’ve seen a few mistresses over the years for one-to-one sessions but this was my first party. I was highly anxious as I arrived but very quickly began to feel all right thanks to everyone’s friendliness – both the party-givers and the party-goers.

Will I do it again? You betcha!!




‘I attended a multidomina play party with the gorgeous Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty, Lady Alexa and I can say without hesitation that it has been one of the most amazing and fun experiences of my life as a slave on the fetish scene. I am a quite experienced slave, having sessioned (1to1 and double domme) for more than 10 years with a number of Mistresses in London. I had no previous experience of parties with other slaves, though and I cannot hide that, in the days previous to the party, I was a little apprehensive as to how I was going to react at the presence of other male slaves. How wrong I was!

As soon as I arrived at this etremely elegant flat in East London, I was welcome by one of the Mistresses’ male attendants and immediately felt comfortable and well received. The three Mistresses were absolutely stunning but were also extremely friendly and made me and the other slave present feel at home. I cannot enter into too much detail (I don’t want to spoil the surprise!) but I hope that every reader will believe me when I say that everything was perfect: from the drinks to the food, from the level of play to the variety of things we were encouraged to explore (always with the uttermost respect for everybody’s limits).

The Mistresses were so gentle, although it was always clear who was in the position of authority. Just to give an example, at one point, after having played with one of the Mistresses, I returned to my place and, absentmindedly, sat on the sofa. The Mistress wasquick in reminding me, with a smile but with a tone that let no room for confusion, that my seat was the floor, not the sofa.

So, everyone who is curious to explore his/her limits, willing to engage with these gorgeous Mistresses on a very personal and comforting level, interested in pushing himself/herself a little bit more, then…these parties are the ideal thing for you as they are for me (I am already booking the next one!). Don’t worry, you will not be dissuaded from continuing your 1 to 1 sessions with these (as I hope I will be allowed to) or other Mistresses. Onthe contrary, attending one of these parties will be a fantastic addition to your life as a submissive.

Thank you Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty, and Lady Alexa!!!!




“i recently attended two parties in two days, both had a different feel with a good mixture of Dommes and subs. i continue to experience ‘ new to me activies’. i can recommend the parties as a wonderful to spend a few hours play.




“I have been very privileged to have attended the first multi mistress play party with a Dungeon, it was my first time at such an event and a little nervous before hand on what to expect. On arriving at the venue, I was made very welcome by the four lovely dominas present, Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss, The governess and the host of the venue Mistress Demonic. There was six subs including my self in attendance, the atmosphere was fantastic after the initial nervousness, a welcome drink with a excellent buffet was laid out by one of the dominas personnel slaves who was excellent, and reassured me if there was a problem I could have a quite word.

I will not go into too much detail of the event has goddess Cleo informed me, all I will say is that time spent with these wonderful goddesses was sublime. The most curious thing for me is that this was the first time with other subs present and there was plenty of fun with some serious fetish play. The event in my opinion was fantastic, the dungeon well I leave that to anyone who attends in the future, all I will say “unbelievable”.

To all those that are reading this short testimonial, the party was more than I expected “A lot more”, for the experienced their is always something new, for the newbie quite simply these lovely ladies will take you to fetish heaven.

To finish off, the event has I have already outlined was fantastic and hope to attend another party in the not so distant future.




“I”ve been to a couple of the Domina parties recently and enjoyed them very much, so when I saw the first dungeon party advertised I just had to give it a go. Once again a very enjoyable afternoon but given added spice by having the fantastic dungeon facilities available. Four beautiful Mistresses, Goddess Cleo ,Miss Kitty Bliss, The Governess and Goddess Demonic and an eager serving slave ensured we had lots of fun, super food and drinks and the chance to try out our various ideas and fantasies. Again the visiting slaves were an interesting mix of characters (or you might say a bunch of mad idiots !) so playing together was fine, and I always enjoy meeting fellow enthusiasts anyway. If you’re new or nervous this is a great way to start; if you’re experienced the parties won’t offer the intensity of a one to one session but are a fun and lighthearted diversion, a chance to mix some play with some idle chatter and to make new friends too. I love these parties!”




“i recently attended my second party and really enjoyed it, from my perspective everyone else enjoyed it as well. the atmosphere was very friendly and it was clear that any limits would be respected.i was able to try some ‘new to me’ ‘activities’ I’m looking forward to the next one!




“After some time perusing the internet i came across domina parties,and i am so glad i did,as the fee seemed very reasonable indeed.I was given very easy to follow directions to the venue in london E16,and having duly arrived at the designated time,myself and the others present were met by the 3 dominas present,Goddess Cleo,Miss Kitty Bliss and Lady Alexia,who i must say all looked absolutely stunning.

Before the proceedings started we were given a welcome drink,and it was outlined to us that we did not have to partake in anythng we did not feel comfortable with and everything would be with our own limits in mind,as there were subs of varying degrees of experience present,and of course a safeword was issued.

As we got underway we all had the chance to explore all different types of fetishes,and of course our own particular predilictions,all done in a very safe manner,and it was clear to see that all the ladies were very knowledgable in all aspects of bdsm.

As all parties are obviously slightly different i will not go into the detail of the parties content,but i think i can speak for everybody present in saying we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves,and i did not hear the safeword uttered once.

To conclude i would highly recommend these parties as suitable for novices and serious practioners alike,once again thankyou ladies,and i type this testimonial happily wriggling on my computer chair[cp and spanking being my main thing],thinking of those lovely dominas,once again thankyou ladies.

NB: A thankyou also to slave g who was very helpful and kept us fed and watered throughout,the buffet was very nice.

slave hairy”



“Anyone thinking about attending one of these parties but feels rather nervous in doing so, well there really is no need to be hesitant. On arriving at the venue I was made to feel very much at home by the lovely Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss. I was given plenty of time to prepare myself for the party, at no time did I feel rushed.

At this party, there were just two sub-missives and two dominatrixes, however the synergy between the four people was very apparent. This resulted in a totally fulfilling evening of pleasurable and safe fun. I tried things that I had experienced before but also had the opportunity to try out new experiences, for which I am very grateful for. The experience has certainly increased my knowledge and interest in the world of BDSM.

The party was very well organised by the two hostesses with plenty of food and drink on offer, in a non-judgemental environment. The experiences of the evening just seemed to flow smoothly into each other. The only problem when you are enjoying yourself is that the time goes by so quickly! Having said that, after the party there was an after-party session, and at no time did you feel that you had over-stayed your welcome.

I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone of any level of experience to attend a Multi-Mistress party, I for one will certainly be planning to attend again.




“Having experienced my first Domina Party recently, and having enjoyed it so much, I simply couldn’t resist another try. Surprisingly things were not quite as I expected. Although familiar with the surroundings and set up I found myself just as nervous, if not even more so, than the first time.

Two of the ladies I had already met…the wonderful Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss (also wonderful!). Two ladies were new to me….The Governess and Mistress Camille. There were 4 slaves in all, none of the others I knew but after the ice breaking we all got on well. Once again I had some new things tried on me, once again the food and service were brilliant. The dynamics of these parties with different Dominas and different slaves mean that each one is a new and unique experience. Once again the time spent in the company of these ladies was time to treasure. I’m tingling all over and can’t wait to go again! What a great way to meet new Dommes and try new things!

Thanks again,
slave david.”



“I had the very genuine pleasure of attending my first ever multi Mistress party on Sunday. Having seen the event listed on wewhipass.com by Miss Kitty Bliss. Despite my lifelong love of Femdom,this was my first time at a multi mistress party, my previous experience being only on a one to one basis in relationships and with Professional Dommes.

I was filled with nervous excitement as i arrived at the party venue, the lovely spacious apartment of Goddess Cleo and after being asked to change by one of the friendly attendants, I stripped and slipped on a pair of Black panties, that MissWhipass had kindly sent me and that i promised her i would wear at the party.

On entering the party area i was introduced to The Governess,Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and to an unexpected fourth Mistress the gorgeous Miss Camille. I was also introduced to the other subs in attendance and knelt before the Mistresses as we awaited one more guest to arrive, enjoying the visual feast of the four immaculately dressed Dommes before me and wondering nervously what would be required of me.

I will not, as requested, relate in detail how the party proceeded as it might spoil the surprise and nervous excitement for anybody else attending one of Dommeparties future events for the first time. However i will say that I had an amazing time and any nerves i had soon vanished as i enjoyed watching and experiencing a multitude of femdom activities. Throughout the party a never ending selection of food and drinks was available served up by two very polite and friendly attendants and a suitably feminized maid that Miss Kitty was training. I had been a bit nervous about the prospect of being with other sub males but again any nerves soon went and it was nice to chat in a friendly atmosphere with others of a similar disposition.

Thank you Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty,The Governess and Miss Camille for making my first Multi Mistress party such an enjoyable and enlightening experience. One that i would recommend highly to any subs out there who haven’t yet experienced such an event.

I look forward to attending another party soon!




Just a quick word to say how great the party was last week, I was made to feel very welcome and at ease as soon as I arrived, and once the party began it was all a bit of a blur of fun and excitement !  4 hours passed by in what seemed like about 20 minutes, to spend time with such beautiful Mistress’s as Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss was a delight, and the option to try so many different types of play in a relaxed atmosphere was realy great, my first party will most certainly not be my last ! many thanks ladies




i have just attended my first Multi Mistress party and what a great experience.

i approached the flat in East london with slight nervousness as to what i was letting myself in for, but this was soon turned to relief as i was warmly welcomed and made to feel at home by Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty, and later joined by Lady Alexia. The next 4 hours were taken up by friendly chat and serious play. But it was always maintained Who was in control and for what purpose i was there….to give the Dommes pleasure, and to be used as a slut. The limits were respected and this made it a comfortable experience. The “tools of the trade” once they had been used were thoroughly cleaned by attendants.
By the end of the 4 hours i felt i had been used for the pleasure of three awesome Dommes and had also had some new but extremely pleasureable experiences for me.
A truly great afternoon and recommened to any

paula x”



Today I attended the domina parties and to be truly speaking, within the 5 minutes after entering the place of the party I was feeling that I was fooled by the wonderful testimonials given on the website. I was feeling so nervous and shameful that I made up my mind to leave the place within an hour or so. I thought that all the good testimonials given on the website were wrong. Though I was given a warm welcome by one the Mistress’s slaves but I thought that this party was going to be complete waste of money and time. But I was WRONG. WHY? Because the party had not yet started. I was feeling so nervous that I had made up a wrong impression of the party in the first 10 minutes. Infact the Mistresses were waiting for other slaves who were late for some reason or the other and meanwhile they were interacting with the people present in whatever manner they could. And as I was feeling very nervous so I felt very much unnoticed. However after 10 minutes when everyone had come and when the party started, it was really a very good time for me and I think for other slaves as well. I must write down few of the good things here. First of all we got food and alcohol that was served to us by the mistress’s own slaves right to us and it was served throughout the 4 hours of the party. The food was unlimited. You could eat as much as you wanted. Moreover the food was very so good that I ate all the items that were served to me and I felt very good about it. Second, the Mistresses that were present were very kind and fun loving. It was not like a serious session of BDSM. If you do not want anything, you can refuse it. And if you want something then mistresses are more than happy to give it to you. Moreover the mistresses have a very good style to make you fantasy a reality. I must not restrain myself here from telling that I was never said NO to anything by any of the mistresses or the moniters (mistress’s own slaves). I felt like mistresses were serving us for our needs (though this was not true in true sense). Third, the monitors (mistress’s own slaves) were very nice, calm and very good at serving the drinks and food. They asked me for food or drink atleast 20 times in four hours and served me everything that I asked for. I must say that the mistresses have trained them very nicely.

I must say whether you are a new one (never tried this before) or beginner (tried a few times) or an experienced one, it does not matter to these mistresses and you would definitely enjoy these parties. I am willing to attend such parties again. Moreover, if you are nervous or doubtful about attending these parties then you are normal. But remember that within 20 minutes or so into the party, you will start enjoying the party. I would highly recommend such party to anyone of legal, any nationality, any ethnic background any physical appearance and any experience in this scene. Also I must tell you that these mistresses will take care of all your special needs as I have personally seen this in my party. And you will also have chance to experience any of your fantasy in this party. I mean ANY as these mistresses are open to all the things. I have personally seen all kinds of fantasies coming realty in my party. Though all of them did not happen to me but I was able to try my like in this party.

At last I must say that these parties might be very different from the club parties as here all of the participant are given equal attention and these are conducted on a small level not any club. You will meet people whom you might not meet again ever. And these parties are definitely different from the personal one on one sessions as there are more than one mistresses and other slaves are also present. I must not make my testimonial a long essay. I think this much appreciation is enough for my good experience.

Slave M****”



“i was somewhat apprehensive about meeting so many new to me people, i entered the venue and any fears melted away, everyone was very friendly, it was made clear that we could stick with any limits and everything was done with safety in mind. I’m not a party person but i really enjoyed it, and the time whizzed by. i am definitely going to try to attend another party as soon as possible.




“Last week I attended my first Domina Party and I  have to thank Goddess Cleo, Miss Kitty Bliss and Lady Alexia for just the most perfect afternoon. Quite often you can build things up in your mind as you fantasise about what might happen and then find yourself massively disappointed, but this experience was all I had hoped for and more. I always worry about peripheral details like “Will my wallet be safe?” My fears were quickly allayed and the ladies soon put me at ease. The play party situation gives plenty of opportunity for breaking the ice chat and conversation about things other than the scene which is something I really enjoy but does not always happen during an expensive one to one session, and I think the ladies felt more at ease too so their true characters began to emerge. I’m quite experienced, but they still found things to try that I hadn’t done before. They were also happy to do the things I love!  I asked to be allowed to bring along my own outfit and toys and this was fine. The party was held in a smart apartment with a wooden floor ….super if you love the sound of high heels on a hard floor! Refreshments provided too, and importantly attention given to ensuring all equipment was properly cleaned after use. totally professional, but totally relaxed. I loved every minute, came away buzzing and can’t wait to go again. One problem….if I were to have to choose a lady to serve on a regular basis who would it be? It would have to be all 3!

slave david” 



“I arrived at the party, I was a little nervous and shy. After i introduced myself I relaxed a little. 

The reception was great. It made me feel in a safe environment were I could be me.

Going along with the day i felt more at ease and felt more secure to open myself and share my views.

I was treated very well and the experience was great.

Latin Slave.”



“The Formal Slave Training & Play Party, hosted by Goddess Cleo, Lady Alexia, the Governess and Miss Kitty Bliss, is an informative and enlightening few hours in the company of four charming dedicated Mistresses who know their craft and pursue it with great exuberance and passion. If you are new to the scene and wish to shred your inhibitions and learn more, you are unlikely to find a finer introductory event.

Having sessioned with Mistresses for many years, attending this party still felt like a fresh experience for me. As someone who has compartmentalised submissive tenancies within occasional sessions, it is sometimes hard to meet like minded subs and have time to talk to Mistresses in a more relaxed setting about aspects of BDSM in more detail.

These ladies deserve wider recognition for their original approach which also included a fascinating account of serving as a slave by Club Pedestal Maitre’d, Porphyro. I for one can’t wait to return as compliant slave for one of their play parties.

slave i”



“Wow! What a party, I was made very welcome by the host and her friendly doms. I was completely put at ease and the host took her time to find out what I enjoyed and my limits. Anything I did not understand was clearly explained to me. This was an excellent introduction into the fetish scence, much better than speaking to a random person in a club with loud music blaring. I felt completely relaxed and safe.

I tried many new experiences during the party, some I had never thought about trying. All the party goers were encouraged to trying something new, but only if they felt ready for it. The doms present were interested in me as a person and took time to chat, not like a pro dom session where you can be pushed for time to chat and play from my experience. The invite to a club was particulary welcome. The amount of play time at the party was awesome, not only did you get time to get to know the doms but have some serious fun too. Well recommended, as for vaule for money, out of this world. The only comment I would make is the champagne was a little sweet and served warm!

slave sarah kadet”



“As a sub of many years experience i was intrigued by a website I came across recently purely by chance – http://www.dominaparties.co.uk – and decided to investigate.

i made some email investigations and was impressed by the prompt responses to me queries and the reasonable price indicated for what sounded like a fun session for 3-4 hours. I was a little dubious but decided to take the plunge and send a Ј30 paypal deposit – not exactly a huge risk!!!

The event took place yesterday – i was emailed and given an adress in East London, which was close to a cheap and safe car park, and instructed to present myself at 12.00pm.

At the property i was greated by a suitable attired male slave and shown into a room where i was introduced to the delightful Goddess Cleo and Mistress Kitty Bliss. There were two other paying guests and a couple of pleasant TV maids who attended to everyones personal needs.

What followed was a delightful 4 hour mixture of fetish play which i would prefer not too describe in too much detail. All i can say is that i have been on and around the professional dom scene for a considerable time and i have rarely experienced such a pleasant welcome or such a good time for the fees involved. With 2 other subs present it was not a full on one to one session – i didn’t expect that – but it was a great fun day and i certainly was given plenty of attention and experienced a couple of things that i had never seen or done before.

i really strongly reccomend that any curious- minded sub investigate these events further – there are further dates proposed and i cetainly intend to go back for more.

Thank you again Goddes Cleo and Mistress Kitty – i cant wait to do it again!!

slave posh” [original posted on Max Fische]



“I attended my first multi Mistress play party with Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty in East London yesterday. A nice venue in a very stylish London flat. These caring but dominant ladies created a very inviting and warm atmosphere, time was well spent on introductions, drinks and tasty nibbles. The play was introduced slowly and carefully enough for even novice players, but progressed to a level that can only be characterised as a heavenly kink fest, suitable even for experienced players. The excellent social nature and unhurried nature of the event mark it out as something special. Everyone involved had an excellent time and I must find time to visit again in the near future. A great day.

sub nancy”



“This was my first fetish event where there were other people present and as Miss Kitty said at the end, if she hadn’t had come out side at the exact point I was standing there I may well have turned around and just left like I had done before.

All I can say is that thankfully I didn’t.

I was very nervous walking into this apartment with experienced slaves there, sissies and two pro dommes and both Miss Kitty and Goddess Cleo could tell I was nervous. However they did their very best to put me at ease in a polite, charming and funny manner, and I could tell that they loved what the did, regardless weather it was to a nervous newbie and a veteran player.

Over the next 4 hours of the party I got gradually more and more into it thanks to the amazing care given from the dommes. They were aware I was nervous and inexperienced at things and took it slow, but if I wished they would happily have gone harder on me. They also made it very relaxed for other slaves there, ensuring that respect is always shown and that if your not into something that someone else is, you do not comment or make the other person feel nervous or ashamed, it’s very much a friendly environment. Also even though you may not always be “used” I never felt bored or left out as you see the dommes enjoying themselves and also some good banter between themselves and towards the subs.

Overall I would say its a very good way of gaining experience submitting, as an hour long pro domme session can be expensive and quite full on at times and if like me your worried about going to a club with loads of people on your own, this works very well.

And if nothing else, it’s worth it for Goddess Cleo’s cheesy jokes :p

slave eve”



“In my job I am often abroad and when I got the chance for some months working in London I knew what I wanted. Finally something to try what I dream for over 40 years ….
To serve a Mistress who would lead me to thinks I never done before….
When not in London where else in the world ? 

After some searching on the Internet and FetLife.com I knew two things:
1.) I don’t wanted to pay a lot of money for “Mistress” they do what I want at the end
2.) And to go alone to a party/club and start any big romance… Sorry I am to old for this things. 

So I went alone, a little naive and as a total newbie to the “Domina Parties”….

Five mistresses and some slaves waits for us, who were so friendly and warm that all the alarm bells rang inside me. In the 4 hours I saw amazing things and my trick to speak german and don’t understand the orders from the Mistress doesn’t work, as the one of the Mistress speak german also. 

At the end helped me only a definite “No” and that was immediately accepted and as a “newbie” they treated my very gently (as gently a Mistress can be…;-)

After the four hours I really know which path I’ll continue to follow and what I do not want.
If you are a complete novice/newbie and are coming from a small country/village, where you can not do what you dream, fly to London, go to this parties and live your dream …

The Mistress looks for you ….

I only can say that they helped me on my way.
And we had al lot of fun.




“The domina party was my first ever experience in a Mistress environment. Admittedly I was terrified is I approached the stated venue, and even more so when kneeling and waiting to find out what was going to happen next. My first scene was a smoking fetsih, something i had never tried or thought to try and was amazed how rewarding it was to breathe the smoke and hold the ash of the beautiful Miss Kitty Bliss who picked me for the scene- and was very kind and understanding to a total newbie. This was not the only new thing I tried during the afternoon, I actually discovered that several things I though I had no interest in turned me on more than those I already knew I liked!

Afterwards some of the mistresses invited the guests to a local fetish club, where I was put under the watchful eye of the stunning Goddess Cleo. Having never been beholden to someone like that it was one of the most rewarding experiences, to be collared and owned just felt incredible, a sense of rightfulness and belonging I have never felt before.

I started the saturday not sure what I was going to do with my time, I ended up going to the party then the club, in the space of a few short hours submitting went from something I was totally unsure about to something I know is now going to be a huge part of my life form now on. im so so glad i bite the proverbial bullet (or ball gag! lol) As i write this a few days later, i feel an incredible sense of calm and fulfilment, like something that was missing has finally been filled.

If you read this guys, and your tempted or curious, just go for it, you will not regret it for a second. The mistresses will put you totally at ease and its made very clear that you can leave or stop the scenes at any time. (not that you would want to, trust me!)

It is without a doubt the best 60 quid you will ever spend, and it might just change your life, a bargain in every sense of the word.

From a formerly extremely unsure sub- just go for it!!

Happy kinking




“This experience will truly go down in my life memoirs as an exceedingly memorable and wonderfully impression making episode – assuming I don’t end up as being Prime Minister that is! Believe me… this is the real deal! Absolutely “to die for” Dommes and Mistresses, exemplary duty of care (and after care), extremely well ran, pleasant environment, food and drink provided too… what more could any discerning sub ever want for here I ask??!?!? Goddess Cleo is really the ring master here (or should that be Ring Mistress?) and made everyone feel very comfortable before initiating the afternoons ‘activities’… very capable and highly proficient… well what else would you expect eh?!? My personal experience here was drawing randomly some relatively extreme activities from a game initiated by Goddess Cleo… this resulted in me being thrown in at the deep end by having some invigorating and enthusiastic CBT from the wonderful Mistress Ava Black, Paddling, Caning, Foot Worship, and more… needless to say this was an experience I will not forget in a long time! A highly recommended five star experience… if you’re having any doubts about taking the plunge, don’t… you won’t regret this experience! 




In Goddess Cleo’s own words attending one of these parties as an almost complete novice was ‘a big leap off faith’, but a leap that I am so pleased I made! I spent a good few minutes standing round the corner from the discrete apartment block that was the venue for the party, absolutely petrified about what I was about to encounter; almost to the point of turning round and going home; I didn’t though and it turned out to be one of most amazing afternoon / evenings I have ever had!

As soon as I arrived I think Goddess Cleo could tell I was extremely nervous but she managed to to put me almost completely at ease with just a few well chosen words, which is remarkable in it’s self because I was so nervous I could hardly string a sentence together!

All four of the Dommes (Miss Kitty Bliss, Goddess Cleo, Lady Alexia and The Governess) were warm, friendly and very funny, but make no mistake all were 100% Domme and I could tell each one of these beautiful Ladies would be very capable of bringing me to my knees just with their tongues as well as their highly skilled hands and I’m sure that they would be very adept at handing out some severe punishments if you wanted / deserved them!

Over the next 4 or so hours I did, had done to me and saw things I have never done or seen before! All in a very nice, relaxed, friendly atmosphere, looking back I almost feel silly for being so nervous now! I won’t go into exactly what happened (that would spoil the fun), but I can honestly say that it was a truly amazing experience and one that I would recommend to anyone, novice or experienced player, and one that I will definitely be repeating again… soon!

Thank you all for a wonderful day,

‘big’ willie”



“In the middle of a stressful working week I decided some alternative relaxation was required on Friday night, and a quick search of Twitter produced Miss Kitty’s multi domina p arty. A swift exchange of emails saw my place booked so I ventured for the first time to share my fetish beyond a one on one visit to a domme. Although a little nervous at first, Miss Kitty’s down to earth persona helped me to relax over drinks and nibbles before the fun began. Along with Goddess Cleo and two other subs I was invited to sample at random a full range of bdsm activities in a domestic setting, and by the end of the evening was feeling that warm peaceful aura that always follows a session and is still lingering 48 hours later. This was a great way to share my fetish with like minded individuals in an intimate setting. I will certainly attend another p arty when time allows and an invitation is presented. This also gave me a taste of what Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty have to offer in a session, again something I would like to explore sometime. T hanks for a great evening!
Regards, slave Steve”



“One thing should be said straight away: these ladies are the real deal. No fake, no scam, just the real deal.

If you are a newbie it is the ideal setting: relaxed atmosphere and very friendly (and gorgeous!) Mistresses who are open to talk and interact before and during play. If instead you are very experienced I’d suggest to not challenge them: they can over deliver most of the kinks you have in mind (in fact a great thing to play with multiple Mistresses was that each of them has their own expertise, so you can explore many fetish areas, from humiliation to harsh corporal punishment!).

Safe, sane and consensual were paramount during all party. I should also mention that there was no rush at all and I think that the fee is very reasonable for an afternoon of fun and excitement. Definitely a party to go and come back.

Slave Silvia 😉 “


“And to think I nearly backed out at the last minute; the usual shyness and fear when outside my comfort zone, scared of who I’d see, of looking ridiculous, of screwing up… I’m very glad I didn’t. This afternoon was an enlightening and exciting experience for someone only really seasoned online, and very much a novice in the real world; and it’s true, nerves did get the better of me to begin with, but the Dominas were amazing.

The four Mistresses present and most especially Goddess Cleo (this title is not a marketing boast, I genuinely cannot think of someone who deserves the title more) were heart-stoppingly beautiful and stunningly attired, true, but although the aesthetic was amazing, you want to worship, serve and amuse these ladies because of their class, beauty and sense of fun. This is the real deal, no tawdry intimidation. Goddess Cleo’s kindness and empathy, humour and warmth in particular turned cliches of this this sort of thing on their head.

There’s nothing dishonest or manufactured. There were attentive, friendly and helpful slaves of the Dominas who helped us play, care with tastes and limits, and ample chances for all to have itches or fetishes scratched including mine (bondage primarily). Easily the best money I’ve spent in the arena of pursuing alternative experiences. There was photography but consideration was given to individual need for discretion. All had a good time, from life-style slaves to newbies, in a safe and friendly environment. It’s often hard getting anywhere in the ‘scene’ as there is a lot of pretension and silliness out there, and horrendous expense, but if you are genuine about wanting to experience the best the scene has to offer, with Mistresses who know how to get you into the sort of subspace that’s right for you – the sort that ‘resets’ the rest of the world and makes it a nicer place to experience – with a premium service that’s very fair and terrifically affordable, you can’t go wrong here.

slave ernest”


I would highly recommend the Domina party for subs, whether they are newies or more experienced players.  I was a very nervous attendee but needn’t have been as the Mistresses present were very safe and accomodating of the sub’s limits and needs.

It was obvious at the start of the party that most of the subs present were nervous but the Mistresses made a point of sitting each of us down before any play started for a quick chat to put our minds at ease which helped greatly.  The first “play” consisted of an ice-breaker game which involved all of the Mistresses and subs and really helped to relax the situation and involve everyone in the event.

The subs were regularly offered food and water to ensure they were comfortable and as mentioned previously anyone with limits were respected.  However, it would also be fair to say that the subs were also tested as well which is exactly what they should expect from an event of this nature.  If any of the subs present had been looking for a harder amount of play I have no doubt they would have been provided with it!

Nothing was rushed and the Mistresses ensured all of the subs present were regularly engaged in play.  I felt a good rapport was struck up between all of the people present, including between the subs themselves and the helpers who were on hand to offer the Mistresses refreshments throughout the event. 

Overall I would highly recommend this event to subs as a good way to meet some very ethical and respected Mistresses and gain more experience in this world of ours.

Slave P”


“This was the first time that I attended a party of this nature, or in fact the first time that I’d participate in anything at all like it.  For a long while I’d be intrigued and finally plucked up the courage to explore. Through initially contacting Goddess Cleo I was advised that the party would be an ideal situation to be introduced to this scene.  Upon arriving I was soon put at ease, the mistresses as well as the other slaves/attendees were accommodating and welcoming.  I’d throughly recommend this attending a party in the future.”


Slave M”








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