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GET YOUR KINK ON IN 2017, COME JOIN US AT ONE OF OUR PARTIES! (2017 dates to be released soon!)

Attendance fees are paid in full, in advance, there are a number of options available to do this.  Applications and attendance fees are not taken more than one month in advance!

UPCOMING PARTY DATES (all parties are held in LONDON unless otherwise stated):


The Facility, LondonFrom 11am Tue 4 Jul ~ The Facility, Daytime (and Overnight) Incarceration in LONDON!  Have you ever wanted to experience being on complete lockdown in a cell, a cage, an isolation unit, or cupboard, whilst being beaten, broken, tormented and quite possibly tortured by beautiful, strict, Dominant women?  Well here is your chance… £60 per hour – minimum of 2 hours / £200 – half day / £350 – full day / £400 – overnight.  How much can you take, and how long could you handle it?  Be incarcerated by Chief Warden Goddess Cleo and her two Duty Wardens Mistress Absolute and Ms Hayley Bond, who may decide to hogtie you on the floor, saran wrap you to the bench and watch you struggle, put you in a straight jacket if you misbehave, or strap you down to the bed with hospital grade restraints if you attempt to escape… Or maybe make you their prison bitch, if you’re lucky 😉  Read more HERE, and to request to attend, register your interest HERE.

From 12pm Tue 4 Jul ~ LONDON Extended Bondage Day!  The perfect experience for the long-term bondage enthusiast. Dominas on duty are Goddess Cleo, Mistress Absolute and Ms Hayley Bond, who will truss you up or tie you down before leaving you to contemplate your predicament.  You may be sitting or laying on the floor tied in rope, chained, cuffed, straight jacketed, placed in a sleep sack, mummified in saran wrap, duct taped, tied into a chair, or even restrained in leather bondage belts.  Additionally there is the sensory deprivation option utilising hoods, blindfolds or masks.  Attendance is £60 per hour – minimum of 2 hours / £200 – half day / £350 – full day.  Apply HERE or to read more about these events visit the Extended Bondage page, and to sign up to attend, register your interest HERE.

SOFB 022pm & 7pm Thu 6 July ~ TWO MEGA Strap-On / Forced Bi Play Parties in LONDON Our beautiful, talented group of Dominas are organising another Strap On Extravaganza – joining Strap On Queen Goddess Cleo again will be an amazing group of her awesomely talented Strap-On Queen friends – we are aiming for 10 Dominas at each party!  Confirmed so far are Domina Parties favourites Mistress Absolute,  Mistress Ava Von Medisin, Ms Hayley Bond, Goddess Anastaxia, Divine Domino, Zara Du Rose, welcoming back the beautifully dynamic Mistress Tess, and introducing Special Guest Domina Goddess Sophia.  Get your rocks off in 2017 at a party where all the Dominas have their hefty appendages at the ready.  And with so many great ladies in attendance we certainly do mean HEFTY!  There will be a huge bunch of Strap Ons and other various, delicious bum-toys to violate every available orifice, and if you’re lucky a Bull Master may also make a speical appearance!  Held in a private venue in London. Attendance fee £170. For more details on the best Strap On parties in London, see HERE and to request attendance visit HERE to sign up. Come play with FemDom’s Finest Femme Fatales!

DominaPartiesN-021pm Sat 15 July ~ StrapOn Open Wide Party in HULL, with Domina Parties North! Join Mistress Lola Von J and Mistress Amor for an afternoon of BDSM fun, enjoy activities such as face sitting, feet/body worship, CBT, and much more! Attendance is £200 (or attend both this and the following strap on party for just £350).  Contact Mistress Lola Von J directly by email at to apply for attendance, or for more information.

DominaPartiesN-016pm Sat 15 July ~ Supremecy Multi Mistress Party in HULL, with Domina Parties North! Join Mistress Lola Von J and Mistress Amor for a buttload of fun in Hull, enjoy strapon, fisting, anal play and if depending how kinky you are you can opt in for the forced bi fun!  Attendance is £200 (or attend both this and the previous Multi-Mistress Play Party for just £350). Contact Mistress Lola Von J directly by email at to apply for attendance, or for more information.

Beautifully Destroyed Birthday Special!2pm Tue 31 July ~ “Beautifully Destroyed” – Multi Mistress Party, LONDON!  Join Goddess Cleo, Ms Hayley Bond and Mistress Sandra for some sweet, strict, sensual, sadism!  Regardless of whether you are a true masochist, or simply someone who enjoys extending your boundaries, the Dominas will delight in pushing you to the edge, and perhaps beyond, completely testing your preconceived limits.  Come join this prestigious event and be beautifully destroyed at the mercy of our gorgeous, talented Dominas.  Attendance at this party is definitely not for the fainthearted…  Held in private, discreet facilities in Central London E1, the attendance fee is £140 paid in advance.  Visit HERE to apply for a place with these intimidatingly beautiful FemDom Goddesses.

More dates coming very soon…

To see what ther parties have been held in the past, click HERE.


Coming soon….
(any above proposed dates may be subject to change and more dates added. Please do not apply for one of the above listed parties until they have been confirmed)

How much does attendance

The attendance fee is as advertised for each event.


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